Dec 29 2011

Bouncing Back After the Storm

It’s been a difficult year for a lot of people…myself included. My family and I went through a lot this year…from my wife losing her job…to having to move back to California all the way from North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. 

Had a friend email this to me…and it really helped me…maybe it’ll give you a different perspective today;

Have you ever seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm? That tree may be bent so far over that it’s almost touching the ground, but when the wind finally stops, that palm tree bounces right back up. What’s interesting is that while that palm tree is hunched over under the pressure of the storm, it is actually growing stronger?

The reason God said we’d flourish like a palm tree is because He knew there would be difficult times. He knew things would come against us to try to steal our joy and victory. God said, “You’re going to be like a palm tree because when the storms of life blow, you are going to come right back up stronger than before.” Nothing can hold you back! No weapon formed against you will prosper.

As you reflect on the events over the last year, remember, the storms you have encountered have only made you stronger. You are wiser, you are more alive, and you are headed for victory. You’re brightest days are right out in front of you! Always remember that with God on your side, nothing can hold you back!

Bouncing Back After the Storm by K-LOVE Radio

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12/29/2011 4:17:30 PM
Angela United States
I wanted to say thank you for what you just read on the air, I have been going through a very ruff year and a ruff season, and I give it all to the glory of GOD, I just got more bad new less then 5 min ago and you read that over the air and it gave me great perspective, God tells you things right at the times you need to hear them so,
Thank you and thank you Jesus for making my life brand new!!!
looking forward to a brand NEW YEAR,
Happy New Year
12/29/2011 4:18:53 PM
Mary Lou United States
Mary Lou
JD,Lettin ya know how God used that last statement.Caught the end of your message and that was the beauty . Ive been in a spiritual battle for a promise about to come to fruition.  Worship and prayer is what got Gods attention . He wants me to know He is my provider and all this will come from Him ,not from some clever decision of mine . Its all from Him . The wrap of the message us as the Palm tree, and God delivering us through whatever satan tries to thwart.  Bless You My Friend Mary Lou
12/29/2011 4:19:59 PM
Norma Gonzalez United States
Norma Gonzalez
Thank you so much for sharing this, I had just gotten in my car after a long day at work. At the beginning of the year I had to have surgery and I was scared. My entire diet had to change and I lost a total of 20 pounds. This year was plagued with financial hardships for me and my family. We lost a loved one and thank God my other grandma is recovering. Hearing this made me realize now more than ever that God is always on our side and will be with us always. Thank you for reminding me that I am strong because of God.
12/29/2011 4:21:22 PM
WENDY United States
What a blessing it was to read this...I loved it so much i shared it. Thank you Smile
12/29/2011 4:21:31 PM
charissa United States
This brought me to tears. I heard you read this on the radio and it is the exact scripture that I have been studying. God has been showing me how faithful He is and to hear you read the exact scripture just a couple mtinutes after He put i my heart and mouth is a God thing! Thank you for following Him!!
12/29/2011 4:21:54 PM
Lisa United States
Thank you!! My husband &I didn't say a word to each other on a 2 hr  trip. U see he lost his 90 thousand a year job. 6 months ago.  &  our money is running dry.  We have a ministry at church. We serve. & I still wake up questioning. Please pray for me. I know weu must praise him through this storm.
12/29/2011 4:22:42 PM
Carmen Alejandro United States
Carmen Alejandro
Thank you, JD.. Needed to hear these encouraging words. I've suffer a great deal this past 1 year an half, from having a beautiful home, husband, 2 dogs and 4 kids (including my grandson Jeremaiah) to having nothing and None of my Kids. It was a huge betrayal for me, espcially from my ex and my own children. It doesn't hurt when it's friends  or as much as it did with your own family member. K-Love had been my strengh and given me the faith I needed to move forward. From work & family, I"ve had many challenges this year. But I am the palm tree growing stronger and moving forward with my career and learning to let go of my kids.. Hopefully, I will find the true love that I've been seeking all these year and not scarfice my happiness for the sake of the kids. (Quit smoking weed & don't feel as depress anymore.) Lonely - Yes. But I'm moving forward.
12/29/2011 4:23:38 PM
Bert Aguirre United States
Bert Aguirre

On the Monday after Christmas, I was suddenly assaulted by unexplained fits of anxiety.  They have hung with me since.  I am not a person who has ever experienced such things before.  

After prayer, fellowship with Christian friends, and listening to K-Love, I uncovered rounds of serious illness in my family, both past and current, that I'd never really emotionally dealt with before.  The fear brought me to my knees.

I fell before Jesus and returned it all to him.  I accepted His gift again, with more clarity and faith than ever before.  I am the palm tree, and in the shelter of his presence, the storms do subside.  He has made me stronger.

My story, however, is like a blade of grass in the fields that are His children.  The wind blows over us all.  He helps us stand together and weather the storm.  Praise God, and thank you to K-Love.

I have no money to spare, but I gave the $25 I got for Christmas to support this ministry.  May it serve to heal the hearts of the broken...

12/29/2011 4:24:07 PM
Crystal Cortez United States
Crystal Cortez
Amen! Praise God!
Thank You SO MUCH for sharing this story Smile I receive it!! I Love K-Love! & I Love each of my brothers n Sisters in Christ (All of U) <3
Thank U Jesus!
12/29/2011 4:24:44 PM
Ingrid United States
That was an excellent story, bam! an idea hit when you were doing your sharing.  Life is hard life can seem unfair. The older we grow the more of that we get.  But, the older we grow we begin to realize that "this too, shall pass"  My family and I have had a lot of personal set backs the past few years, but through it all God continued to bless us financially, and as a family.  We have had some tough emotional times and suffered health set backs.  The details don't really matter, what matters is that we stood steadfast on God's word and here we are blessed as ever, but still needing help.  My point being when the storm is over and I am upright again I know there will be another storm on it's way.  By standing steadfast perhaps I can help others to not give up hope and keep praising his name while we are in the middle of any storm.  I have seen first hand what the power of god and love can do to transform any situation.  It just takes time.  
12/29/2011 4:26:46 PM
Brother Sam United States
Brother Sam
JD this was beyond what I needed to hear. I am a bi-vocational pastor and a part-time deputy. I see people at their worst on both ends of the spectrums. I have been studying and trying to find some good illustrations for my sermon this Sunday. Frustrated when nothing came, the Lord laid it upon my heart to turn on K-LOVE. When I turned it on, you had just started telling this precious story.

A lot of people look at me as some kind of hero because of the ministry I do, but JD you and the other dj's at K-LOVE are my heroes. You minister to me when I need it more than anything. Thank you for all you do.

Happy New Year.
In Christ,
Bro Sam
12/29/2011 4:32:29 PM
Ellen Petrie United States
Ellen Petrie
Both my dad and I had a very hard year. He had to file elder abuse against my two sisters because they stole a lot of money from him which can't be replaced, and they also stole from me a lot of my stuff in storage. I got none of it back. Dad is now doing better and so am I thanks to GOD. I learned that my stuff was just stuff to let go of. Dad and I both pray for the sisters even though we don't have any contact with them anymore. They choose to consider both dad and I dead from here on out. I feel sorry for them both. Dad had to find out who he could trust and who he couldn't. I  was homeless for most of this year, living in shelters in Denver which I do not recommend. I was  safer in my car than in the shelters. GOD has put it on my heart to get back to school to get my degree in auto mechanics. Dad and I are both better now. I thank GOD for what I learned.
12/29/2011 4:55:15 PM
cece United States
Thank you JD for sharing this wonderful store. Iv been inspier by it to share with all my family and freinds. I know how much it would help everyone to hear such up lfting words of God. I know so many people who are struggling with a lot of problems and it breaks my heart when I can't do what I wish I could for them. It brings me much hope when I listen to God speack and I could then pass that on to others. I pray and hope that God can easy all are pain and worries.

Sincerely, Cece
12/29/2011 5:01:32 PM
Swapna United States
I just heard this on the air, so encouraging. Please read it again for those who weren't able to hear it.

Thanks JD for doing what ur doing to spread Tue gospel.
Swapna Thomas
12/29/2011 5:32:34 PM
nilda bridges United States
nilda bridges
Thank you for sharing this story. It so ministered to me and I have to pass it on to my facebook family and friends. Listen to you every nite on my ride home from work and let me just say that you are truely a light in the mist of darkness. Be Blessed.
12/29/2011 5:47:22 PM
Donna United States
J.D., Heard this story from you in my car--just what I needed and just the right time. Struggling with a teenage daughter as a widowed mom and know God is always there. It's just good to hear those words--stronger indeed.  God Bless you and KLove.
12/29/2011 6:44:16 PM
Launi United States
J.D.  Iam a believer and so this story is so awesome and I plan to share it.  Question....the verse says that the 'righteous' shall be like a palm tree.....but you didn't put that in your story....any particular reason?  I have a friend dying of brain cancer and many of her family are not believers, and I was looking for a verse to share to shore them up...I really like this particular verse and will share it for my believer friends who need to lean on God right now.  Thank you...God bless.
12/29/2011 7:01:16 PM
Roxane United States
Thank you so much for sharing.  Truly inspiring.  I have also been going thru a very rough year.  As have several others from our church family. We keep praying & encouraging each other.  And sharing our praise reports.  And we keep standing on God's Word & promises.  For He holds us up.  Our rock & our refuge.  
Thanks again.  God's blessings to you & your family.
12/29/2011 7:27:46 PM
Joanne Schwartz United States
Joanne Schwartz
Thank you so much for reading this email tonight. My husbands best friend called us to tell us he lost his job today.  As they were talking I went to pick up our son and heard this on K-Love.  As soon as I got home I printed it off and was able to read it to our friend.  It was a huge encouragement to him and to us as well.  Thank you for all your encouraging words and for your faithfulness to spread God's word.

May God Richly Bless you and your family in this new year!
12/29/2011 7:41:58 PM
Lynanne United States
Dear JD,
That story is so true.  Like the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  If you let it, though.

I feel like my whole married life has been a series of hurricanes.  It started a few years into it when I found out that my husband lied to me before we got married about something VERY SERIOUS.  He said "if I would have told you you wouldn't have wanted to marry me."  he's had diabetes for over 30 years now (we've been married 23) and has had every complication possible.  He had cancer in 2000, many foot infections that required hospitalization, a toe removed in '03, eye surgery that left him mostly blind in one eye and a catarac on the other, 5 bypass surgery in Jan. '10 and kidney failure because of it.  He's been on dialysis 3x a week ever since.  
This Jan. We realized his mom couldn't live alone.  So while she was recuperating from an illness in a nursing home in the spring, I cleaned her house getting ready for us to move in and sell our house.  My husband packed his summer clothes when she came come and moved in with her leaving me with the job of packing 22 years of 'house'.  It's hard enough to move, but try blending 2 fully furnished houses into 1. It's not easy along with working 2 days a week and chauferring my husband and MIL to dr. appts. and dialysis MWF.  Also making sure my 93 yr. old mom is ok.  
Soooooo many people who heard my story said wow how did you do it.  I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.  Smile  my response was always, it's only the strength of God.  2 weeks before Christmas I got my bed and dresser moved so I could officially be moved in.
One last thing, God sent me a self-proclaimed feminist and her family and a perfect stranger to help me move.  NOT 1 CHRISTIAN FRIEND IN 7 MONTHS OF MOVING HELPED!  Sad.
Thanks fir taking the time to read this.  I know it was long.

In Christ,
12/29/2011 11:07:13 PM
Kristen United States
Psalm 92 is one of my favorites for many, many reasons. Your beautiful story has added depth and richness to this piece of scripture that I frequently meditate to. Many thanks and blessings!
12/29/2011 11:59:11 PM
Linda United States
Hearing this I was SO encouraged about this post I recieve this post for my life.  I am facing a surgery in Feb.2012 to correct a fractured bone on my face(personal injury) and my husband getting hit by 2 cars and our marriage healing were not together right now were "taking a break" we call it we can't handle each others health issues.  It's just been so trying and scary, but GOD gave me this message on Klove it gave me the hope;  I will get through because GOD is on my side nothing will hold me back!I thank GOD for using Klove to minister to me and many others. AMEN THANK GOD and GOD alone!
12/30/2011 1:47:00 AM
Sandra Germany
Thank you so much for sharing this! So encouraging and so very true. Praise God for growing us stronger under the pressures of the storm.
12/30/2011 2:36:51 AM
ronna United States
Yes praise God we do not have to weather the storms all alone. The one who created all we see and do not see is right there with us in the midst of storm. Every one sinner or saint goes through the storms of life. It is how we go through them and with who that counts.
12/30/2011 2:40:00 AM
ronna United States
I daily read and meditate on Psalms 91
Thank you for sharing the parable of the palm.
For as I continue to read the Psalms I'll be reminded of the "Palm.

God bless you and yours!!!
12/30/2011 2:49:41 AM
Eduardo United States
Dear JD.

Thank;s for the inspirational message God bless you, Happy new year, to you and your fellow at KD LOVE.
12/30/2011 3:32:07 AM
RobShu United States
Just wanted thank you for these encouraging words. I was in the midst of a complete and total breakdown mentally & spiritually, had KLOVE on in the background, was crying my eyes out on my knees before God, and in the background I heard you reading this. WOW! So true! These words gave me hope & light in a time of great darkness. Thank-you & God Bless. In Christ be the victory, AMEN!
12/30/2011 8:50:55 AM
Theresa United States

I work in a nursing home and one of our residents was in the final stage of death yesterday evening.  She could not be consoled and was experiencing alot of pain.  As I was driving home yesterday evening, I heard you share the palm story.  I knew instantly that I wanted to share it with the family.  The resident passed this morning peacefully.  I read the palm story to the family just a few minutes ago.  They were very touched.  Thank you so much for sharing.  You touched 8 lives this morning and I am sure without a doubt they will be sharing that story with others.  Gods Speed.
12/30/2011 9:21:27 AM
Bonnie Johnson United States
Bonnie Johnson
Thank You JD for posting this. I divorced in July after 29 years. Daily, I'm in a lonely, survival mode, anticipating the day when I will be on the offense versus defense. God is so good and faithful. I know that through my daily devotion, constant communication with God, and KLOVE,I'm slowly changing, but some days are so long and hard. Words like this definitely spring from a heart of offense vs. defense. The view/perspective changes EVERYTHING. Thank You. Hope you & your family are, one more time, adjusting in your season. Bonnie
12/30/2011 11:26:36 AM
S.H United States
12/30/2011 12:01:56 PM
Marty United States
I heard you read the article re: bouncing back after the storm.  

Not only do the years & trials make us stronger & stronger in the Lord, I've found that God blesses us by taking us deeper in our walk with Him.  Also the healings are deeper & more far reaching.

God is faithful in his promises; beyond our expectations & imaginings

Thanks & God bless you all @ Klove for the ministry you do.
12/30/2011 1:19:16 PM
Lauren United States
I really liked this article!!! GOD is amazing!
1/1/2012 7:19:58 AM
Yvonne United States
God thinks of us specifically when He made our favorite tree!  Mine is the Palm.  The way it glistens in the sun and are associated with the tropics.  I relapsed into addiction for two months and have 4 days of freedom today.  This story came right on time for me.  I know I have to reap what I sow and pick up some pieces, but really, Grace is either Grace or it isn't.  I will face whatever happens, but now I remember that God is in my corner.  Things happen for me, not to me.  God is soooo good.  Happy New Years everyone!!! If you or someone you care about are in the throws of addiction I would encourage you/them to consider the fact that our Lord Jesus is a Genius in that He created the 12 steps for people who like to complicate His Grace and Help!!! Try an authentic 12 step program like AA or will see God's heart on display through changed lives, restored families, unconditional love, and free hearts/minds!!! Hallelujiah! Bless you JD for all that you do, in spite of are reaching MANY!  Bless your call and destiny to continue!!!
1/1/2012 7:22:47 AM
Bobbi United States
Thank you for this wonderful message.  I have shared it with all my Facebook family and friends. It was something I need to hear and thus pass along.  God bless and have a great new year.
1/1/2012 8:06:38 AM
Diann Davis United States
Diann Davis
Thank you, JD.  God sure was speaking thru your friend when he sent you that email.  I had to share it with EVERYONE!
1/1/2012 8:07:43 AM
Maria United States
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message. Our family has gone through a lot the last 2 years.  We know that the Lord is keeping us strong.  Thanks and God Bless!!  Happy New Year!! K-Love is wonderful!!
1/1/2012 8:32:12 AM
Doug Miller United States
Doug Miller
Hello JD, I heard your story this morning and it was just what I needed to hear. My wife and I have been through a storm. We had to unexpectedly move two yrs. from a rental house that we were leasing to own after the owners decided to foreclose on the house. God heard our faithful prayers and blessed us beyond our dreams. We now have a wonderful rental house in a great christian neighborhood. Recently I lost my job but God answered our prays again and now have a very rewarding job. We are living proof that God does answer your prays even though you feel like your struggling with your faith.  
1/1/2012 7:58:27 PM
Tammy Armstrong United States
Tammy Armstrong
I was laid of 6 months from a job I only had for a month in 2011. Its been rough in alot of ways. I love this story because it sums up what I feel when I think about the past year. My husband and I are both strongwilled 1st born & God humbled us, made us stronger in him and together as a couple through our experience. Our family is stronger as well. Thanks for Sharing this.
1/3/2012 9:14:19 AM
Pattie United States
I was listening as you shared what your friend shared with you and what you had dealt with and what God was saying.  As I listened I thought.... oh that's a great analogy..  and then God spoke to me and said take that to heart because what you are dealing with.. I'm there with you and if you trust in Me.. you will be strong and be stronger in the end !!!  Thank you for that testimony .. it truly was a message to me from God!!  Thanks, Pattie
1/3/2012 9:22:11 AM
Rob United States
Nothing can be more accurate than this. I had a very rough 2011, and after it all my relationships are stronger than ever. This passage made my day and I am looking forward to a great and godly 2012.
1/3/2012 9:49:48 AM
Kaycee United States
THANK YOU for this blog. I have been facing health problems the last few months, for the first time in my life. It has been very hard to keep my faith through the dark hours. When I heard this, I instantly knew it was meant for me to hear. I am looking forward to a healthy and happy 2012, and YES, I am stronger thanks to the things I've walked through. THANK YOU and God bless you and your family!
1/3/2012 9:50:53 AM
Brenda United States
Thank you for sharing. We are so blessed to have you, JD and KLOVE in our daily walk!! God Bless!
1/3/2012 1:24:56 PM
Nancy United States
   I heard you read this on the radio this morning.It is Jan.4th,2012 and it was perfect timing.My son has been going through a difficult 8 months.I made a copy for him and kept one for myself for thoses windy days of adversity.PTL for KLOVE.I live in a small rural area with little to bring comfort.KLOVE does that for me.Thanks again for being open and used of God.
1/3/2012 1:35:00 PM
Lorrie United States
A new year, will things change like everyone is saying & hoping.
I got to work this morning & like every morning for the past 9 months since i had to go back to full time working due to husband losing his job of 28 year, i turn on KLOVE to stay encouraged through out the day, while I type all day long.  I hear JD talking about the Flourish like a Palm Tree & i focus in.  Meanwhile I had looked up at the calender & noticed I had to switch to 2112.  At the same time JD is sharing the Palm Tree Scripture, I turn the page & Jan 2012 is a picture of 10 Palm trees on the beach with a beautiful Sun Set & a hammock between two of the trees.   I promise...there will be rest after the Storm & You will be Stronger from this Trial.  
Thanks JD for following your hear & sharing exactly at that time.  It gave me Hope for the New Year!
1/3/2012 5:59:45 PM
Sarah United States
Thank you so much for sharing this story. It really encouraged me today and was exactly what I needed to hear!  I am so thankful for the ministry of klove and the way God is using you all to touch the lives of so many.  THANK YOU!
1/3/2012 9:59:53 PM
Michelle United States
JD, I am looking for the Bible reference to the palm tree quote. Can you help me? Great story!
1/3/2012 11:15:32 PM
Melanie United States
The past 4 years have been filled with crisis for my husband and I, as well. Miscarriage in 2007, then an airway obstruction arose in 2008 while pregnant with our little boy who is now 2.5 Most days, I fight for every breath while doing my best to enjoy what I have. I must admit, it is disappointing that this had to happen at all but especially now.  

In the midst of crying out to God and questioning "why?" - "how long must this go on?" - "God, are you sure you don't give us more than we can handle?" - "will I ever again experience life without this thorn in my side", your "Bouncing Back After the Storm" was a reminder to me that God has plans to prosper us, not to harm us... to give us a hope and a future. This is not all happening to me in vain. There is a purpose and a plan. He is doing a necessary work in me... preparing for the days ahead.

Has this been a long storm? YES, INDEED! Am I desperate for it to end? YES, INDEED!

Either I am a slow learner and God is just not able to get through to me or He is about to do something really big!

All I know is that I desperately needed what I heard on Sunday to renew my hope and trust in God. Lately, my faith has been feeling quite weak.

A palm tree in the storm can look pretty deceiving... Thanks for the inspiration to keep walking by faith and not by sight.

Strengthened or not, I am desperately ready for the "bending" to be over.

Thanks for being Christ's hands and feet,
1/4/2012 2:32:48 AM
keith montalvo United States
keith montalvo
I would like to thank you for the story you read this morning....It was as if it was meant for me.  I have been having a struggle with life, both spititual and personal.  I felt alone and prayed that Jesus would let me know that I wasn't alone.  Then you read the story.  I was wondering if you can email it to me.  I would love to have it so I can print it at home and hang it on my wall as a reminder that I am not alone.  Thank You
1/4/2012 2:37:27 AM
keith montalvo United States
keith montalvo
I emailed you am not sure if it went through.... or if you have my email address.  The story I would like for you to send me is "Bouncing Back After The Storm"  It would really mean alot to me if you did send it.  
1/4/2012 2:58:20 AM
Diann Davis United States
Diann Davis
Hi.  This email is for those who would like a copy of JD's email/story.  I just copied and pasted it (from this site) into an email and also on a word document, so I can print it out.  Hope that is helpful.
1/4/2012 11:07:32 AM
John United States
thank you JD. This was great.
1/4/2012 5:21:32 PM
Linda United States
Thanks for sharing and thanks for allowing this to be shared by others. I just placed this on my fb page. There is nothing to difficult for Him who breathes life into that which is dead.There is nothing that is too difficult for He who speaks life into the unknown and it becomes known.
We don't always understand why and sometimes we  think, I can't take anything else, but then you receive a word that says it's gonna be okay, and it speaks life and this is one of them. Thanks for sharing. God bless you and your family and K Love. To God be the glory. It is by Him we live and move and have our being. :o)<3 Linda
1/5/2012 5:47:47 AM
Peyton United States
That was Great exactly what we all need to hear. And as it says, WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, NOTHING CAN HOLD US BACK! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Smile    Thanks
1/5/2012 5:49:11 AM
Sheryl United States
That was really good. Tell your friend I needed to hear that.
1/5/2012 5:49:34 AM
That was really good. Tell your friend I needed to hear that.
1/5/2012 10:02:33 AM
CURTIS United States
1/5/2012 10:19:52 AM
Hope Mustakim United States
Hope Mustakim
JD- I feel like that tree, bending so far, wondering when I will finally snap (but hoping that I won't!) I'm so grateful for your word of encouragement! It's a reminder that this trial is indeed making me stronger in faith, perseverance, and trust in my Father. It's just so so hard. I've experienced a year of the worst pain of my life.
My precious husband and I have been going through a battle with the US Immigration system that has left us physically seperated for the past 9 months that was a result of their delayed action on a drug possession charge from 6 years ago, before my husband knew the Lord and had a radical conversion/salvation experience. He is a permanent US resident from Singapore and suddenly our lives were dramatically changed on march 30th of last year. He's taken care of all that old business a long time ago so this blindsided us- we've only been married for 17 months! Since he came to know the Lord, he has not touched any mind-altering substance (including energy drinks! Lol) and has shared his story of redemption and recovery with hundreds if not thousands. He's got such a sweet spirit of humilty and gratitude and has done everything you could ask from someone who is truly rehabilitated- he graduated college, works full time, owns a new home, pays taxes, highly involved in the community, active volunteer, member of 2 churches, etc.
We know all of this will end "some day". It's taken so much longer than we (and our attorney) ever thought it would.
Thank you for reminding me that the storm has to end someday and I am growing stronger in the midst of it.
Ps- here's my website with updates, media coverage, supporter videos and more, in regards to my husband's case.
1/6/2012 11:54:23 AM
Diana Ward United States
Diana Ward
Thanks, this message really touched me. It encouraged me to try the 30 day challenge of nothing but Christian Music.  I am on my 3rd day as we speak.  I posted it on my Facebook page in hopes to inspire all the others out there like myself, the way you have me.  Thanks for your words.  God Bless you
1/7/2012 11:07:47 AM
Kathy United States
Your story about the palm tree touched me also as I too have been severly pruned, tried, tested and in turn seen God's provision, protection, guidance and most amazingly his ever-loving presence in my life these last several years. I even have learned to "rest in His presence" and receive amazing things from God as my perfect Papa, Jesus as my friend, husband, provider, and the Holy Spirit as my comforter, strength, peace, communicator. I choose now to include all three in my life and not see things through my own eyes or praise/thank only one of the Trinity. As I was resting on the story of the psalm tree, I saw that not only will God allow you to be pushed, blown around, bent ALMOST to a breaking point, He had held His hand under the palm tree (or David cried out to Jesus and was heard and blessed),Jesus was there in the storm supporting the tree, not allowing it to break but supporting it with love and personal attention knowing what each tree can withstand, while loving it and desiring it to become stronger, taller with more beauty and splendor--helping to create a mature tree that can be even more glorious and powerful for His kingdom once the storm has passed. Blessings to allSmile
1/7/2012 4:01:18 PM
Haydn Stephens United States
Haydn Stephens
Tha Lord really used your "Bouncing Back After The Storm."  Its so easy to relate to the palm tree with the Lords help.  It goes further than just the initial exposure.  It just keeps giving and giving.Thanks so much !!
In Him,
Haydn Stephens
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