Jun 16 2010

Max Lucado on Father's Day

Pastor and best-selling author Max Lucado joined us this morning to chat about Father's Day. If you missed our conversation with Max, click the links below for highlights:


 What Max would like for Father's Day

Comfort for those who have a hard time around Father's Day


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6/16/2010 7:44:11 AM
Joyce Skipworth United States
Joyce Skipworth
Thank you for the words you just gave concerning one who has an estranged relationship with their "father" this has to be one of the hardest fathers days for me as my father committed the ultimate sin in my opinion, agaist my granddaughter who is 8, this has totally tore our family apart, my sisters and neices and nephews will not even speak to me or my daughters, they blame us for this what is sad this is not the first time it has happened it happened 17 years ago to my own daughter, I am trying to get in the forgiveness mode and it is rather hard but the words that Max Lucado just gave is helping my heart. Thank you
6/16/2010 8:02:45 AM
Kelly DEan United States
Kelly DEan
My two nieces love to fish with the whole family. My 11 year old niece just this summer actually cleaned her first fish which is huge in our family cause the rule is "If you catch it, You clean it!" I am female, I grew up fishing with my dad and wouldn't trade it those memories for anything!
6/16/2010 8:09:03 AM
Valerie Michaud United States
Valerie Michaud
I too can relate the above coment concerning Father's Day. When I was 13, it was the hardest time in my life with my father, as well as my mother.  I do not have a relationship with either one of them.  But, the comment about being able celebrate Father's Day with god really put it in perspective for me. Thank you so much for the words that has changed me from feeling sorry for myself, to happy and celebrating!!
6/16/2010 8:15:10 AM
Tiffany Brown United States
Tiffany Brown
Thank you for posting this on the blog. I sent a copy of it to my mom to listen to as well.
I lost both my dad & grandfather within a year of each other. So, this time of year is especially hard. It's even harder because my parents seperated when I was 18 & divorced a short time later. After that, there were many important events & times in my life when I needed him & he was absent. So because of the absence of my earthly father, I started becoming cold & distant toward my Heavenly Father.
My grandfather, on the other hand, was involved in my life & our family. He was the one who would encourage you to work really hard, but at the same time, would be very strict & scold you if you didn't do what you were supposed to. So, from him I looked at God as someone who was strict with all these rules & regulations & if I messed up, I would be scolded.
So, they both affected how I saw God. It's taken me a long time to get to know who God really is & that he's NOT a reflection of who my earthly Fathers were.
6/16/2010 8:23:36 AM
Trudy United States
My brother and I were both estranged from my father and mother for a period of time. My father was a workaholic and that was his whole focus in life and we were never to say or do anything that would worry our mother. Anyway my mother died in 2003 and I was with my dad at this time as I was in the area helping my daughter make a career change. We located my brother shortly after this. Long story short I came back in 2006 to care for my dad and in that time, he came to the Lord at 87 and we got to talk about a lot of things and put these things to rest. My brother and his family also got to know a different father. Dad passed away at 89 and I had found paperwork saying that my mother had also found the Lord through the 700 club.  Dad got to see and enjoy some of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren in his last years. He spent his last years studying the Bible and enjoying the fellowship of God's people at our church.God has been my all in all since I was 36 and helped to restore the earthly father relationship. I am in my late sixties now and have the memories of a Christian father. None of us being perfect just redeemed. Praying for my brother to come to the Lord now.
6/16/2010 9:29:43 AM
Jessica Spencer United States
Jessica Spencer
I just wanted to say to Max's daughters, take your dad fishing. You never know how much time you have left with him. I lost my dad in March of this year. This is going to be a tough father's day. Do something for him that will create great memories and he will truly enjoy. Who knows, you might LOVE fishing.

To Max-I went fishing with my dad all the time growing up. Yes, I even baited my hook but dad removed it when I caught a fish. Sometimes you just have to ignore the "girls wont like this" or "boys don't do that" and take a chance, see if your kids enjoy something different.
6/16/2010 10:48:59 AM
Kelly United States
When I was a little girl (I am 50 now) I went fishing with my Daddy.  We would go out in the boat early in the morning just the two of us or sit on the back of the boat at night and fish, It was our special time.  We have lots of Wonderful Memories and still to this day we talk about it.  My Dad is 88 years old now and doesn't remember somethings but he does remember fishing with me.  He taught me to bait my own hook and take the fish off myself.  Be careful of those fins, they do hurt.  Your girls may not want to go fishing, but I can almost guaranty you that they will have Special Memories when they get older.  I know I do.  
6/17/2010 6:26:15 AM
Trish United States
Sixteen years ago on Fathers Day we lost our father to a massive heart attack.We didn't get a chance to tell him goodbye and how much we loved him.I had a really hard time of letting him go I was crying every day.I had two little girls to take care of at the time.One night about a month after he passed.I got on my knees and prayed to God to bring my daddy back to me b/c I could tell him I loved him.Within a week I had a dream that he walked in my bedroom with 2 people standing on each side of him dressed in white robes.I couldn't see their faces.But I walked over to my daddy and I hugged him and told him I loved him.The dream seemed so real because I actually felt him.Then he faded away.The next morning I felt so much better and I couldn't wait to tell everyone my experience.We have a AWESOME God and He answers prayers.We have many good memories of him and we keep him alive by thinking him everyday.May God Bless all the Fathers.
6/19/2010 12:43:44 PM
kendra United States
I am wondering why Max would promote ungodly entertainment especially being a pastor and author? 24 is very inappropriate for any christian to watch, and anyone who professes to be a christian should make better entertainment choices. Considering people in positions of leadership influence the rest of us. Now, we are considering getting rid of his books, as we can't trust his judgment. Also, in regards to Lisa and Eric, we love the morning show, but what's up with the inappropriate entertainment advertising/promotion? I'm writing this comment out of love, from one commited christian to another. Please take this to prayer, and allow God to show you what he wants you to see. If God didn't allow Aaron to do what he did while Moses was on the mountain worshiping God, Why would he allow us to do the same thing as Aaron did at the bottom of the mountain? We stand accountable to God for what we do in this life. We've watched churches fall for the same things as we watched on the morning show. With the love of Christ, and because we don't want to see this radio station  fall, kendra and rich.
6/19/2010 8:10:03 PM
joseph conyers United States
joseph conyers
these are such encouraging words! I lost my father 3 years ago when I was 18
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