Apr 30 2013

Big Church

The thing about kids, you think your job as the adult is to teach them, and they end up teaching you.

My daughter, Emily, taught me an important lesson Sunday.  She wanted to go to "big church" with me.  I hesitated to say yes, because she is an active 7 year old child that doesn't sit still - ever.

Plus, I was worried that she might be a distraction to the other people around us.  If I'm being completely honest with you, I was worried what other people would think.

But, I didn't want to squash her growing up, so I reluctantly said "yes," fully expecting to take her back to her Sunday School after the music was done.

But, she proved me wrong.  She sang along, and was respectful, mostly. To keep her busy, I started passing her notes.  When I asked her, "what she liked about big church", her response, made it so clear to me on what's really important.  She wrote, "I like to be with you."

I cried.  Realizing that my daughter, just wanted my time.  I am thankful that I can provide ballet lessons and swimming lessons, but she really just needs my time.  Here I was worried about what other people might think if she squirmed in her seat or whispered too loudly during the sermon.

I also realized how God had answered a prayer and a cry of my heart to have someone to sit with at church.  As a single parent, I have always felt so alone sitting in church, praying for someone to sit next to me, and God showed me that He had already provided it - in my daughter.

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