Dec 10 2012

Where to turn when things start falling apart?

The Christmas season is a really exciting one but it can also be really tough. Its easy to feel lonely-the pressure of finances can be brutal-the feeling of loss is heightened. There is just a lot of emotions this time of year. So…where do you turn when things feel like they are falling apart? Some of us turn to food, others choose drugs or alcohol  or even relationships. We find ways to cope with what we’re going through,some healthier than others, but none of those things offer HOPE. None of those things make the situation any better-they just act like a temporary bandaid for a need that goes far below the surface.

I’ve been reading a book about prayer called “ Sometimes He whispers, Sometimes He roars” by Marilynn Chadwick. She tells the story of one of the most fervent prayer warriors I’ve ever heard of. His name is Elijah. Elijah prayed for drought upon the faithless Israel and for 3.5 years, Israel saw no rain. Then he reversed his prayer, earnestly praying for rain and the ‘heavens gave rain’.  (1Kings 18-20)

Well Queen Jezebel, wife to the King, wasn’t digging this whole idea because she didn’t believe in God and she was mad at Elijah so she starts threatening Elijahs life and even though he KNEW who was on his side …he KNEW the authority he had in prayer…he got scared. So here is this feisty prophet iron man tri-athlete…(seriously, earlier in the scripture it talks about how he outran a rainstorm-this guy was legit) but now he was scared…so ‘he ran for his life’. He felt defeated. He even told God he was ready to die.  So he goes to this mountain top where he is confident he’s going to encounter God.  And he does! God fed him, put him to sleep, fed him again, let him rest some more…the cycle continued until Elijah was refueled. In Elijahs time of complete and utter brokenness he saw a new side of God. Though he was a man of great faith and mighty strength Elijah hadn’t discovered the full extent of Gods great love for him until he was in his time of greatest weakness. Elijah knew where to turn! 

When we turn to God, instead of the things that offer empty promises, His strength will carry us!

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