Apr 08 2010

No Shoes Today

If you people walking around today without shoes, there's a reason. Today is One Day Without Shoes Day - where you are encouraged to go barefoot to experience a life without shoes first-hand and to raise awareness of the impact a single pair of shoes can have on a child's life.


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4/8/2010 9:32:38 AM
Elsie South Africa
Hey this sounds AWESOME!!!!! Africans hate shoes anyway!!!
4/8/2010 10:21:04 AM
Nicole United States
I heard this on the radio on the way to pick up my son this morning and wondered how we could donate some shoes.  It would be a great tool for me to let me children help with something like that.  I'm always looking for a great 'teachable moment.'
4/8/2010 1:06:59 PM
Brenda Wright United States
Brenda Wright
I heard about One Day Without Shoes on my way to work this morning.  As soon as I got to work, I sent the word out and now there are four of us without shoes, including both bosses.  The first thing I noticed was how cold my feet were on the tile flooring.  No carpet here.  Then I began to feel grit under my feet which made me keenly aware of where my feet were.  After several hours my ankles began to ache as the cold spread up my legs.  Realize that I am in Texas where the weather outside is gorgeous this time of year.  Before lunch I had to go to the restroom.  All of a sudden the thought of walking in to a public restroom sounded kind of gross but I did it anyway.  Yes, my feet were wet when I came out and I stepped on the smallest, sharpest pebble as I stepped through the door.  Sitting at the lunch table I finally looked down at my feet.  They were ugly and dry and white cracks were pronounced.  I wanted to go put lotion on them but stopped at the thought that lotion is not a privilege children without shoes have.  Wouldn't you know it, today began the new shift for trash duty and I was up.  Our company is small so we take care of what we can to keep costs down.  My trash buddy kept saying, "You better go get your shoes on before we take this out to the alley".  I just kept ignoring her. Boy was that tough.  Broken pieces of glass, road rubble and who knows what else.  I'm lucky I didn't cut my feet.  As we walked back to our cubicles my trash buddy asked where she could get more info on this and now she is shoeless too.  As I am writing the funniest thing happened.  She goes over to the copy machine and on her way back announces, "Oh! I stepped on something sticky!"  Funny how God shows us reality when we are open to it.
4/8/2010 8:04:05 PM
Sarah Hill United States
Sarah Hill
I work at a local speciality running store in lafayette Indiana ( http://www.tri-n-runlafayette.com/ )  and during the month of March we worked with Souls4Souls to collect and donate shoes for Haiti.  It was so encouraging to see how churches, sunday school groups and local individuals got involved and donated over 1,100 pairs of shoes to children and adults in Haiti!!!!!

So..I still wore my shoes at work today but it made me think of this neat opportunity our store had to help others in need who DON'T have shoes to wear!
4/8/2010 9:00:35 PM
Emily United States
Yes, this was wonderful.  I just wish I knew about it sooner. I am a college student, and I actually saw three people today walking around w/o shoes on... I wondered why, but now it makes sense. Smile
4/9/2010 7:42:38 PM
Rebecca Walmann United States
Rebecca Walmann
I am the one who called in about this...and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for putting this on the air. @Brenda what a great story! Thank you for sharing. I walked around on asphalt for most of the day...and WOW! How painful is that stuff?? It only gives us a small glimpse of what occurs in 3rd world countries (and even in our own!) day in and day out. This is the means that God can speak to our lives. How can we NOT do something after hearing about this?
4/15/2010 8:14:12 AM
Andrew Pelt United States
Andrew Pelt
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4/16/2010 8:49:53 AM
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4/16/2010 11:38:58 PM
canton township Kuwait
canton township
I was just talking to my friend about this very subject.
You must be psychic or something!
4/23/2010 7:25:33 PM
Sarah United States
I did this at schoool and got a bunch of other people at my new school to do it...and we all got detention...but it was tTOTALLY worth it!
4/24/2010 8:52:19 AM
Sarah United States
I and a bunch of my friends did his st school...we all got detention...but it was totally worth it! It was a very good experience to sorta understand what other people are going through...THANK YOU!
3/28/2011 12:24:12 PM
Jennifer Pierce United States
Jennifer Pierce
Thank you K-Love for sharing our story this morning! Here is a short video for those wanting to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others...with something as simple as a pair of old shoes sitting in their closet!

Could you post this video?

Folks can also visit us on the web at: www.ShareOurShoes.org to sign up to host a shoe drive for Japan, Haiti, and those in need right here at home!
Jennifer Pierce
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