Jun 08 2011

ROYAL TAILOR in the studio

In case you missed my interview with Royal Tailor, take a listen to the clips below! Also, you can get your FREE song download of their single "Hold Me Together" in the K-LOVE Music Room!

What is the difference between the pop culture of today and when you were growing up?

What's the one thing you would say to K-LOVE listeners?
Tauren's response:

Blake's response:

Jarrod and DJ's response

Is God in control of Royal Tailor?

How did Royal Tailor get its name?

Listen to the whole interview

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6/16/2011 4:55:58 AM
Sharon Fox United States
Sharon Fox
Hi Larry.

Love your show.  Was listening to you in Tallahassee, Florida last night.  Just a tip FYI, though:

The name of the lead singer in Royal Tailor is pronounced "Tore-in" (like you tore your shirt), not "Tare-in".  Smile

Just in case you say it again,Don't you love them!  You ought to hear their whole CD.  

(P.S.  Blake is my nephew.
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