Sep 20 2013

Prayer: Dream

God, remove the boundaries we have put up around our lives to make it safe and manageable, but rendering it ineffective.

100s of years ago, people would look up at the moon never imagining that we would be able to walk on it, Yet someone made it happen. 

God, thank you for promising us that You make all things possible. Help us to live like we believe it. Father, forgive us for not dreaming big enough, and help us to stop dismissing dreams as impossible. Instead, today God we ask for Your help with (insert dream here) and we believe that You can and will help. 

"Spirit lead me like my trust is without borders. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger In the presence of my Savior." (United // Oceans)

-In Jesus name, Amen

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9/21/2013 9:11:39 AM
Jessica United States
Get this I have been struggling with the idea of the end times not that we are going to die but that we will live with the crazy horrible things to come, I had a dream that the light was on Earth and the darkness was happening but no one could see because we all were celebrating and giving God the praise he desired and it was so loud no pain would reach past the words of the songs. We are made to be courageous and my dreams are from God.  
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