Oct 21 2009

Quotes from this morning...

During Pledge Drive this morning, I read some quotes from John C. Maxwell's book Encouragement Changes Everything.  Here they are...

God’s love for us gives us the reason to encourage others.  God’s love in us gives us the ability to encourage others.  God’s love through us gives us the way to encourage others.  -John C. Maxwell



There are three kinds of people in the world today.  There are "well-poisoners," who discourage you and stomp on your creativity and tell you what you can't do.  There are "lawn-mowers," people who are well-intentioned but self-absorbed; they tend to their own needs, mow their own lawns, and never leave their yards to help another person.  Finally, there are "life-enhancers," people who reach out to enrich the lives of others, to lift them up and inspire them.  We need to be life-enhancers, and we need to surround ourselves with life-enhancers.  -Walt Disney



Thank you to our friend Jeannie for sending us the book with these quotes.  It's a great little book, especially encouraging to us during this pledge drive.


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10/21/2009 12:19:01 PM
Richard Garcia United States
Richard Garcia
I have a confession to make.  I have been listening to Klove for about 4 years and everytime your fund raiser was on the air my attitude was OH No not another fund raiser. (wrong attitude). I had suffered from depression & was living way below the poverty level. Last year
I decided to take a leap of faith and give $20 a mo.  I cant begin to tell you of all the blessings God has given me in the last year.  Wow what an awesome God we serve!  Blessings in my family, relationships, and yes my finances.  And it is impossible to stay depressed and listen to your radio station.  I have increased my donation from $20 to $30 a mo.  You are such a blessing to me and my family and to so so many others. I am glad to be part of this "radio family"
My two biggest fears are that at the end of my life God would ask "How did your bless others". I know that I know my small donation is being a blessing to many others. The other fear would be that Klove would not be on the air.
You should dedicate just 12 seconds of air silence and let people know what it would be like to not have Klove on the radio.  That is a scary thought!!!
Continued Blessing to all Klove employees and listeners!!!

Richard Garcia
10/22/2009 6:05:29 AM
Shannon United States
What a blessing this radio station has been in my life! I am a typical working mom with a 3 year old, an ecstatic golden retriever puppy, and a husband who teaches and coaches high schoolers. Between the daughter, dog, husband, and random teenagers, our lives are seldom peaceful. To be honest, we are all rather chaotic sorts of people (I'm not quite sure I remembered to close the garage door this morning, so obviously I am not exempt)and we live in a joyful whirlwind. What I love about this station is that it meets each of us where we are. In the car in the morning my daughter and I have "rockstar dance parties" and jam out to the worshipful music on KLove. When I'm chasing the dog around the house to grap my shoe from her clenches, KLove reminds me that I am blessed to have the dog and the shoes. In terms of dealing with my husband...I am encouraged to love and support him and be the wife he needs. And no matter what the circumstances of the people we love, we are reminded not lose hope for their lives. And of course, there are the heartbreaking days, when the world doesn't make sense and we wonder if God is there with us in our pain. Perhaps the most important thing this station does is remind us, over and over, that yes, God is there, no matter how painful or ugly the circumstances. We are never out of his reach. Thank you all for what you do. God certainly is doing a good work in this ministry.
10/22/2009 6:07:37 AM
Jennie United States
I realize that there are people who LOVE this station but are just not sure they can manage even a dollar a day. So I just wanted to share my small miracle.  I have been listening to KLOVE for a bit over a year now and I just knew this time I had to give.  So I jumped online and made my pledge of $40 per month and then (panicked)I did my budget.  Do you know after all of my bills were paid and my other "needs" budgeted I had $41 left over?!  JUST ENOUGH!!! God is good all the time.  We just have to have faith to step out.  So often my eyes are not fixed on my Lord and Savior as they should be.  Like Peter, I look down in disbelief and begin to sink, but the SECOND I look up and get it right, I remember just how amazing HE is.
10/22/2009 6:55:48 AM
cheryl United States
i was one who would always say "other people can give and it will be funded", but this time i wanted to be involved too. i love God and i want to be a part of His blessings. Klove has blessed me, made me cry,laugh,think, pray and marvel at God's goodness.
thank you for allowing me to be a part of this awesome station.
God bless you richly
10/22/2009 7:09:12 AM
Michelle Hudson United States
Michelle Hudson
I am like Richard...I feel that K-love has been a tremendous blessing in my life as well...When I moved to Wilmington, NC from Fayetteville, NC...I was just estatic to have a christian radio station with people who were loving, uplifting and encouraging and playing music that glorifies our Lord and Saviour...Just this past summer, after listening for a year and a half...I decided to give $20 a month as well...And just like Richard said...God has really been moving in my marriage and my walk with Him...my husband now goes to church with me and we are closer than when we were 11 years ago on the day we said "I do"...and also our finances have been blessed as well...I believe it is all in being obedient to God...we have been blessed with our jobs...two wonderful children, but the biggest blessing is God sending his Son to die on the cross and covering us with his blood despite our sins.
10/24/2009 9:03:17 PM
Rosanna United States
This station has literally put my feet on the ground, or should I say on my Knees. I wouldn't know what to do without it. I fall asleep to it and wake up to it. When I've slipped in my walk with God and feel too worthless to even pray, I walk into my room and hear "I'll take you back" by Jeremy Camp. Not just once, but at least 4 times in that week and everytime the beautiful words to that song brought me back. When I sat up by myself til 3am with my screaming newborn twin boys, feeling like I couldn't go on anymore. Listening to this station play "Undo" (Rush of fools) brought such a rush of emotion and I felt my Father God cradling me as I was cradling my boys. I'm a single mom with a 14 year old daughter, 11 and 5 year old boys and my now 3 year old twin boys. I want to thank KLOVE for providing the support and ministry that they do. I'm a suppporter for the first time, as tight as my budget is, it is the best investment I've ever made. My boys sing the songs in the car with me and I love that this station is a part of my families life and so many others.  So thank you to everyone that supports the station. You are making a difference in my life and my childrens. It means the world to me.  May God bless you all.
10/24/2009 10:47:38 PM
Dorothy United States
I love K love it's a big part of my driving I drive with K love.  When I am in some els's car it almost drive me crazy when the radio is not on K love. I never pledge before and it haunted me times are hard so I pledege a little but I trust God to keep increasing my pledge yearly. K love is such a blessing and encouragement to me. I heard someone's testimony and prayed and started putting my 3yr old and 1yr old girls to sleep with K love and they sleep through the nite it's been wonderful.  God bless all who make K love possible.
1/20/2011 7:27:43 AM
United States
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