Apr 22 2013

A Thought From A Listener

I was doing the dishes and listening to K-LOVE just now - thinking about how, as a parent, the work in our houses never goes away. It seems like just as you pick stuff up, it's on the floor again, and when you do dishes there's always going to be dishes again that night. 

Then, I thought that God probably thinks about us the same way we parents think about cleaning our houses. Maybe he watches us and says, "I just cleaned that up, and you're getting it out again." 

I'm sure He gets tired of always cleaning up our messes. So, now I am going to look at housework a little differently and thank God that He is there to always clean my "house". 


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4/23/2013 11:19:39 AM
tracy robinson United States
tracy robinson
thank you for playing the song restore  i really needed to hear that..  it helped my prospective.
thank you ..
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