Apr 27 2010

Joe Sangl - Teach Your Children to Save Day

We had a chance to chat with Joe Sangl on this "Teach Your Children To Save Day".  Joe is a financial expert and the author of the book "What Everyone Should Know About Money Before Entering the Real World"  Joe is all about avoiding debt, saving, and managing your finances so you can use your money to fuel the dreams God has given you.

If you ever thought, "I wish I knew 20-30 years ago what I now know about managing money" or you're struggling in this area, Joe's website has lots of great free resources and tools great for adults and children.

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4/27/2010 4:55:32 PM
Joshua Elliston United States
Joshua Elliston
4/27/2010 4:58:28 PM
Lauri McCoy United States
Lauri McCoy
Wanted to share another wonderful way to encourage children to learn how to learn to share, save and manage money.  There is a great book for children called The Three Cups  it is based on idea of using 3 cups and putting allowance in cups 1 for saving 1 for charity 1 for spending. The website to see more is. Www.3cupsbook.com.  I wish the book had been shared earlier. The family who started the concept, Tony Townsley and his wife are very special people. The book is a great tradition to add to any young family. Enjoy and God bless you!
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