Jul 31 2013

More Than Paper Dolls

If you want your family to understand how "good they have it", try making paper dolls.  

I know it sounds like such a small insignificant thing, but it can start a conversation within your family about extreme poverty around the world. It did around my kitchen table this morning.


I printed off the paper doll sheet provided to us by World Vision, who feed, clothe, and educate children in extreme poverty around the world. I talked to my kids about it while they colored in the picture. I was moved to tears by what my daughter, Emily (7), wrote to a child.

"Do you know who God is?  If you don't I'll just tell you right now.  God made the world, He made people like you and me and God loves you no matter what, and love God back!" 

I learn so much by the gigantic loving hearts of children. Oh Lord, I want that heart too. My son, Andy, (4) asked me "mommy are you going to make sure the kids have food too?"  

Yes, I will. 

Here's how you can do it too. Print off the paper dolls, color it, write a note, and send it back to the address listed. K-LOVE Afternoon Show Co-Host, Scott Smith, will hand deliver soon to children in extreme poverty.  

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