Nov 05 2013

Letter from Lauren ~ Prayer

Happy November!!

Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. That may mean extra time with your family. For many of us it is precious time but also may take a few extra deep breaths to enjoy. :)

This past weekend I had company in town. I had asked friends to pray because I knew it was going to be one of those ‘extra grace required’ type of weekends. Clearly I was thinking that extra grace would need to be applied to the other people but it turned out I needed that extra grace just as much as my company. Embarrassingly, I wasn’t always the most calm or kind in my reactions (something about our ugly side comes out with family. Maybe it’s because we know they'll love us in spite of ourselves?!)  As I was thinking about the weekend it hit me like a 10 ton brick … I had gotten so caught up in praying for change in the other people that I was blinded to the change that needs to happen within myself. 

You got my attention, God! 

Maybe you want to join me in asking our Dad to soften our hearts in difficult family situations so that we can be better examples of His love. Bring on the holiday season!



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