Mar 17 2010

Irish Girl Connecting Americans

Truth be told,  we originally wanted to talk to Danielle McCormick because she's originally from Ireland and we thought it would be fun to have someone with an Irish accent on the air on St. Patrick's Day.  But we came away impressed with the concept of her new web project

The idea is to be this kind of "eBay of services", where people can post services they are in need of and local businesses can then bid on those jobs.  Her ultimate goal is to help connect people in their community through her site - and we think that's pretty cool.

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3/17/2010 5:48:01 AM
Ginny Hoffman United States
Ginny Hoffman
Lisa,  I agree with Eric ... you have a talent!  You are wonderful!

I am listening via the internet at work in Warsaw, Ohio and love your station.  God Bless!  Ginny
3/17/2010 6:50:18 AM
Jessi United States
Was fun to listen to Danielle on the way home from work this morning!  Not very often one gets to hear gaelic! Smile  (I have cousins in Cork County Ireland)

Wonder if she's willing to do any English to gaelic translations in writing!?

Eric & Lisa - bless you for all that you do.  You are sincerely entertaining after a long night at work!
3/17/2010 7:05:06 AM
Jessi United States
Irish blessings...

If God sends you down a stony path,
may he give you strong shoes.

Legend of Saint Patrick...

Good St. Patrick traveled far, to teach God's Holy Word
And when he came to Erin's sod, a wondrous thing occurred
He plucked a shamrock from the earth and held it in His hand
To symbolise the Trinity that all might understand
The first leaf for the Father
And the second for the Son
The third leaf for the Holy Spirit
All three of them in one.
3/17/2010 7:14:19 AM
Jessi United States
Top of the morning to you...

the appropriate response?

And the rest of the day to you!
3/17/2010 7:18:11 AM
Jessi United States
He's spoiling and ready to argue and fight,
Yet the smile of a child
fills his soul with delight.
His eyes are the quickest to well up with tears,
Yet his strength is the strongest
to banish your fears.
His hate is as fierce as his devotion is grand,
And there is no middle ground
on which he will stand.
He's wild and he's gentle,
he's good and he's bad.
He's proud and he's humble,
he's happy and sad.
He's in love with the ocean,
the earth and the skies,
He's enamoured with beauty wherever it lies.
He's victor and victim, a star and a clod,
But mostly he's Irish—
in love with his God.
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