Aug 12 2009

Amy Baumann's son Eli...and the worm

Today, 3 year old Eli Baumann had to go to the hospital to have part of a plastic worm removed from his nose.  Thankfully, Eli is doing just fine.  The worm has seen better days.

On his way to the ER...

Just before the procedure...

The piece on the left is what was in Eli's nose...

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8/12/2009 7:54:21 AM
Jihn United States
Where is the worm?!
8/12/2009 8:02:32 AM
Holly B. France
Holly B.
So glad he's ok--I prayed for Eli today. Thanks for updating us.
8/12/2009 8:04:49 AM
Susan United States
Hey thanks for the update!  Appears to be a bass fishing plastic bait worm.  Which is very soft and usually slippery. My girls used to like to play with them also.  Glad Eli is doing fine!
Thanks for your ministry!  You guys are FUN!
Grand Island NE
8/12/2009 8:08:33 AM
Melissa Swarens United States
Melissa Swarens
I am so glad that Eli is OK. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. I work in a hospital and this kind of thing happens with a lot of kids. They are so quick. Although I am sure this was unnerving for Amy and her family, it is relatively easy to fix. We had a small boy who swallowed the pull-off tab from a can of pop. He had to immediately go to surgery before the sharp edges did significant and potentially fatal damage to his digestive tract. With curious children NOTHING is out of the question "What happens if I do this?" My prayers are with the Baumann family.
8/12/2009 8:11:22 AM
Deanne Jones United States
Deanne Jones

My kids were wondering if we could see a photo of the actual worm.  You know how kids like that kind of stuff.  LOL

Thanks- Your devoted K-Love listeners
The Jones Family
Jason, Deanne, Nathan, and Natalie
8/12/2009 8:12:37 AM
Debbie Carey United States
Debbie Carey
When I was a year and 1/2 I stuck a rubberband up my nose it sat for a couple of weeks and then began to rot and I began to smell. My mom could not figure where the smell was coming from. While celebrating Christmas at my grandparents they discovered something was lodged in my nose. My parents took me to the emergency room late Christmas eve only to find the rotting rubberband. I have been told they had to put me in a straight jacket to hold me down. Needless to say I have no memory of my experience. Until recently my Mom has kept that rubberband wraped up in her jewlry box along with my baby teeth!  
8/12/2009 8:25:52 AM
Diana United States
8/12/2009 8:47:02 AM
Carla Cole United States
Carla Cole
i have a kid putting stuff in their nose kids are mischievious....girl 6 and boy almost 4. my daughter told me her nose hurt one day and i was looking and then i told her to blow her nose....found a popcorn kernal....couple of years late...r, same thing that her nose hurt....wound up going to the ER to get a navy bean out of her nose that had swollen 3 times the dry stage.......a couple of months ago my son had to have tubes put in his ears and the surgeon told me that he had to get the rocks out of his ear before he could put the tubes in!!!!!!!!!! life with kids is adventurous.......Read More
8/12/2009 9:11:41 AM
Jackie Rook United States
Jackie Rook
Wow! That's cool. It reminds me when my son, Gene use to put things in his nose and ears - small cars food you name it he probably did it! He is stationed in Washington State with his wife - Natalie and 3 year old son Kayden one of 9 grandchild of mine - I am so blessed!
Just letting ya know that my son and i survived his stuffing things. This too shall pass.
I do enjoy listening to ya'll in the morning - actualy I have two radios on in my home so that i won't miss anything. one in the kitchen and the other in my husband and my bedroom
8/12/2009 10:26:58 AM
Tabitha United States
I am glad he is okay, just about two weeks ago I had to take our 3year old, Faith, to the ER to have a Polly Pocket Doll Shoe removed from her nose, which she had managed to shove up as well. Kids, gotta find the humor in it I guess, I have three kids (3,5,7), and she is the only one who attempted this act, one out of 3 is good...that is the way I look at it...hehehe
8/12/2009 1:22:34 PM
Ian United States
I know that this is or was a serious matter, but he is the first human to really be "hooked onto worms".
All I'm really wanting to say is that I'm glad that Eli is safe.
8/12/2009 7:04:44 PM
Amanda United States
I think your son would get along quite well with my daughter (3). She loves the purple worms like that! I'm going to think twice now next time we go fishing before I let her play with them! haha. I'm glad your son is ok. It is so scary when they shove things up their noses! My daughter just recently decided to shove a tiny ball up her nose! It was quite the experience!
8/13/2009 5:34:17 AM
gi United States
My neice stuffed a piece of foam from a Barbie bed up her nose when she was about 3.  We had no idea except that her face was starting to smell funky.  Finally my sister looked up her nose and saw something but it was lodged so deep that she needed a doctor to get it out.  We still laugh to this day about it - 10 years later!  Glad everything worked out for you and little Eli!
8/13/2009 5:37:00 AM
Carol United States
So glad they got it out okay, and he had a full recovery!! My youngest daughter did the same thing with a bead that she didn't want anyone to take away from her. She stuck it so far up her nose that we had to take her to the ER to have them get it out. All we could do was laugh. :o)
8/13/2009 7:02:55 AM
BECKY United States
8/14/2009 6:31:43 AM
Miranda United States
When my daughter was five we went through almost the same situation. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie when our daughter bounced up to us and said "Mommy, Daddy, look what I did!" So we looked and to our amazement....she got a watch battery stuck in her right ear. We took her to the ER and it took a tiny pair of tweezer to extract the battery in a little under 3 seconds. As we were leaving the nurse hands us the doctors treatment orders that said "Do not place objects in your ear." We laughed all the way home. And we still have the battery til this day.
8/14/2009 7:47:53 AM
Katie United States
I love the first two pictures.  Very cute, and I'm so glad he is okay.

Sioux Falls SD
8/14/2009 7:50:02 AM
Katie United States
Did we really have to see the worm?
Gross, yuck, disgusting!

However, I can understand wanting to keep it.  I saved two teeth from my puppy.  I have no idea where they are now ... but I remember how small and interesting they were.

Is there a dog-tooth-fairy?  Haha.

Sioux Falls SD
8/27/2009 2:33:08 PM
Jackie Samokar United States
Jackie Samokar
Amy & Eli:
I just came across this!

I know we can all laugh about it now, but at the time it's really scary

My daughter (while in Kindergarten) had to have popcorn kernels removed from both ears. When she was almost 2-years-old, she stuck a seashell up her nose. I'm not kidding -- three days later (after no luck trying to remove it by the doctor) she sneezed and it hit the marble floor with a "tink, tink" sound. We couldn't believe it.

I'm glad Eli is doing well!! Thanks for sharing your story. It made me laugh.
1/21/2011 10:48:32 PM
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