Dec 10 2009

JD Chandler on tour with tobyMac!

JD grabs a coffee at Stumptown

As I carried my big, overstuffed laundry bag downstairs yesterday morning from my hotel room...I thought about how nice it was to sleep in a real bed for 2 luxurious nights! Riding from place to place on a tour bus, you lose all perspective on time and space. You go from a tour bus to an the show, and get back on the bus and head to the next venue. For example, as I took a couple days off from the tour, and flew to Portland, Oregon from Spokane, Washington...I couldn't remember what day of the week it was! I didn't know if it was Monday or Friday...or Sunday! Friday?'s a good thing I have my phone!

TobyMac rocks out
Alright, back to my I mix my shirts with my socks, and then my jeans by themselves? Setting? How do I know?! I wish my wife was here! Okay, I'll just dump them all into the washing machine together, and throw some soap in...I hope it works out. I turned it on and walked back to my room, almost like someone trying to avoid watching an accident about to happen. We still have stops in Salem, Sacramento, Fresno, Las Vegas, Ontario and clean clothes will be nice. After an hour, I returned to the washing machine and removed my clothes...they seemed okay. I put the coins in the slots, to start the dryer. As I slammed the coins in...I noticed the washing machine next to the dryer start up! I had put the coins in the WRONG MACHINE! Did I mention that I wished my wife was here?!

We love you Salem!
Other than being challenged in the domestic department, everything is going well...and the Salem show was amazing! Time to head back to the bus...5 more shows, and we're done!!!



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