Mar 22 2010

People who make a difference...

These are some of the stories we read today on the K-LOVE Morning Show Facebook page. The name at the beginning of each paragraph is the person who wrote the story. These are stories of people who made a difference this weekend...

Lynda Cervantes-Durney My friend Diana treated me to coffee, lunch, a couple of Awesome gifts, and a15 minute massage, the ones in the malls, well I had a table rather than a chair the woman massing me was Incredible!!! I have Fibromyalgia, and this stuff really hurts, especially when I am stressing! And I am Stressing way too much , My Life is Very Complicated Right Now :( Diana was patient with me, kind and loving even when I wasn't with her and the massage did incredible healing to my ever hurting body. :)♥♥♥))) Thanks 'D I Love You, and Thank You Lord for providing me such a Loving Friend!

Sharon Ramsey Alday My husband made my life so much easier this weekend. We took 10 students, teens, to a competition in Athens, GA and it was insane. He helped keep track of these teens and keep everyone on schedule, and ate food he didn't really like, bought pizza for all of us, and just showed God's love through his actions to these kids who most are unsaved and only see God in action through this man, and myself. I praise the Lord for him every moment of my life.

Merranda Wethington My husband gave me flowers ad when something we had been so very diligently praying for did now work out I felt heartbroken and my faith was tested but Praise God His light is shining through and we will come out with victory!

Chris Whitehill My 6 year old daughter was baptized today, a week after accepting Jesus as her Savior. What a huge difference this has made in my life because I know that I will have eternity with her.

Mary Hargrove I have been sick and not feeling well for some time. My pastor set me up with an appointment with a homeopathic nurse, went to the appt. with me, and even paid for the appt and meds. She has always been there anytime I have been in need and is so supportive!!! I feel loved by her and am truly blessed to have her as my pastor.

Geri Duckworth The pilgrims of SMMCursillo #58. Awesome folks!

Sheri Holmes Brown My pastor. He is amazing. I feel totally rejuvenated!

Hannah Johnson My husband is in basic training and this past week has been especially hard without him. My family (mom, dad, sister, niece, and nephew) have just really drug me out of my sadness this weekend and brought me fun.

Donna Norton Miller My 10 yr old son gave me joy today when he hugged his best friend after the friend didn't win in his Pinewood Derby race.

Chasity Saloio Some very special people came into my life at a young age of 12. I was a lost young girl with no idea of life and always thinking that my parents were wrong. I got away from the Lord and with my knees slowly going to the floor as I was getting older and my life unraveling before my eyes. I had one son and one one the way and 3 months into it I lost my Dad. Down to the ground with no place to run except Gil and Kelly. So I run Home to them.They both gave me a place to live and got me back into church with the Lord working on breaking down the walls. I finally gave up and let the Lord take over. I am now Married to an Awesome and Loving Husband and have three wonderful Children. I am so Thankful for Gil and Kelly and Thankful to The Lord for never giving up on me and Bringing me back as well as the Family He has given me. I am sorry after reading this I see it was for this weekend. I hope you don't mind. I love you all and will be listening to you at 7:50am

April Hudlow I went to the Winter Jam 2010 concert this weekend and had an amazing time. I left there feeling refreshed and humbled. It was an awesome concert and I want to thank all of the artists and hosts, the message they shared really made a difference in my life. Thank you!

Jackie Cooper My 78 yesr old father has so many health problems (Congestive heart failure, Alzteimers, and a diebetic). He is bed ridden and my mom, 79, is caring for my dad in their home. Georgia (home health aid) comes everyday and helps my mom with my dad. She helps my mom around the house and with love comforts both my parents. Georgia is 83 years old! What a beautiful example of our God's love, compassion and strength! I am so thankful for beautiful Georgia!

Susan Rhymes Harvey Enjoyed one of our grandsons this weekend so his parents could have a break. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child puts things in perspective. thank you Lord for all our bllwssings....

Stephanie Jordan Faulkner As I shopped at the grocery store Friday, I let my grandmother's passing last week finally hit me...I cried throughout the entire store, but we all know ow God works. As I tried to cheer up before I finished up shopping, I turned into the deli section and there I saw my other grandmother who works as a cute demo lady handing out samples...I NEVER get to see her at work. I ran and hugged her, tears gone...God made it clear that I should celebrate what I have and put it right in front of me!!!!!!!!

Lisa A. Davis GOD blessed me this weekend from keeping me from getting in a terrrible had snowed here in KC and I was on the highway, a car driving crazy fast, on my right, went thru a slush pile and right in front of me started spinning and bashing back and forth from guardrail to a pinball! I had a moment to clear out to the right before the other traffic came up behind me... at that moment I thanked GOD and called 911 for the other car. It was a true save of my life! and all the others dear to me. I checked with police, the other cars people were OK.

Dory Anderson My son did, unexpectedly. He got $20 birthday money from a friend, which is a lot of money for a 9 year old. He immediately got change, and carried it in his pocket everywhere. Finally, at church, he put $5 in the offering plate. "Finally, I can get my video game now" -- bec he couldn't spend any of it until he had given G-d the first portion, and not just a tithe, he understood that. No one told him to pay G-d first, no one forced it or even suggested it, this was something he "caught" more than was "taught". That made a difference in my whole world.


Shannon Effner Imel My family and close friends! I was asked for my letter of resignation at work and they were there to support me and tell me how much they loved me. I can't thank them enough.

Kaylene Ullom Kari Jobe--Christian Musician-- blessed me with her worship services at a women's conference in Tulsa. Her new song released for radio is You Are For Me, hope you guys can play it!

Kelly Reid Sampson I am so excited. God has been leading me to take the family to a different church for some time now & I just now finally listened this weekend. Well, now I understand why we are supposed to be there! In Sunday School, they are doing the 5 Love Languages and it SO what my husband and I need right now. I just want to thank Joe David, the associate Pastor for teaching this class and everyone being so welcoming!

Byron Bina The Lord is! After repeated prayers for time with my girls after a ongoing divorce, and 2 companys telling me they want another interview instead of making a decision. I'm learning more and more patience is a virtue. These past few months I have learned so much about myself, understanding, and though it is something I do not want, acceptance. I am so blessed regardless of the outcomes because I have had the opportunity.. though a job would be greatly appreciated now.

Elinor Blankenship This past week was my spring break and it was filled with one terrible event after another. I came back to campus this afternoon and my small group leader asked me to come over because she had something to give me. My small group leaders gave me a check for 100 dollars to help my family right now. They helped make up for a terrible week with one loving gift.

Sue Kuhn My Sister- Melanie-takes care of my Mom since I live far away. She makes a difference in her life and mine. Thank you Sis! God Bless you!

Patricia Neideigh-Young My oldest stepdaughter and her husband shared their kids with me for the first time this weekend. Since I cannot have kids of my own...these r the only kids and grandkids I will have! It was one of the best moments of my life!!! I can only imagine when the newest arrives in June what that will be like! God is indeed good!

Vicki Fultz Lawrence My friend, Debbie invited me to a cardmaking group called the YaYa"s and it was such a joy to spend the afternoon with these lovely ladies.

Rachel Taylor My boss, Courtney, gave me the perfect advice for a tough situation. She has also been introducing me as her friend (rather than co-worker or employee) and I think she knows that is exactly what I need right now. She is a wonderful person and I am so thankful God has brought her into my life.

Cathy Dryden My daughter-in-law who is going through a difficult time losing someone very close to her - being able to support her and show her love made a difference to me this past weekend. I want to be there for my children and she allowed me to comfort and encourage her. I love you, Tressie, and will be praying for you and David and your family tomorrow. Then I would say my church - the Pastor, his wife, the members - truly show God's love to one another and you can feel the Holy Spirit of God moving - they make a difference in my life every time I meet there! My 77 year old Dad who comes every week to sit down and play a game with me. We get to catch up with each other and spend time together. I treasure this time because we don't know how long we have on this earth with our loved ones....

Michelle Ziter My friend Sandy makes a difference in my life every day! I LOVE HER! We went to our first ministers and wives retreat this weekend (my husband got his minister's license last January). She took our kiddos for the weekend so we could go and be ministered to... it was wonderful, and we didn't have to worry about the kids AT ALL! She blesses our family so much!!!! THANK YOU SANDY!!!!!

Angie Glassner I love my pastor. He spent hours researching a topic to help us. looking me in the eye unapologetically telling the truth. no reprimand, just the love of Christ

Sparkles Hope The Lord has and always makes a difference in my life..:)

Stephanie Ann Ruple My 22 year old step sion got saved this morning. Praise the lord!

Jeff Claridge Best friend and family came up for the weekend and surprised me. Thanks to all who helped pull this off. Also huge thanks for all the household projects getting done. Randy, Carla and Heather what a true blessing from God.

Kelly Weiss I began working in a nursing home 3 weeks ago, as a front desk receptionist. Wow. These precious old people...some of their eyes are so alive and alert...their bodies are failing, but their minds are still very young. They have been so loving, accepting, encouraging to me, as I learn a new job.

Amy Stevens Pegram I went on a mission trip with 20 youth from Trinity Baptist (Southaven, MS). Not only did these youth give up their spring break to serve the Lord, but showed me where I can improve my own walk with my Lord. They are an awesome group of kids that are so on fire for God that I am in awe! I pray that God keeps these youth in His will and shields them from the evil of the world!

Cintia Elena Spataro Deb Barba hosting an amazing "Art Exhibition" theming: Alice in Wonderland...the artists explainging their work and encouraging my son, who's only 6 years old and his dream is to be an artist. The Foothill Gospel Choir!!!! Who was performing and recording their spring annual CD. It was a day of Praise!!! Que privilegio!!!

Angie Anthony My best friend is helping to keep me afloat. It's really nice to know another believer like him, especially when I'm going through hard times. But he has some of his own. Ephesians 1:16

Jeanna Pigott Dearman The wonderful man that God has given me made a tremendous difference in my life this weekend. I have been dealing with my kids dad trying to get him to start helping me take care of them. John was ready without doubt to defend my honor. Thank you Lord for sending this wonderful precious man to me.

Eva Zimmerman The Skillet Toby Mac concert in Ohio at the arena was awesome, and very spirit filled especially when Toby Mac came on.

Daniel Marcum Jesus- HE touched my life again!

Farin Smith our associate pastor Guy Earle preached yesterday morning and i could see The Lord growing him into a head pastor,he blessed us with his heart and preached the lights out.....UM AZING.....

Sonia Leticia Hakanson Beth made a difference in my life she knew i was going through a hard time so she took time out of her day to talk to me. Because of her i found God again and for that i am Thankful :)

Theresa Hoover My friend and I shared a bond this past weekend. Both of us lost a baby due to miscarriage recently. I lost our little Harold Andrew on January 13th at 12 wks 2days and she lost her little LadyBug @ 9wks but didn't know it until her 13 week check up. Both of us found out that our babies had died at our checkups because our babies hearts had stopped. Anyway, Lafayette has a group called SHARE that hosts support for families of prenatal loss. Eventhough Bridget and I have not physically seen each other in 20 years, I saw her Saturday. We were there for one another! We have communicated over the phone, but IT was awesome that she came from Fort Wayne to be there in Lafayette. Together, we shared our grief, but also God's ultimate gift of love and friendship! WE will always love our babies. God, has placed it on Bridget's heart to begin a SHARE group in her area so others there can have some comfort and support. ...

Terry Kurtyka Snare A very dear friend of our family's and a hero of my 13 year old daughter, became very ill last week. She is 24 years old and her name is Jill Finnegan. She was married less than a year ago. She has suffered with severe Crohn's disease and last week had to have emergency surgery and by Wednesday she had pneumonia. They transferred her to ICU and she was placed in a special bed that rotates her and on 100% ventilation. Our church family and community spread the word for prayer and I took my daughter the 3 hour drive to Pittsburgh to visit her. The doctors were baffled as to why her lungs were not working. Jill being so sick has touched our lives this weekend more than you could imagine. My children have seen God work in amazing ways. We woke up this morning to the news that there has been improvement and that her ventilator has been cut back to 60% and she is in a regular bed. I am so thankful that God answers the prayers of children and for Jill's testimony to the grace of God, even as she lay in a medically induced coma.

Jodi Lyn Peer My kids!! I have a five yr old boy & three yr old girl(soon to be four). They reminded me that no matter what you may disagree about you can still be friends in the end & forget about the disagreement you just had. As I sat in the kitchen this past weekend I listened to a disagreement they were having about playing with one another. One wanted to play with the other & the other one wanted to be left alone. Just as quickly as the wind can change so did they. Because they ended up playing with each other in the end!! I love the little reminder God sends our way. I also try to instill this in my relationship with my husband. That no matter what disagreement we may have, he is my best friend till the end!!

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3/22/2010 9:22:55 AM
heather United States
this is cool... when I was a little girl at church I had this one teacher that I loved so much, she was a missionary but my teacher also. She was my teacher during Bible school when I got saved, I always remembered her out of all the adults at my church, I hadn't seen her in like 15 years and i still didnt forget her, her name is Cami and last night at church she came and spoke about her work in spain. After all these years and she remembered me too. GOD is awsome!
3/22/2010 12:12:19 PM
Amberly Langlinais United States
Amberly Langlinais
I spent the whole entire weekend with my 2 year old step-son. Spending time with him; playing in his room, reading to him, singing ABC's with him, and doing those sorts of things is what brought me back to reality. It made me remember what life is all about. The innocence, happiness, and love of a child is something to cherish forever. It made me realize that there is so much more to life than just money and things. It makes you realize that life is so much more important that all of that.. to have no worries in the world, and to depend on everyone around you for things that you need; to just look at the world through innocent eyes and not see anything wrong.. is something we'll never get back. And all that we can do is take the time to realize the simplicity in life, the things that matter the absolute most.. and it is the love of that child and everyone around us.
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