Oct 30 2013

Letters from Lauren ~ Butterlies

I wish there was an app to sync my calendar with God's!!  He is always on time. Never late.  Never early. Even knowing that, I still have a hard time waiting. I don’t know about your experience but in my experience this ‘waiting’ stuff is not for sissies. It’s tough!

I’ve always been fascinated by butterflies but especially so after hearing this story recently. A little boy finds a caterpillar. He takes it home, loves it, and is completely mesmerized when it hangs upside down and begins to spin its cocoon. One day he sees it twitching and notices a little hole has formed but not big enough for the butterfly to come out. He so badly wants to help his new pet that he pushes the two halves of the cocoon apart freeing the butterfly. But when the butterfly comes out it dies shortly after because its body was swollen and its wings weren’t formed correctly.

Without the struggle the butterfly can’t do what butterflies are meant to do—fly!! They have to push their way through the tiny opening of the cocoon so that the fluid is pushed out of its body and into its wings.

God could absolutely reach down and rescue you or give you what you were asking for but if He rescued us from the struggle then we wouldn’t develop the muscles we need for the things He has in store for us. Learning to embrace my time in the cocoon so that my wings can take me high! I hope the same for you :)


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