Jun 02 2010

Best Cheeseburger in America Voting ... Sort of ...

We've been tabulating all your comments, calls, emails, random people shouting at us ... and we've narrowed down the top 5 in our quest to find the nation's Best Cheeseburger!  Some sort of official voting mechansim will be in place soon, in the meantime feel free to stump for your favorite of the finalist (in no particular order):

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

In-N-Out Burger


Red Robin


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6/2/2010 9:21:06 AM
sam United States
five guys is the best!!!!
6/2/2010 9:48:27 AM
Kyle Pulsifer United States
Kyle Pulsifer
Hands Down In-n Out... Before we had a In-n-out in Reno, I'd drive almost 2 hours to get me some in-n-out in auburn.  Now when I go back Home to visit, In-n-out is one of my first stops.
6/2/2010 10:08:36 AM
April United States
Whataburgers are gross (seriously, have you ever had a plain Whataburger?  It's nasty)!  The consolation is that their fries are awesome.

Five Guys rules!  They have yummy hamburgers AND fries!
6/2/2010 11:36:17 AM
Claire United States
It's hard to choose. But, I would go with Five Guys!
6/2/2010 12:53:32 PM
Betsy United States
In-N-Out double-double by a looooonnnnnnnngggggggggg shot.  No doubt about it.  
6/2/2010 1:21:26 PM
Randall United States
If you're ever in Flagstaff, Arizona,the best burgers are at Bun Huggers.  They beat the chains hands down, due to the fact that they're grilled over and open-flame, mesquite wood fire.  Oh--and don't forget the deep-fried mushrooms instead of fries.  Bun Huggers beats the socks off any of the chains previously mentioned.
6/3/2010 1:29:50 AM
Portia United States
In-N-Out is just heaven on earth.  My son would vote the Double-Double is the bomb.  Love, Love, Love In-N-Out!!
6/3/2010 6:59:25 AM
Stacy United States
5 Guys is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/3/2010 7:12:18 AM
JoAnn United States
I wanted to vote for Five Guys Burgers and Fries as my personal favorite.  They use good stuff to make their burgers and fries (good oil).  Also,  I am a fairly new listener to your station and though I am far from being perfect I believe it has made me a better person.  
6/3/2010 7:15:07 AM
SK United States
We have had 4 out the 5 cheeseburgers (no Smashburgers).  We are a military family and have been on the West Coast (In-N-Out), the East Coast (Red Robin & Five Guys) and in between (Whataburger).  I would have to say that my family really enjoyed the In-N-Out burgers but a close second would be Five Guys!!
6/3/2010 7:26:04 AM
Jake McManus United States
Jake McManus
In-N-out No questions about it. Hands down the best. Did you know that In-N-out is a christian owned company. If you look on the bottom outside of the cup John 3:16 is written.On the burger and fries container there are also verses written
6/3/2010 7:14:36 PM
Rebecca United States
6/4/2010 6:16:38 AM
Kenn United States
Even though I live in Kansas City with Five Guys, the past memories of In-N-Out still make my mouth water! My vote is for In-N-Out!
6/4/2010 6:18:02 AM
Priscilla United States
WhataBurger is THE BEST burger in America!!! You get your burger the way you want it, AND you can get it at any time of day...they are open 24/7.
6/4/2010 7:51:40 AM
Luce United States
Only one of these places I've ever been to is What-A-Burger so I guess I don't have alot of comparison's here but where I live, What-A-Burger (which is the correct spelling...btw) RULES!!!!!!
Darn; shouldn't have commented b/c now I want a What-A-Meal w/cheese/onions/jalapeno and extra pickles, onion rings & Dr Pepper.  

April; seriously, who goes anywhere for a burger & has a Plain Jane burger. Whats the point? You may as well be eatin' cardboard. jmo... Smile
6/4/2010 8:09:02 AM
Jodie United States
Without question,definately In-N-Out!!!!! It's my favorite place on earth, I just hope heaven has them too!Smile Everything is SO fresh! No one can touch their fries, shakes, let alone their Double Double with cheese! I just wish they would come to CO
6/4/2010 8:15:50 AM
Shannon United States
In N Out!
6/4/2010 4:51:56 PM
Kristine United States
Why not vote best East Coast Burger and best West Coast Burger or go one step further vote best Burger for each Time Zone!
6/5/2010 4:50:39 AM
Jeremy Loyd United States
Jeremy Loyd
Rivercity Cafe!  I can't believe that no one has voted for Rivercity? Rivercity is at Mrytle Beach.  They have the best cheeseburgers.  Seriously.

6/6/2010 4:49:12 PM
Lindsey johnson United States
Lindsey johnson
My husband and i were both raised on whataburger (my husband in corpus christi texas and myself in san antone); so much so, we know and sing the whataburger jingle-

"whataburger big and round
always get a quarter pound
lettuce pickles tomato too
whataburger, you'll love 'em too"

feel free to call my husband kyle to sing it for you Smile
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