Jan 07 2014

Letters from Lauren: Wait

“Wait” is a dreaded 4 letter word in my vocabulary yet it seems to be a recurring theme. Whether you are waiting for a job promotion, waiting to hear back about a house, waiting for health results that could change the rest of your life, waiting for a baby to start your family, waiting for a spouse to start a family with, we’ve all been in the waiting rooms of life. Maybe you are there now. 

Its easy to get discouraged while we wait. Wonder if its ever going to happened. Cry out to God and ask if He’s forgotten you. And while we wait the rest of the world continues as normal. People still have babies while you wait to find out if you can, still get job promotions while you are waiting just to see if you an hired anywhere, still get married while you wait for the one God has written into your story. I get it. When I stew about the dreams I am still waiting to see fulfilled I’ve caught myself saying things like “I’ll be more thankful once I have _______. Then I’ll be really happy” so in the meantime I will wallow and wait. The more I get to know about Gods character the more I know that is the last thing He wants for his kids-the wallowing part. God knows the desires of our heart-He put them there. It may look different than you expected (and be on a different time frame) but God wants us to be thankful, learn from, and (dare I say?!) even enjoy the waiting room. He has a purpose in our wait. 

Whatever waiting room you find yourself in today I hope you will join me in lifting your hands high in praise!


"Waiting here for You

With our hands lifted high in praise

And it's You we adore

Singing Alleluia"


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