Oct 22 2013

Letters from Lauren ~ Greater

Hi friend!

I realize I have been bad at keeping in touch. It’s not that I don’t care, in fact it’s quite the contrary, there is so much to care about that I don’t know where to start!  I’m sure you understand with the busyness of your own life. So much to do but where to begin… and so many distractions… Oh! That reminds me - I need to check my oven in 15 minutes (I've been known to use my smoke alarm as the timer - trying to avoid that tonight). 

I'd like it if we were able to touch base more regularly and since I love mail so much (snail mail in particular-but I don't know your address and postage keeps going up); I’ll write you from here, the very same spot you are reading right now. 

I hope you are finding time to catch a breath in the fast lane of your life. Usually as my life gets busier and more things get added to my to-do list, the less I want to do. Big goals and dreams give way to being sure the everyday necessities are taken care of.  

Ever feel like that? 

Maybe it’s because we start to rely on our own strength, understanding and capabilities and somewhere in there forget Gods invitation to our circumstances. The bigger picture can seem so daunting so we stick to what’s comfortable and sink into survival mode—maybe maintenance is a more fitting term.  But I get tired of the comfort zone of ‘good’ being enough.

I want great. 

Great takes extra time, extra effort, and extra courage. It takes surrendering even the tiniest details of our days to the greatest author of all time-God. Great takes remembering that our weakness is a perfect match for His strength (2 Corinthians 12:9). 

Greatness seems so overwhelming but I’ve got to trust it’s worth it. God doesn’t want just ‘good enough’ for his kids. He has greater plans for us than we could ever dream up on our own!

I’ve been reading about this very thing in a book called “Greater” by Steven Furtick (an incredible read). Steven drives home the idea that we need to ‘dream bigger and start smaller.’ Not sure what that looks like in your life? Tonight, my ‘smaller’ starts with writing you and not burning dinner - which smells scarily like cat food at the moment (thanks a lot chicken of the sea!) Tomorrow it will inevitably involve something else. Maybe ‘greatness’ intimidates you a bit also. Maybe you are tired of not knowing where to start. 

So what’s the first step? Let’s take it together. Let’s invite God into our situations, our life. He’s the only RSVP you can always count on being ‘yes.’  

Until next time...


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