Aug 20 2013

Sisters Helping Sisters

If you have kids going back to school, you might have bought them some new clothes, backpack, and then lamented about how much you spent.

I admit I did that yesterday, complaining to a friend about the cost of clothes, and new ballet shoes. Instead, I should have been so grateful that I could provide those things for my children, and help someone else do the same.

It hit me when I talked with K-LOVE afternoon show co-host Scott Smith about 2 sisters, both single moms in Bangkok, Thailand. They are raising their kids together to make ends meet. They earn 5 dollars a day, as food vendors. He went to their home yesterday, which was a storage shed.

They are just like you and I, wanting the best for their kids, and they are praying for a chance to send them to school so they can break the cycle of poverty in their family.

If I can buy school clothes, ballet shoes, and soccer cleats, as a single mom, I can surely help these 2 single moms.

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Listen as I chat with Scott in Thailand!

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