Jan 20 2012

Special Guest

I had a chance to catch up with Jason Gray, and he spoke about how God has used his speech impediment of stuttering, as well as the story behind the song "Remind Me Who I Am." In case you missed the interview, you can listen below!

The meaning behind "Remind Me Who I Am":

Jason's stuttering and how God has used it:

His family and his children's aspirations

How God uses imperfect people

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1/20/2012 8:31:52 PM
Steve United States
Dear Klove,

Just 5 months ago I was so ashamed and fearful of what I had become that this song from where I am today helps me remember how hard I was trying to proven my worth and value to my family.  

The harder I tried the more I failed.  Paul in Romans 8 talked about this embarrassment like the way I felt.

Praise God for his eyes to show me how his eyes look at me so much differently!  I love Jesus because he loved me 1st.  He saved my life!
1/21/2012 11:19:11 AM
Rhonda United States
Jason Gray's new album is in a word "WOW."  I think the song that spoke the most to me was "without running away"  The first time I heard it I wept.  I have struggled with depression my whole life.  Anyone who has lived with depression knows that it is one of the most isolating feelings in the world.  You feel that if you let anyone into your heart it will shatter.  But there is hope in G-D he will mend the broken, weak, and weary.  We must all make that choice to listen to his voice and put our trust in him alone.  G-D is obviously at work through Jason Gray and his music.  
1/26/2012 6:49:33 PM
Gina United States
Loveklove and the30 day changel
1/26/2012 6:53:41 PM
Gina United States
ANdi paseo god have Ben save long time some time I quit go on Sunday with my parents
Doe he Stell love me if iam special needs I thank not
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