Mar 15 2010

Jars of Clay Winner!

All the votes are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to Jeff Davis from Arizona - Jeff is the grand prize winner of K-LOVE's Jars of Clay Rewind contest! Jeff won a trip to Indianapolis to get a VIP experience at one of only four Jars of Clay Rewind concerts, where they'll perform their debut album in it's entirety. Check out Jeff's winning video ...

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3/15/2010 12:12:30 PM
Leandra United States
That is so cool!  Congrats Jeff Davis!! Have FUN!!!
3/15/2010 2:34:39 PM
Marcia United States
I love how the little girl dances!!!
It is so cute. SmileSmileSmile
3/15/2010 5:51:49 PM
Angela United States
Ohh So so cute have fun Jeff!!
3/18/2010 1:27:44 PM
Dana United States
I definitely forgot to vote, but I'm sure I would've voted for this applicant!  Did a great job vocally and on guitar, IMO, and loved the kid dancing and trying to play with him.  As bad as I want that prize, i'm glad this man is the winner!  Praise God!
3/18/2010 2:13:07 PM
Susan United States
Congratulations Jeff!  
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