Jun 24 2011

Music I love

Check out one of my new favorite songs on K-LOVE right now...and let me know what you think!

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6/27/2011 8:15:09 AM
Marian United States
THANK YOU for all you did and the sacrifices you made as you filled in for Sterling these past several weeks / months.  You are an AWESOME Man of God and I so appreciate your ministry at K-LOVE!  God bless you as you continue to serve HIM - I know HE does & He WILL!
7/2/2011 8:00:52 PM
Ronz Craft
Ronz Craft
JD, every minute you are not on the air, You are Missed Mucho!!!  As One whom haz been a DJ, WOW, It's about time You Sebaticalled, Your undaunting compassion to be as You are "called", the Father God Himself would say, "All My Children, listen closer, for JD, speaks My Wordz, My many Truths, as does everybody you hear on KLove, and don't leave home without Your Klove"...  Happy Independence Day from another decorated Vet.., RONZ
7/3/2011 2:40:51 PM
mary United States
Thanks for being on the air. The songs I listened to were like God talking to me. Jesus is awesome and he touched me as I sung along and worshiped him. Bless you.
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