Jun 24 2009

David Crowder is funny

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6/24/2009 11:38:04 PM
Gracie United States
Hey Lisa!! Where is episode 2 to the DCB video?  Miss hearing you in the afternoons here in San Jose, guess I'm gonna have to crawl out of bed earlier. Miss hearing your Momma as well. You guys remind me of me and my Mom.  Take care and God bless!!
6/25/2009 5:26:51 AM
Michael United States
Man the song never let go has ment alot to me too. When I first heard that song the emotions just started to flow.  My daughter was about 2 at the time I first heard that and I put her in my lap and she connected with it to, in fact that is the first song she ever sang.  She sat in my lap and sang Oh my soul, Oh my soul and to this day she is now 3 she still says I want to hear oh my soul daddy.  So that has made it even more special to me. She and I enjoy it together and I can tell her you know who never let's go it Jesus.  Thanks David for allowing God to use you.
6/25/2009 5:29:46 AM
MonkeySaru United States
BAHA. I listened to the whole thing. Ahh, yes. As a huge fan of DC*B, and having been a fan for a long while, the squirrel issue was nothing new to me. But everything else was just amazing, and my day's overall mood has just been set in stone. (: He needs to come on the morning show more often and give us some more Waco[almost said Houston] Texas love. Both of you together = pwnsauce.
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