Aug 23 2010

Airport friendships

After another wonderful wedding filled weekend back home I was thinking about the new friendships I was blessed with.

I have this strange personal goal every time I fly, 3 new friends per flight (and let me tell ya-the days where I want to sleep during the flight,I have to make those friends starting all the way back in security-be nice to the security people by the way, I saw so many people be so rude to them. They are just doing their job and keeping us safe)

ANYWAYS, my friendships this trip ranged from commercial tomato sauce makers to a guy who would make for the worlds worst pictionary partner (he didn't seem to understand the cigarette with a big box around and an X through it meant "NO smoking"-nice guy, just terrible canidate for pictionary). You know what they had in common though? Incredible stories. Very unique-VERY interesting-but stories no less.

We all have a story--its called our life! It can be easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and the busyness of our own world and we forget to take time to get to know others stories. But sincerly showing an interest in other people and the life that makes their story one of a kind is something I aim to not take for granted! Sometimes people need someone to listen and its simple-its a free gift-just care!

So many stories, so many amazing people ---> its what makes life interesting!

Maybe this week is a good time to really take time to invest in listening to someonelses story....who knows, you may even become part of it!

Have a marvelous Monday :)


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