Mar 28 2011

No day is lost

Even from 2000 miles away my old church family still encourages me just by keeping me on the newsletter mailing list. This poem really just encouraged my soul! I wanted to share it with you as well.

No day is lost

sometimes you feel discouraged

when evening shadows come

and you look back, regretting

the 'little' that you've done.

Apparently the losses

far outweight the gain

and wearily you question

"Have I lived this day in vain?"


Remember this-No day is lost

In which you’ve tried to share the blessed news that Jesus saves,

and spend some time in prayer.

For your Father knows Your heart. He paid the ultimate cost.

Remember-if you’ve done your best for Him-No day is lost


Be encouraged my friends! No hour~no minute~no day is wasted when its lived for God :)


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3/30/2011 10:02:11 PM
Stevn Horsell United States
Stevn Horsell
GOD is their for us all the time all we have to do is exsept him so that we may have eternal Life after all he sent his only begotten son to die for us all Thank you LORD GOD BLESS US ALL AND HE HAS Evan in are darkest times he is with us .......
4/2/2011 12:24:39 AM
Wade Waldron United States
Wade Waldron
My Jan. 2010 Testimony and continuing. Posted on God's Wisdom under Discussions Tab. title Hello Everyone.LINK
    Also here if it will fit or whatever will.
I have not felt led to post it here till this morning! May it Bless many through Jesus Christ and His Angles.
I have had some from other nations call me to chat on how, and Why, He did it to me. I told them I allowed God to use my in WHATEVER WAY HE wants, Just let me know what I need to do if possible! He always has. See 1987 testimony I am working on others too.
This is my most recent testimony.(Feb. 2010) I only use the past tense here because I believe that I will be Restored

I was the van driver (currently
unable to work as the van driver) and usher in our church (New Life Christian Center,
Stigler, OK.). A visitor came to church on a Wed. evening in early January
2010. He was very interested in what the church believes, and all the questions
people usually have when they go to a new church. As it was getting close to
church services starting, I asked him if I could come over to his home after
church and I'll answer all your questions. He agreed, and I did.

My wife did not want to go! She told
me "YOU BETTER BE CAREFUL and not too long either Honey”! Well I got to his home about 10pm and was
there sharing the Lord and my beliefs and How the church believes, and his
beliefs with each other for about 3 or 4 hours. He needed prayer for healing.
He told me other people have prayed for him in the past. I laid hands on him prayed
for his healing. After I laid hands on him and prayed HE asked me if I was
ready to do some work for the Lord. I said I am. He said you have to be sure,
because there is no turning back, If you are not sure now is the time to say
something! I said again I am ready. Remember He (the Lord) will be with you,
even if Satan tries to tell you He is not there. Remember He is right there with you. He laid
his hands on me and prayed. I remember going home going to bed….Well I started
getting ill a couple of days later. I was taken to the local hospital here in
Stigler, OK. and transferred by ambulance to another hospital in Ft. Smith,

They found that I HAD encephalitis. Encephalitis
is a severe brain and brain stem infection.
You can read about it here. It’s a good resource for other medical questions too.

I was in the Hospital for 3 weeks. I
got released 2-14-2010, a great valentines present for my wife and family. When
I was able to drive I went to where his house was and it was not there! It was
nothing but a green field, NOT a sign of the house that I was in. No signs of a
house or trailer ever being there. It was a very very nice house.

After that first visit NO ONE EVER
SAW HIM AGAIN at the church or anywhere. Some thought he did or gave me
something to cause the illness I had.

While I was in the hospital God used
me. How? You ask, and How I knew it was God.

Well let me tell you.

Just before I "woke up"
God showed me this young Lady or girl that was coming to see her dad. He showed
me 5 things that she was doing that she MUST repent of. Well when she walked in
I immediately woke up. I told her that I am a Christian and I have a message
for you from God. "Ya, What!". She said it sarcastically like she
does not believe what I am about to say. I said “Actually there are 5 things that you
are doing and God wants you to repent. She immediately turned to her dad
and got mad at him for blabbing her personal business to total strangers. She said
“Dad, if you don’t stop blabbing my
personal business to total strangers I am going to leave and NEVER come back.
You may never see me again!”

Just then a nurse walked in. I told
the nurse to tell her how long I have been ‘out of it’ for. She said she
couldn't because of patient confidentiality!. I told the nurse "I am not
asking you to tell her what is wrong with me or any medical stuff about me but,
just how long I have been out of it or incoherent for. "Well I guess it
will be ok… since you are insisting." She walked to the door to make sure
no one was else was around. then said
" I have been his nurse for 2 weeks and this is the most coherent and
intelligent thing he has ever said."

Well his daughter did not believe it.
After the nurse left, She started to leave... Immediately God told me to ask her
"does your dad know about this or this? (I held up a finger and told her
what the this was I don’t have her or Gods permission to tell it here.)" After
I spoke her mouth dropped like a kid caught with their hand caught in the
cookie jar after being told not to, and she started to stutter. I Um I Ah Um Her dad said " Oh honey I didn't know you
did that too! You need to stop.”

I told her again See I told you I
was a Christian, and God told me the things about you and He wants you to
repent and turn back to Him.

Her dad and I led her in the sinner’s
prayer and a prayer of repentance. I asked if she had a Bible to read. She said
yes somewhere at home. I said here is mine if you want to read it. Go ahead you
can you can have it if you want. It’s not the first bible I have given away and
defiantly won’t be the last. Well she started reading it silently. I told her
to go ahead read it out loud It won’t bother me and I am sure you dad would
like to hear you read it.

Her Dad said I would love to hear
you read if it wont bother him. I assured them that it wouldn’t. Well by the
time she got to the 2nd paragraph I fell asleep. Out like a light. I woke up 3 hours
later and she was still reading the bible to her dad.

I remember 5 other people that I shared the Lord with and they were saved. One
was a non believing Dr. who has seen several people die of encephalitis. He
said I’ll believe when you walk out of here and go home.

Well when he heard that I was
getting released to go home and not a rehab center. He came to check on me.
When they came for me with a wheel chair, to take me to the car. He had
everyone leave for a final check on me before I went home. He asked me questions about how to get what I
had. I told him all you have to do is ask God the Father for forgiveness and
repent of you sins. There is no special way just believe that Jesus Christ died
on a cross for your sins. Ask him to come into your life and become Lord of
your life, and to change you from inside out. He was a changed person and a
better doctor from that moment on.

My mom ( who will be 81 years old at
the end of Aug.) told me that I would share the Lord with anyone would listen.

Well before I got released, The
Psychologist was going to put me in an "in-house" rehab center for 6
months to a year or longer. My 5 other doctors talked him into letting me go
home If I promised to see the Psychologist in my home town. I agreed. When I
went to the appointment, 15-20 min into an hour to hour and half evaluation appointment
he stopped me. He said "Wait a minute. Can I ask you a question?" I
said yes. "Why are you here, Why are you here to see me?" I said because
the Psychiatrist in the hosp. wanted to put me in a rehab home for 6mos to a
year... maybe longer." Well the local Psychiatrist told me that out of all
the people I have seen and treated, You are the least likely one that that
needs a Psychiatrist. I would like to know what that Psychiatrist (in the
hospital) was on."
Turns out that the local Psychiatrics is a Christian too. He prayed with me,
and referred me to cognitive therapy to help my memory problems. To rewire what
damage the infection caused.

I am now getting better where I can
NOW spend a couple of hours at a time on the computer and not just a few min.

There is A lot more I can say but I
don’t believe The Lord wants me to share it at this time.

However if you would like E-mail me
or to fwd. this to someone you think might need some encouragement feel free
Yesterday is the past, Tomorrow may never come, so live for today and tell
someone that you love them... always be the first to say "I'm sorry"
not YOU DID THAT TO ME! Forgive so you can continue to grow. Jesus Christ died
for our sins. John 3:16, Luke 7:21 King James Version of the Holy Bible.
See More
Encephalitis Basics
Encephalitis is an acute infection and inflammation of the brain itself. Find out more.
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4/5/2011 4:48:31 PM
Cindy United States
I'm 47 and recently went to school for web design.  K-Love has inspired me to create my first website.  You all are invited to check it out and join.
God Bless You All!
Love Cindy
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