Dec 13 2011

Special Christmas Event

Is your church doing anything special this year for Christmas?  Maybe a nativity or an outreach of some sort. Please leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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12/13/2011 4:11:28 PM
Carolyn United States
Some of the women of our church wrote a play for the grade school kids to perform.  It is not focusing on the birth of Jesus, but on the full gospel message of redemption of a sinful people who would be lost without Him.
12/13/2011 4:14:26 PM
Michael Fuentes United States
Michael Fuentes
Our Church, Capital Christian Center located in Rancho Cordova, CA is doing our annual "Winter Sanctuary" for the homeless, individuals and/or families in need. We also just completed our Singing Christmas Tree performances. These are just two events of several others. Marry Christmas everybody and GOD BLESS!!
12/13/2011 4:15:16 PM
Tyrone United States
Hello how ya doin J.D. i was listening to the show just a few mins. ago and our church for this month we are goin out and just spreading the GOSPEL and leading people to CHRIST so far the church of living water as a whole has led 45 people to CHRIST.It's awsome giving testimony of a relationship with JESUS.To know JESUS is to know GOD,so GOD bless youand continue to shine your light in the darkness.
12/13/2011 4:16:29 PM
Virginia Kopacz United States
Virginia Kopacz
Walnut Community Bible Church in Walnut, IL will be doing a live Nativity in our parking lot on Dec. 16,17 & 18 from 6-8p.m. Music playing was recorded of all our youth groups singing Christmas songs.
As the people drive through we give them packages of homemade cookies made by our church folks.
Christmas eve service at 7pm
Christmas morning--Christmas breakfast outreach at 7 a.m. followed by a worship service at 10:30 am
12/13/2011 4:41:05 PM
Cheryl Masters United States
Cheryl Masters
Barefoot Church in North Myrtle Beach, SC is spreading the love of Jesus in a unique way this year!  You Got JAR'd!

You Got JAR'd is a movement to spread holiday cheer this Christmas by giving unexpected gifts, random acts of kindness, in jars! Gift cards, candy, cookies, pay someone's bill...whatever to show that person that they matter!  Spreading like wildfire!!
Check it out at!  
12/13/2011 4:41:40 PM
Rebecca United States
Our church does a Living Nativity. Facing one of the busiest streets in the city, we set up about 4 or 5 different scenes with shepards and real livestock and wise men and angels, and of course Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Last year, I was an angel who stood on a scissor lift, looking down at all of the scenes. Throughout the night, spectators outside of church were coming and seeing us and the story.. people stopped their cars to look.. even some city buses stopped on the side of the road to take a look. It was awesome to be a part of!! We also do Angel Tree tags, to give gifts to kids whose parent(s) are in prison.  We go out and buy whatever it is that that parent wants to give their child, but cannot do on their own, and deliver it to the kids on behalf of the parents. It's great that the kids end up with Christmas presents, and know that their parents care and think about them.

Seeing other people accept Christ gives me the best Christmas feeling (:
12/13/2011 4:44:32 PM
Amber Da Silva United States
Amber Da Silva
Alpine Church in Utah is doing a missions week right after Christmas. We are packing 200,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children, distributing coats, hats and gloves to needy people in our community, and packing boxes for pastors in rural communities in Mexico.
12/13/2011 4:45:15 PM
Richard Mothorpe United States
Richard Mothorpe
Our church, Jefferson Church of Christ in Rural Hall NC, did a drive thru portraying Jesus life, for 4 days.  It took over 200 actors with 7 different scenes of Jesus life, from birth to resurection.  This was our gift to the people, and we had over 1,000 people attend.  
12/13/2011 4:51:11 PM
cora United States
our kids chior is putting on a musical called The Next Noel tomarrow at Immanuel Biblechurch
12/13/2011 4:51:57 PM
Illona United States
My church, Glad Tidings in Hayward, California is having an elegant 4 course dinner with real china, for the community.
12/13/2011 4:52:48 PM
Teresa O'Brien United States
Teresa O'Brien

I wanted to let you know how excited I was to finaly get through to you on the phone. What you said about there being a santa and then there's  a santa and then there is God and then theres's not made sence. The only thing is instead of telling the person on the other end of the phone you don't have time to talk find a little different verbage. It completely took me off guard.. God Bless JD and have a Merry Christmas
12/13/2011 4:54:19 PM
Lauren United States
Our church - Gleaning Mission in Oakboro, NC - rents a theater at our local movie theater and shows our Christmas movie. It's free and the first 50 non-GMC member get free popcorn and a drink! It's this Fri, Sat and Sun at 7 in Albemarle, NC.
12/13/2011 4:56:11 PM
Cobie Delfs United States
Cobie Delfs
Our church, Lifepointe Christian Church in Elk Grove, California, just moved into a permanent building with our first service this past sunday.  The building looks amazing with all of the Christmas decorations.  We are so grateful for this opportunity.  May all the glory go to our Lord and Savior.
12/13/2011 4:58:14 PM
Ginny Eddy United States
Ginny Eddy
Good Evening J.D. and Merry Christmas!  Jesus has blessed our church, Good Hope Lutheran Church in Boardman, OH with a cast of 38 (34 children ages 5 - 16 and 4 adults) to do an outstanding Christmas Pageant "Back to the Manger" A Caroling Adventure through Time by Christy and Daniel Semsen.  The children started rehearsals the last week of July. After memorizing all the songs, learning the motions and dance routines, transforming the church with several set changes, along with an array of stage props, the children are all so anxious to do this production for the Lord. The pageant takes place this Saturday, December 17th for a 2:00pm matinee and two more showings on Sunday, December 18th.  

When I was young, I grew up behind the scenes on Broadway while my sister was on stage, I was exposed to so many “back stage happenings”.  Always watching, not realizing that God had a plan for me.  That the Lord was giving me a gift that I did not see at that time.  That gift is doing these productions.  Without them, I am incomplete.  My heart overflows with love for the Lord, my family and the people that participate and help me put on this pageant.  I wish everyone will take a little bit of the Lord home with them by viewing these children sing their hearts out to the Lord.  

May God Bless you and everyone during this Christmas season.
12/13/2011 4:59:08 PM
Cindy United States
Our church, Lawton First Assembly (LFA) in Lawton, Oklahoma, is celebrating the whole month of December with The Red and Green Revolution (RGR). Our pastor says it's about taking the real meaning of Christmas out into the community. Many people from LFA are giving random acts of kindness and wearing buttons to let others know aobut RGR. Over 200 people from our church surprised the students of a school in its last year of operation by decorating the whole school and by having a Christmas Program about JOY. You can see more at  GOD BLESS YOU!!
12/13/2011 5:03:01 PM
Mark Alexander United States
Mark Alexander
Our church is putting on our 27th annual Christmas Musicale. It's a worship event that involves 4 choirs, full orchestra and dancers. The performers are all ages from kindergarten to senior. The music ranges from classical to contemporary. Here's a video link:
12/13/2011 5:11:07 PM
Becky United States
I am a member of Immanuel Baptist Church in Pace, FL. This is our third or fourth year to do what we call Mission Christmas. Our members donate new toys or the money to buy toys. We set all the toys out in  a room or building. We allow parents to come in and pick out one toy per child. There is no cost to them and we do not ask questions. We feel that if they need it they may have it. At the same time in another area we have a FREE garage sale. Everything is free. We all donate our extra stuff that we would normally put in a yard sale. Anyone in the community is free to walk through and take as much as they want. This year we will be reading the Christmas story to all who come through. We do the same thing in late summer with school supplies. We call it Mission Pace.
12/13/2011 5:19:42 PM
me and my family attended victory christian somerset,ky and we are putting on and old fashion christmas play.going back to will take place this sunday at 10:30am all are welcome.
12/13/2011 6:15:21 PM
Lauren United States
Hi Everyone...My church The Father's House in Rochester, NY (TFHNY) is doing an awesome play called "1947 A Vintage Christmas" 9 performances over this entire week with all proceeds going to The Sierra Leone Project to provide water wells and clean drinking water to a village in need. Our church "Made to Pour" missions ministry is a driving force behind the bigger picture.
There's a short clip on our website for those interested in checking it out. "An original production combines the glamorous Big Band era with the heartwarming tales of a family rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas".
It's gonna be awesome!!!

God's blessings in all that we do to further His Kingdom now and to come~ Merry Christmas Everyone!
12/13/2011 6:15:24 PM
Emma United States
My church (Mission Community Church in Gilbert, AZ) is doing something called Advent Conspiracy. For every 40 donated, it feeds a kid in Africa for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Lots of churches around the country are doing it. Last year alone, my church fed 4700 kids.
12/13/2011 6:37:06 PM
Rhonda United States
I know this is not something this church is doing for Christmas, but feel the need to ask for prayer for this particular church.  Small background - I was out of church for over 30 years because of the hypocrisy and back-stabbing I found in the church and my family (who were a huge part of the church).  I never found acceptance or love of any kind - until about 7 years ago.  I found it at this small church.  I couldn't believe what I found in this church and because of what I found, I ended up finding Jesus for the first time.  Now I'm afraid they are in trouble. When I found the church, they probably had about 200 total members - but their youth program on Wednesday nights, had over 200 kids from all over.  They were well known for reaching the youth in this small town.  In the past year, they have lost all but about 20 members and no longer have a youth program for the area.  The minister admitted during a sermon that he lies - to keep members he says.  I didn't want to believe it and did try to give him the benefit of the doubt, until he lied directly to my husband and myself.  I no longer attend this church, but my husband does, and in fact have found myself without a church family this Christmas (having a small pity party for myself here).  I would appreciate any and all prayers for this minister and what is left of his congregation.  I would pray that he again finds the Truth and gets back to the Word.

On a different note regarding the potential cell phone legislature- I believe the government has removed enough common sense from Americans and do not need to remove any further sense - if you don't have enough sense to know who to talk to when, how and by what means, you don't have enough sense.
12/13/2011 6:56:58 PM
Denise United States
My church, Central United Methodist Church of Lenoir City, TN, is having a cookie handout on Christmas Eve.  Members are filling tins with homebaked goodies then following the Christmas Eve service we are going out and handing giving them to people who have to work that night (firemen, police, nurses, store clerks, etc.)  
12/13/2011 7:01:14 PM
Tasha Rodriguez United States
Tasha Rodriguez
Hello JD and God Bless,
Every year for Christmas our Church, Grace Lutheran of Pocatello, participates in the Angel Tree Program.  It is a program for children who's parents are in prison and unable to buy gifts for their children, most do not get many gifts anyway.  So the parent signs their child up to recieve a gift on their behalf.  We, as a church are given a list of children to serve and buy gifts for, and usually we purchase the gifts and deliver them to the children the week of Christmas.  This year we are doing something even better, I think.  We are throwing a party for those children and their caregivers.  We are serving them lunch, playing games, doing activities, and telling them the nativity story.  Each child will receive their gifts, a blanket, and for those children eight and up, they will be given their own personal Bible.  I am so excited to be able to reach out to those children who are unable to be with their parent during the holidays.  I hope this party will touch them and let them know that their are people that love them and care about them, to give them a sense of hope, and most importantly that God loves them!!!
12/13/2011 7:09:21 PM
Valerie Balash United States
Valerie Balash
This year, our small church, New Hope Christian Fellowship in Sacramento, California, sacrificially gave in order to send three pastors and a brother to the Philippines to connect with our sister churches and minister to their spiritual and physical needs; visit several orphanages and a high school; train local pastors; and lead a crusade.  The areas they are travelling to are predominantly Muslim, so prayers are appreciated.

We are very thankful that the wives and children of these missionaries fully support them in going away at this time of year.  We know that the Lord has these men in the palm of His hand and will bring them home safely before Christmas.
12/14/2011 1:50:29 AM
Henry morales United States
Henry morales

Hello JD my church is doing a production for the Christmas season called 1947 at The father's house in western new York
12/14/2011 3:14:21 PM
Mark Ellis United States
Mark Ellis
My church, Livingwell Church of the Nazarene, here in Dixon, Illinois decided to do some community outreach to coincide with the town's annual Christmas Walk. We offered the community the opportunity to come in for a free family photo opportunity. The church set up a Christmas scene for a backdrop and we took pictures and offered people cookies and punch. Each family that came in received a free 5x7 photo compliments of the church, along with an invitation to visit us on Sunday morning. Some people said that they hadn't had a family picture in years and were very grateful. Our pastor figured we had about 1,000 people come through.
12/14/2011 6:35:26 PM
Jim Atols United States
Jim Atols
My church Bethel Lutheran Church of Rolling Meadows, IL just did out 12th annual Living Nativity. We do it the Second Saturday of December. We have live animals & refreshments after each show. We also have a raffle. All free!!!
12/15/2011 7:40:19 PM
Rachel Swim United States
Rachel Swim
Hello and merry christmas to you. I just wanted to share with you that little children are precious, specially at five years old. My little sister asked what it was that I was looking at. I had received an email from clove for my birthday and ever since then she has been saying that she wishes she could say hi.  So even as they grow remember that they are always loving and always there for you to encourage and also to share there joy. so embrace it this holly and jolly season.
12/16/2011 9:08:28 AM
Karen Sipma United States
Karen Sipma
Merry Christmas JD and everyone at KLOVE.  Our sweet little Church, University Family Fellowship in Sparks, Nevada, turns our courtyard into Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Everyone comes to complete the census and finds the busy town filled with shops like the bakery, the metal shop, the carpenters shop, the candle shop, the candy shop, the pottery shop, the painting shop, the leather shop, the teflin shop and the scrib shop.  The village is complete with a Census Taker, Roman soldier and Tax collector. As the guests enjoy their free visit through the shops,where they make crafts, the shepherds ask if they've heard the great news and each guest is escorted to the live manger scene and high above is the bright eastern star. Its just glorious and our outreach ministry during this beautiful Christmas season.  Our sweet Church family dedicates their Christmas Eve to serving for this glorious event. It's all because of Jesus! Amen!
12/18/2011 9:59:20 AM
Alisha Forsyth United States
Alisha Forsyth
My church is also a school, so the teachers and students at that school perform 'A Christmas Carol' every year, and they do great! That's one of my favorite things to do at Christmas; go and see their wonderful performance.
12/18/2011 8:00:56 PM
Sarah United States
Hey my church just had a big christmas program with handbells, singing, and band. We do these thing called candlelight service and we do the Lord's Supper and then light candles and rise them up so the devil won't blow the light out of our hearts! It is so gorgous i love it! Your whole church looks amazing!
12/28/2011 5:33:30 PM
Addie United States
HI Jd my name is Addie and I am 12 yrs. old. My brother,sisters,cousins, and I did a little skit about the birth of Jesus for the adults. It was so funny.
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