Jun 04 2010

Got a Doughnut Story?

The first Friday of June every year is National Doughnut Day!  A day that commemorates the efforts of the Salvation Army, who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. 

So what do you think of when it comes to doughnuts?  Do you have a special story or memory associated with doughnuts?

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6/4/2010 5:05:27 AM
Stephanie United States
I was listening to you on the way to work and heard it was doughnut day and stopped and got a doughnut before I went to work, and man was it good!  Have not had one in a long while!!!
6/4/2010 5:07:32 AM
Tom United States
I remember many years ago buying a bunch of powdered donut holes from Kryspy Kreme. I learned that day not to inhale while putting one in your mouth.
6/4/2010 5:59:58 AM
Alicha Bice United States
Alicha Bice
On the national donut day I have a very good story 6 years ago this August God took my grandfather home in his sleep very peacefully. After everything was done and the family had left my grandmother was alone she had waited on this man for over 50 years. I didn't know what to do for her they lived poor so she knew she couldn't keep the house and she was going to have to leave the home that they had live in,so every morning I came to the house with fresh donuts and helped her pack her belongings I done this for about a month and learned alot. I think today I'll go get her a donut and make her smile...thanks you have bless me this morning Alicha
6/4/2010 6:02:22 AM
Kelly United States
I LOVE doughnuts, as well as my 7 y.o. son!  We used to celebrate doughnut Sunday and have doughnuts every Sunday before church.  However, after several months, I got really tired of doughnuts.  I never thought that would happen.  We celebrate doughnut Sunday about once a month now.  Last year I heard on K-LOVE about National Doughnut Day and I brought home some doughnuts for our kids that morning.  I think I'll bring some home today after work!
6/4/2010 6:43:05 AM
rebekah United States
i remeber that I had a doughnut and it was all cholcate and it was all over me and my cloths and then my mom said that i looked like a brown smuf
6/4/2010 6:54:06 AM
Marcy United States
Kryspy Kreme is giving away free donuts today
6/4/2010 7:01:17 AM
Cheryl United States
While driving my car, my daughter was hit by another driver.  When the police officer was  talking with my daughter, he asked for a piece of paper to write down some numbers for her.  She, being very nervous, just grabbed the first thing she could get a hold of from my tray and just handed it to him without looking at it.  The police office took it, started writing, then realized what he was writing on and said, "seriously? You've got to be joking. I should give you the ticket just for giving me this card.  It was a voucher for a free coffee and doughnut!!
6/4/2010 7:02:47 AM
Lisa Ramsey United States
Lisa Ramsey
I used to live next door to a church, one day I came home to discover every fire truck from the city was at the church, as it burned to the ground. It was a very cold day, so my neighbor & I made hot fresh coffee, asked the firemen if they needed anything. One said the support group was bringing pizza, but then another said, I would love a Krispy Kreme doughnut. So we called my neighbor's husband asked him to stop and pick up 8 dozen for the firemen. When he got there he told them why he wanted them and they DONATED 10 DOZEN! I was a blessing to us but more than that a blessing to these men who serve to protect us. The firemen were so thrilled at the unexpected suprise!
6/4/2010 7:37:02 AM
Lisa Ramsey United States
Lisa Ramsey
many years ago, I lived next door to a church & came home to find every fire engine from our city was at the church as it's educational building burned to the ground. My neighbor & I started making hot coffee for the firemen, because it was cold. We asked one fireman if there was anything we could get them. He responded that the auxilery ladies were bringing pizza to them. Another fireman replied, he'd love a Krispy Kreme doughnut. So we called my neighbor's husband and asked him to pick up 8 dozen on his way home from work. He got to Krispy Kreme told them why he needed them and they DONATED 10 DOZEN!It was such a blessing for all of us. They said they wanted to thank the men who protect & serve our city.  How's that for a WOW story.
6/4/2010 7:43:51 AM
Amy United States
My Dad would kill me if he knew I was telling this story, so fortunately he won't find out...

When I was about 8, my dad broke his ankle.  As the story goes, there was a local doughnut truck which would stop by his office.  It had just pulled in and he took a bad step off the loading dock on his way to fetch one (or probably more than one).  My family has quite the sense of humor, and he now leaves most family functions with doughnuts on his windshield wipers or some other obscure place.  One of his brothers even put one on his pillow at one time.  I'm now 22 and the joke still hasn't been buried. I'd be surprised if he hasn't already been given at least a dozen today in "celebration."
6/4/2010 8:19:18 AM
Melissa Earnest United States
Melissa Earnest
My favorite doughnut memory is from my great aunt Ocie who was a school cafeteria manager for many years.  She used to make the best homemade doughnuts!  I am so blessed that she gave me her recipe before her death a few years ago.  She was so good to share with others and often would show up at the high school where I taught with a batch of doughnuts for the staff.  This was after she retired, so I'm sure she had other things she needed or wanted to do, but she took the time to make us her special doughnuts and we certainly appreciated it!  
6/4/2010 9:20:05 AM
Bev Baechler United States
Bev Baechler
When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I had just moved to a new state and town and I was very lonely and a little scared.  Everyday when he went to work I went to the doughnut shop across the street and had my special time with a sweet treat and coffee. My son is now 30 years old and a wonderful man.  When ever I remember that town or my pregnancy I remember doughtnuts, with a smile.
6/4/2010 9:20:44 AM
Rebekah United States
I remember when I was at church a couple years ago and my sunday school teacher bought doughnuts for everyone.  One kid puked all over the 12 doughnuts and unfortunately, no one got to eat them.  Smile

6/4/2010 9:21:33 AM
Becky Dunham United States
Becky Dunham
My family lived in the jungle in Guatemala when I was in high school.  My father worked for a construction company that built a nickel processing plant.  The company town site was next to El Estor a Guatemalan village.  The company town site consisted of American and Canadian families.  My mother and some friends started a Sunday School for the children in the town site and decided we needed to do something to help needy families in the village.  My mother volunteered to make donuts to sell to raise money to buy food to help feed needy families.  So once a week we would make donuts on Wednesday. When we got home from school my mom would have the dough rising.  When the dough was ready she would roll it out and my brothers and I would cut out the donuts. Once we had the donuts cut out and knew how many donuts we had to sell my brothers and their friends would go door to door and take orders.  I would help my mom fry and glaze the donuts.  We would have donuts all over the house.  Once the donuts were ready my 3 brothers, and our friends would deliver them.  A local doctor gave us advice on nutritional needs in the area and a local midwife helped us find single mothers in need of assistance.   We were able to provide food to feed six needy single mothers and their children on a monthly basis.  The food was purchased in bulk and we would divide it up into bags and boxes for the six families and then we would go as a group to the homes of the families to deliver the food.  The roads were dirt and were often very muddy.  We had to walk about a mile to get to some of the homes because there was not a road.  We also able to purchase Bibles in Spanish to give to the families. We would always pray with the families before we left.  One time a family thought they needed to pay us and they gave us an egg.  My mother made sure we realized what a sacrifice it was for them to give us the egg.  We were blessed by our experiences helping these families and my youngest brother Kemmel Dunham and his wife Dr. Lisa Dunham are now medical missionaries with Health Talents International in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  
6/4/2010 9:44:13 AM
Tina Stegink United States
Tina Stegink
I have a doughnut story. I moved to the USA in 1997 to Texas. I was with my twin sister but we still felt lonely even when working as nurses in the hospital. I met my husband David in the hospital after working there for 3 months. He came to help on our floor one night for we were short staff. He offered me a doughnut. It was mt favourite. it was chocolate eclair. From that night on he would call me and help when we short. I was introduced to God by him. I was recluctant to believe in the Lord at first. To make a long story short I ended up in the hospital I had hit rock bottom. Happily the Lord did not give up on me. My husband and I married on June 17th. We have grown together in our relationship with Jesus. We are happy to say we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this month. We had our ups and downs but thanks to the Lord we have pulled through. And it all started with a doughnut. Praise God.
6/4/2010 11:13:44 AM
Megan United States
I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts so much i wrote a song about it!!
6/4/2010 1:17:27 PM
Leslie United States
When my (future) hubby and I were first dating, we decided to take a road trip to the northwoods of Wisconsin to visit his brother's cabin.  As we left town, we stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts for some road food.  Not soon after, we began to have car trouble.  {Which is another story itself!}  The following year, for the same trip, the same thing occurred.  1)  Stop at Dunkin' and 2)  Car trouble.  To this day, (18 years later) we worry about stopping for donuts, in case there's some crazy link between donuts and broken cars.  (That's as good a motivation as any to lay off the donuts!!)
6/5/2010 7:19:21 AM
Alex United States
When my mom was pregnant with me, my older sister was about 7 years old. She saw my mom getting bigger and bigger and was always told that if you eat too many donuts you would get fat, so naturally she concluded that momma must have ate too many donuts! And then my sister wanted that GIANT donut that was growing inside her Smile
6/5/2010 7:20:24 AM
Kayla United States
When I was growing up my Mamaw worked at a grocery store in the bakery. We would always go there and buy and donuts. My dad loved the donut holes. My mamaw is still living but my passed away this passed Christmas and thinking about donuts just made me think about some of the good times I had forgotten about having as a kid.
6/7/2010 2:00:31 PM
Claire United States
Well..no! But I will say my favorite donuts are (Daylight Donuts)
6/28/2010 8:54:21 PM
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