Jun 14 2011

Pancake mix or Pleather

My friend Torry Martin made an innocent mistake by mixing up his furniture polish and his pancake mix. He called to tell me his story, here it is in case you missed it! Have you ever mixed your kitchen supplies up?

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6/15/2011 7:12:38 PM
Josh United States
This is not related to the video what so ever, but this is important and needs prayer.  A church called Tabernacle of Praise had a fire today, and during the fire a fire fighter from Yorktown was killed.  If you could pray for both the church and its congregation, and the fire fighters family and loved ones, it would be much appreciated.
6/16/2011 11:13:31 PM
Monica United States
To Josh-will be praying for that situation-peace and comfort for the families involved as well as the church.

On another note-your friend is so funny Larry!

And-had to write and let you know what happened earlier.  I was driving home from class and ran into part of a nasty storm.  The lightening was literally lighting up the sky and everything around it.  The wind had to be gusting close to 60 mph.  It was raining very hard.  I started to panic a little and started praying for peace, alertness and guidance (should I pull over or keep going?) The antenna on my truck doesn't work very well, so my radio (which is always tuned to KLOVE) cuts out pretty bad for about 15 minutes of my hour drive home. All I was hearing was static for the most part at this point.  I am driving along, hands so tight on the wheel they are starting to cramp up, praying out loud, when my radio suddenly kicks in-just long enough for me to hear "Will you hold me together?" fade out "will you hold me together?" and back to static.  I sang along with the words, then realized how odd it was that I had just been praying the same thing.  I laughed out loud and from there on I was calm and relaxed.  The storm slowed and then stopped before I reached the next town.  

I love it when He reminds us in funny ways that He is always right there beside us, just waiting for a moment when we are finally ready to let go and let God.    
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