Aug 08 2011

Music I Love

Check out some of the music I'm listenin' to now, including "Beautiful Things" by Gungor (free song download) and "Rise" by Shawn McDonald. Let me know what some of your favorites on K-LOVE are!

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8/9/2011 5:54:20 AM
christine soderlund United States
christine soderlund
I love those songs too! Have you noticed that the worse this world gets, the more powerful the Christian music gets! I love Cloverton's "Take into the Beautiful". I get so caught up in that song worshiping, that I almost think I can get a glimpse of Heaven! Praise to The Lamb! Lord Jesus come soon! Glad you are on the air JD, if only for a while! Have a blessed day, and how is that Layla? Chris
8/9/2011 6:15:08 AM
Tammy Chicago United States
Tammy Chicago
I listen to KLOVE every day and today I was moved to tears when you prayed for the woman who lost her husband 3 weeks ago. I am so thankful for KLOVE...what a blessing that was. Also the song Always when I heard her say the lyrics about going to war I thought this is a perfect song to give to my son before he deploys to take with him. Great song for our loved ones serving.
8/9/2011 5:00:40 PM
Lisa McGroovy United States
Lisa McGroovy
I LOVE you in the morning... It is so nice to hear your pleasant, calming voice as I get ready for the day. Between you and the music , my day is started off right, centered and full of God's love! Find a co-partner and stay on... I will pray for that!
8/10/2011 7:17:53 PM
Marie Luten United States
Marie Luten
Thanks for ALL you do!  I would like to encourage you to continue to workout each day.  A friend of mine, who is 87, has encouraged me over the years to "keep those parts and pieces moving."  I would groan and grumble in the beginning, but I am so thankful I followed through.  Today, the Lord blessed me with my 67th birthday and I'm still working out 6 days a week.  Keep at it, JD, your body will thank you in the long run.

Blessings 2 U!
8/11/2011 6:47:35 AM
Bruno Vásquez Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Bruno Vásquez
I confirm reception online, clear sound through my computer running GNU/Linux  and using RadioTray 0.6.3
Have a nice day!
Bruno, South America.  

8/12/2011 7:36:49 PM
Vicki Saviano United States
Vicki Saviano
I really enjoy hearing your show in the mornings now. I did not have the blessing of hearing you as much in your previous time slot. Your words of wisdom (the Holy Spirit) and your open witnessing on the air, lift my heart along with the caller. "Rise" is my new favorite song too, I either drum on my dashboard or counter top along with Shawn's beat on his guitar. Casting Crown's "Voice of Truth" came out at the same time I was "encouraged" to retire from teaching because I was "experienced and expensive". But, I am David!! And as with any change, God has blessed me with many open doors and windows to explore now. After all, HE IS in charge of the doors. Smile
8/14/2011 9:13:56 AM
Kaymarie United States
I love Manifesto. Problem, havent heard it in over a MONTH.  Awful.  I listen mostly mornings so have to get used to JD. Not familiar with yet... I need to hear Manifesto from 7am-745am. Never happens. Its like my morning prayer.  I also love the new song Beautiful things. Thought I wouldnt like that kind of song. Willing to give JD fair shot..although I will always miss Eric and Lisa.
8/14/2011 6:19:05 PM
Lauren United States
Same here. And I LOVE: "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace, "Rise" by Shawn McDonlad, and (my ALL TIME FAVORITE band in the WHOLE WORLD Smile) "Can't Get Over You" by the one and ONLY Anthem Lights!!!!!!!! I honestly CAN'T thank you guys enough for playing them now. Really I "Can't Get Over" THEM!!! Laughing (I know, cheesy, but hey, anything Anthem Lights related I TOTALLY HAVE to be notified! (not that I won't already know about it LOL) Thanks again guys for the AMAZING music!!!! Laughing
8/14/2011 6:19:39 PM
Lauren United States
8/15/2011 7:04:27 PM
Janae United States
I Love the song "Beautiful Things" by Gungor. It's one of my all time favorite songs on the radio right now! I don't like "Hold Me" and "Can't Get Over You" both songs that came out a week ago. I can't get enough of "Do Everything" by SCC. "Rise" is okay, but Gungor's song is better!
8/16/2011 6:51:01 AM
Lauren United States
Gungor's song is very simple but I do like it a LOT. And I like "Do Everything" as well. But "Can't Get Over You" is by my FAVORITE band. I love the song too Smile
8/16/2011 4:55:43 PM
Steve United States
"Beautiful Things" by Gungor is truly a great song. I bought/downloaded the album from Amazon about 4 months ago now and not in a long time have I been so impressed with a complete album. It has been in my trucks CD player constantly. The only other one that has made it in the CD player is The Michael Gungor Band's "Ancient Skies". I've been singing along and praising the Lord with both of these songs.

Nice to hear you in the morning JD.

Greetings from the coast of Maine.
8/17/2011 6:59:22 AM
Teresa Clark United States
Teresa Clark
Glorious Day is my favorite right now.  It doesn't matter what kind of a day I have had or what I am going through; if that song comes on I turn my radio way up and just give God all the Praise.  I love listening to it in the morning on the way to work because it makes my day so much brighter.

Thanks for leading us in the mornings, JD.  
8/17/2011 8:12:50 AM
Briana Foster South Africa
Briana Foster
I LOVE the song Do Everything! It encourages me that I can do everything in glory of the Lord!Love listening to you guys! Got tons of favorite songs but Do Everything is special! Thanks for everything!
8/18/2011 8:24:21 AM
sandy carson United States
sandy carson
Is it too late to submit a balloon for the contest?
Love your show by the way!
8/18/2011 11:34:40 AM
Lauren United States
I don't think so. email your design at
8/18/2011 11:34:58 AM
Lauren United States
Lauren srry
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