Apr 05 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

Lisa mentioned that her church had "cardboard testimonies" in their Easter service and how powerful they were. I (Eric) had never heard of them before, but a quick search of YouTube you'll find a bunch of videos of churches doing cardboard testimonies. Below is just one of the cool examples ...

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4/5/2010 8:09:01 AM
DENISE United States
Our church ( Central Christian Center - Main St. Joplin MO. ) did cardboard testimonies on Easter Sunday. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen. The message it sent out was so emotional for all who participated and those who were in the service. There wasn't a dry eye. My daughter was one of the testimonies.
4/5/2010 8:13:58 AM
Aundrea Gurley United States
Aundrea Gurley
I just watched the cardboard testimonies on Youtube that is done to "his love". I cant stop crying. I have one of those---I am that fiery independent single divorced 40 something lady --- my testiomony would have to be I dependent of God now instead of being independent and God brought me the God fearing man I always prayed for and dreamed about! And now I am learning to be the "girlfriend" (and in the future the wife) I should be as God wants us to be! Thank you
4/5/2010 8:14:55 AM
Michael Repine United States
Michael Repine
Powerful is all I can say! We had cardboard testimonies at our church, Heritage Baptist, yesterday as well. Amazing powerful demonstrations of God's love!
4/5/2010 8:15:09 AM
Amy Schnelle United States
Amy Schnelle
My church did the same thing this Easter! It's just so amazing how much God can do! We have a live cast at HertiageFellowship.com if you would like to see are cardboard testimonies. When my mom and I were listening we were so surpised and happy at the same time. God bess you all and thank you for the encouraging words you give us everyday! with love your sister Amy Schnelle- Jefferson City, Tn
4/5/2010 8:25:35 AM
Michele United States
Thank you so much for the Cardboard Testimonies.  I have been going through so much in my Life.  Was abuse as a child, felt unloved.  Growing up hating myself, wishing I was dead.  Then God gave me a wonderful daughter that I truely love. My Mom has been in the hospital 3 times this year.  In Jan. we almost lost her.  This last time was on Easter.  My daughter has given up on graduating from High school.  Hates going to school.  So, my whole life feels like it is falling apart.
4/5/2010 8:42:07 AM
Mike United States
These are very moving testimonies.  Our church did it live about two months ago, I had to give the prayer following it, I was speechless seeing God's continued working in so many lives.
4/5/2010 8:43:34 AM
Amy Schnelle United States
Amy Schnelle
my church website is actually, hertiagefellowship.us; from my last comment
4/5/2010 8:44:51 AM
Penny United States
The Cardboard Testimonies are very powerful & God is still in the "Miracle Business"!
4/5/2010 8:46:48 AM
Nicole United States
Awsome!!! I just Had To Watch More And More Just Couldnt Get Enough Of How Much MY God Can Do.I've Been Saved For Almost A month Now And I've Found So Much Grace In His Eyes!Thanks For Sharing!
4/6/2010 7:19:24 AM
Teigha United States
Our church did this a couple of years ago.  It was very moving (Traders Point Chrisitian Chruch in Indiana)
4/6/2010 8:52:43 PM
Lane Anderson United States
Lane Anderson
WOW, I have watched Cardboard testamonies for close to an hour now, and cry everytime. Thank you for such an eye opener into this side of ministry. What an awesome way to share Christ. I was deeply touched by this.
4/8/2010 7:45:39 AM
Ashley Eaves United States
Ashley Eaves
I always tear up watching these! Our church does  this as well and I just love seeing how the Lord has worked in so many lives.

Praise God!
4/15/2010 8:14:09 AM
Andrew A. Sailer United States
Andrew A. Sailer
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4/20/2010 2:48:42 PM
Andrea Horner United States
Andrea Horner
My church did this the other year. I have found these so powerful. I was one of the participats in ours. It's great to hear just how God is working in the lives of others. Thanks for sharing this!!!
4/23/2010 6:26:05 PM
Cara United States
I also go to Lisa's Church and I tell ya that service was so powerful...I could hardly stop sobbing. Funny thing...4 of those Broken people that God had changed and restored had touched my life in such a special way. It reminded me that it only takes one person to reach out to someone and give them hope and THAT person, with Gods power can change the lives of hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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