Feb 25 2013

Beauty is more than skin deep

So exciting to see all the beautiful gowns at the Oscars Sunday night! Who came with who-what they were wearing-how they did their hair- its easy to get appearance 'obsessed'! We think about our own outfits, our weight, our hair, our height. Especially if you are single,for me anyways,its like you compare your own looks to these celebrities and roll your eyes thinking no wonder I’m single-these people are flawless! Not only do we hold ourselves to that standard but we may fall in the pit of doing the same thing with our relationships. We start worrying more about the condition of our looks and less about the condition of our heart. So its refreshing to hear stories where real beauty wins-like Lieutenant John Blandfords. He was a fighter pilot during WWII and right before he leaves to go overseas he checks out a book from the library and as he flipped through the pages he noticed that someone had made notes in the margins and he loved their handwriting and thought whoever wrote this  seemed so kind and gentle and sweet-like somebody he wanted to know. Because of how libraries use to work,John found the womans name on the checkout card on the front cover so he looked Hollis up and wrote to her. They start this amazing friendship all through letter writing during the war and it was obvious pretty quickly that she loved God because she would encourage him with scripture and pray for him. He was in love with her heart. He soon asked if she would send a picture of herself and she said “If your feelings for me have any reality,what I look like won’t matter”. The letters continued to be sent. They decided to meet when he got back to the states. Grand Central Station at 6 o'clock. She tells him that he’ll know its her because she’ll be wearing a red rose. So here he is about to meet the woman he’s fallen in love with for the very first time and a beautiful young woman approaches him-beautiful face,long curly blond hair, sparkling eyes and wearing a bright green suit. To his disappointment he realizes she isn’t wearing a rose. Just behind her he notices another woman-plump, graying,older woman-who IS wearing a red rose and a crumpled old coat. So he has to make a split second decision: going to follow this young beauty or keep his comittment to the woman whose letters had gotten him through the war. His decision was made quickly. He starts walking towards the older woman! He introduces himself and asks the older woman to go to dinner with him. She starts smiling from ear to ear and tells him she doesn’t know what all this is about but points toward the woman in the green suit as she walks out the door and says “that young lady gave me this rose and asked me to wear it while walking through the station. She said that if you asked me to go with you I was to let you know she’d be waiting for you in the restaurant across the street!" 

(Read this story in "When God writes your love story" by Eric an Leslie Ludy. Amazing read!) 

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