Jul 26 2010

How was your weekend?


Eric hosted Ignite Chicago.  (His daughter Liv helped him on stage, and David Crowder signed his son Evan's shirt:)  Thousands showed up to worship with K-LOVE artists MercyMe, TobyMac, Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West--a great weekend of music.

Lisa got to see her first NASCAR race AND the K-LOVE car driven by Michael McDowell for McDonald Motor Sports!  It was fast and loud and fun and wonderful to meet some godly people trying to make a difference in the race world.

Producer KC stared at his wife's pregnant belly waiting for the words "it's time." :)

Amy Baumann just tried to keep everything together while her husband is out of the country on a missions' trip.

What about you?


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7/26/2010 4:55:24 AM
Lori United States
I watched some of the race. But what happened to car 81? He seems to have traded cars. Am I just not understanding how Nascar works?
7/26/2010 5:00:08 AM
Rita Paredes United States
Rita Paredes
This Sunday morning I went to see my friends son Mikey play in the Autism baseball league in Chicago. It is the only league in Chicago geared toward Austic children. It gives them amazing skill. Lot less structure then a little league team. Parents are on the field helping with catching, running the bases, etc...When the kids get around and touch the base and are smiling it was just so beautiful. They play on Little Cubs field in Humboldt Park. One of the neighbors told me it cost 1 million dollars to build this field. he walked over with his family and was happy to see that it gets used. I was encouraged by all these parents and families who came out to play with together.
7/26/2010 5:19:58 AM
Pamela Simon United States
Pamela Simon
This weekend I had the PRIVILEGE of leading my 13 year old grandson, Tyler, to the Lord.  There is nothing as awesome as the NEW BIRTH and seeing a life go from no hope to Eternal Life, knowing without a doubt that eternity will be spent with God.  Many seeds had been sown to get him to this point and I want to encourage all those who are sowing, water, or reaping, that we all work together in the Body of Christ to lead those in our lives to know Jesus Christ.  What else in life gives more joy to a believer than to bring someone into God's love and a new begining of a relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  The look in Tyler's eyes after he read Romans 10:9&10 and  prayed with me to make Jesus Christ Lord in his life changed my life too.  So let's go live life everyday walking the powerful life that Jesus came to give us.  Speak the words of Life which can change someone FOREVER.  
Thanks KLOVE for all you do.  You are always in my home and car.

Pam Simon
7/26/2010 5:26:41 AM
Paula Parker United States
Paula Parker
Lisa, I had an awesome expereince this weekend.  My family was able to join friends in the tagging and releasing of hummingbirds.  It was a glorious day full of Christian fellowship and learning about the hummingbirds was the experience of a lifetime.  To be able to hold a hummingbird in your hand was thrilling.  You can't deny they are God's creatures.  We were able to witness hundreds of hummingbirds feeding and flying all around us.  It was truely amazing and I was in awe of God's creation.
7/26/2010 6:32:18 AM
Mary Cantwell United States
Mary Cantwell
I had the ultimate privilege of attending a birthday party for a friend's mom. Dorothy turned 90! She is feisty, active, and personable. What a treat to share this event with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!!! I wish her a very happy birthday and look forward to sharing more with her and her family!
7/26/2010 6:33:18 AM
Cassandra Deel United States
Cassandra Deel
My weekend wasnt so good. my grandparents were in an car accident sunday going to a baptisting and the Lord called my grandmother home and my grandfather is pretty beaten up a broken collar bone lots of cuts and brusies. both of them were preachers. Would everyone remember our family in you prayers. I lost my other grandmother a year and half ago on christmas day.
7/26/2010 6:36:33 AM
Chris Townsley United States
Chris Townsley
We had an awesome weekend celebrating our 3rd daughter's 1st birthday. Her name is Lindsay Grace.
7/26/2010 6:37:10 AM
Paul Sturgill United States
Paul Sturgill
First to Lori, the K-LOVE car was only in the race on Saturday (Nationwide) not Sunday (Nextel) race.  Saturday my wife (Adrienne) and I went to a family reunion for her mother's family.  Six of the seven children were there with many of their decendants.  All together there was over 80 adults and children all connected to her grandfatehr and grandmother. It was a wonderful time celebrating four generations of family members and seeing many from as far as way as Texas returning to Southwest Virginia.  
7/26/2010 6:37:23 AM
Velma Gray United States
Velma Gray
My weekend was great.  My neice, Amber married her best friend, Richard.  It was absolutely beautiful.  
7/26/2010 6:39:16 AM
Rachel United States
My weekend was awesome! I am only a teen, but I have a niece, and she just turned four. I felt so blessed that she and her mom moved here. I am so glad I can watch her grow up.
7/26/2010 6:39:26 AM
JT United States
My weekend had a good deal of diappointment.
I am a believer, but i do not go to church, for reasons of my own. Sunday morning my wife and I were on our way home from the grocery, and found traffic stopped. People were taking turns driving around a man lying in the road. I pulled over and the man told me he had been shot.
We got him out of the road and called for help, put pressure on his wound and stayed with him until official help arrived.
On the way home I thanked God for this small opportunity to so something in His service. But later was troubled by the people passing this man up. If any listen in the London KY area, please, please tell me you didnt drive around this man on your way to church?
7/26/2010 6:40:19 AM
Penny United States
On Sunday our lesson was about humility, and what better way to humble yourself than to wash the feet of others.  We had a feet-washing lesson in humility.  The irony of it all is that this is one of the last things that Jesus did to instill into the disciples the gift of humility before He left them to be with His Father.  Our Pastor is our Sunday School teacher and he tried to instill in us, his flock, the lesson of humility by the washing of feet before he too leaves us to answer another calling.  Saying goodbye is always emotional, but he left us with something to remember.  Something to take with us in our walk with Christ.  I will always remember that lesson and exercise humility as we say goodbye to our friend, our neighbor, our Shepherd.  Be servant to the servants.  The last shall be first.  God is good.
7/26/2010 6:50:01 AM
Veronica Delagarza United States
Veronica Delagarza
My weekend was not so great, a good friend of mine was in a horrible motorcycle accident. Her name is Jeska Villarreal and she is in ICU at the University Hospital here in San Antonio, Texas. I ask that the family at KLOVE say a prayer for her and her family...The next couple of days are the most critical. She is an awesome person and is loved by many and we all want to see her come out of this and wish her a speedy recovery. She has two young children and a husband who are very worried about her and I just pray for comfort and for healing for the entire family. Thank you very much...
7/26/2010 7:33:50 AM
Penny United States
My weekend was full of blessings...  

My younger cousin and her family came to visit over the weekend.  A couple of years ago she was a single mom strung out on drugs, mainly meth.  She lied to her parents, left her children with her mom and hung out with unchristian friends living in that vicious cycle of drug use.  She would leave for days and have no contact with her children or parents.  The last I saw her she weighed only 90 lbs and had lost all her hair.  Realizing that she was at the end of her rope and had nothing left she enrolled in a Christian Re-hab center for women in SC.  Today she has beautiful curly brown hair, is at a healthy weight and has been drug free for over a year.  She is now married to a young man she met in rehab and they have started a new Christian life together in another state away from the temptations she knows are waiting for her at home.  She is happy and healthy and found the Lord.  She has an awesome testimony and God uses her daily to shine His light.

7/26/2010 11:47:28 AM
Roland United States
My weekend was busy but awesome. Saturday and Sunday I worked at Ignite Chicago as a security volunteer. God's present was with us the whole weekend. The weather here in Chicago was bad from Friday until very early Saturday, but I knew that God will take care the rest of the day. It was so awesome, by afternoon it started clearing up and the rain and storms are gone. Praise God! Nice to be in a crowd full of people praising and just loving God. We were there for 1 reason alone, and that's to say thank you Jesus! Good bands, and oh yeah I got to meet Eric Smile Nice meeting you Eric. I saw you at the K-Love booth with my good friend Jenninfer.  I was wearing the Blue Bears jersey. Great weekend! Thank God!
7/27/2010 11:13:22 AM
Lisa Sachs United States
Lisa Sachs
Hay Roland, great job this weekend!
This was my families first time at Ignite Chicago, my kids are still talking about the weekend. My 16 year old daughter is so on fire for Jesus! The people working there were absolutely fantastic!
We didn't get to meet Eric maybe next time. We are already planning on next years event. It truly was life changing.
I am so glad we were able to save up and attend this year. God truly did have a plan for us!
God bless K-Love!
7/28/2010 6:30:03 AM
Beth Tasker United States
Beth Tasker
we had a motorcycle rally in our town this past weekend.  They estimate 60,000 people.  I had went with my husband, his brother and sister-in-law.  There were so many people, if we were seperated we would call each other from cell phones to find one another.  That being said.... we left the festival area to go for a ride on our motorcycles. when we returned to the grounds, as we were directed where to park by the attendants.  We started to turn down our row and there was a young couple with a beatiful little girl, about 2 years old. I noticed them, that they were unaware that we were turning there.  So we made our way to our parking spot.  we went into the festival area.  Again I see the same little girl.  Then as we walked down through the crowd I see them again.  We went to the concert area and again they came and sat right in front of me.  I watched this little girl.  she had a blue balloon tied to her little wrist that was loosing its air.  She appeared to be so sad, she didn't jump around like the other kids.  As a vender walked by with frozen drinks she reached for one and her mom told her no. Both parents had a large can of beer.  At this time God showed me a vision of a young couple that had been caught doing herion in the parking lot of a local mall, and their baby was in the back seat. I began to pray for this Baby, the temp. was over 100 degrees and she was getting sunburn.  Her mom did get some sunscreen from someone around her and put on the little girls face and arms. As we left this area I passed the vender with a big fresh tray of the frozen drinks.  I ran back to where he was and ask him if he would do me a great favor.  I gave him the money  for a drink and ask him to take his tray and allow this little girl to choose which ever one she wanted.  The most amazing thing happened As I turned around to walk away from the vender... there in front of me again was this little girl!  How they were able to get ahead of me could have only happened by God! So I took off back to find the vender guy.  I found him, got the frozen drink.  I had no idea which way the little girl went.  There was thousands of people and five rows of venders.  I began to walk and God lead me straight to this little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I approached the couple asking God how to do this with out getting this little girl in trouble, or causing any problems.  The parents had a hold of both of her little hand and her head was just falling to the side, as if to be so exhausted.  I walked up to them and I said " She is so beautiful, I bought her this drink. can she have it?" This little girl reached out her little hand and I began to cry.  They told her to say thank you. she was busy getting herself a drink.  I place my hand on her  little head and said " she is so beautiful and precious"  I had to walk away because I just began to saab and speak in tounges.  My husband was crying.  I went on and for the ret of the time we were there I didn't see that little girl any more.  I think it is amazing how God can use you right in the middle of a biker rally, jsut hear and obey.
7/29/2010 8:35:24 AM
Claire United States
It was great this weekend. Did a lot of things.
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