Jul 27 2010

Draven Sings from the Heart

Draven has autism and is mostly non-verbal.  But his mom Nakai captured him singing praises to God along with Phillips, Craig and Dean and The Revelation Song on K-LOVE.  Click here to add your comments to the hundreds on Facebook.


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7/16/2010 5:31:43 AM
Demetri United States
You guys are really just hitting me hard today.  I have felt tears coming all morning.  I listen all day at work, and it is so hard sometimes holding in the tears with this music.  I love K-Love.  God Bless
7/16/2010 5:41:15 AM
Carolyn Edwards United States
Carolyn Edwards
What a blessing and inspiration to all us.
7/16/2010 5:51:06 AM
Kristi United States
When I heard this on the radio this morning I couldn't stop the tears of joy and praise that began to fall. This honestly touched something more than my heart my mind or any part of me. I truly believe this was one those special moments where something just touched my spirit. I became so joyful and full of praise to God for all that he has done not only for me but for this child and all his children. Thank you for making my day K-Love and Draven.  
7/16/2010 5:53:25 AM
Tonya United States
I,m sitting here with tears running down my face.  I thank God for my children.  Isn't it amazing that when we His born-again children don't even praise Him the way we should, here is this little boy singing YOU ARE HOLY LORD!!!!  What really got me was the end when the song was basically over he kept on saying HOLY YOU ARE HOLY LORD!!  Praise God for Jesus.  God You are Holy.  Praise God for that little boy.  He blessed my heart this day.
7/16/2010 6:18:00 AM
Rebecca O'Neill United States
Rebecca O'Neill
This is such a display of God's spirit working in our children.

About 4 years ago, before I had my own children, I was teaching VBS at my church, leading the music class.  One of my students was a 5 year old autistic boy named Hunter.  All week he was silent and sat still in our music circle....Until our Saturday night finale.  We rehearsed with the microphones about an hour before we let the parents in, and I had Hunter stand at the end of the line with the other kids.  I placed a mic very close to him...I started the music, and right on cue, Hunter sang loud and proud, every word memorized, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  I was brought to joyful tears and jumped for joy for this child whose voice I'd never heard!

It is so beautiful to see a child express himself through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Truly a miracle.  Smile
7/16/2010 6:21:58 AM
denise United States
eyes filled with tears as I listend to this clip. I'm a special ed teacher and have had special needs adults living in our home my whole life. Experianced 2 of the adults respond to an invitation. Gods word tells us it can pierce to our very joints and marrow. Isn't interesting the song he sang was one of Gods word. Not just principles from Gods word. We will always learn more from these special people than they will ever learn from us. we love you K Love! Thank you for providing this avenue to get GODs Word out that touches us all!
7/16/2010 6:35:42 AM
Josh United States
I was thinking about young Draven last night when listening to my 2 year old daughter singing her heart out to Jesus.  She was mashing two songs together and singing so earnestly while her twin brother just stared at her like she was crazy.

Hearing Draven singing again this morning brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and a boost to my faith.  What an absolutely beautiful testimony to the love and faithfulness of our Lord.

To Draven's mother, keep going, Sister.  You're a wonderful example to all of us.

Matthew 19:14 "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
7/16/2010 7:52:46 AM
Stephanie United States
What an encouragment to see God working through someone like Draven!  No matter our strengths or weaknesses if we allow Him, God will use us for His Glory!

I am currently pursuing a degree in Special Education and when I hear stories like this of Draven it only reminds me of why God is leading me into this field of study!
7/16/2010 8:26:25 AM
Nakai United States
I had NO idea that sharing this video on the K-LOVE FB page would get this much attention. I am so happy that my sweet little boy has touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing this video with others.
7/16/2010 3:02:16 PM
Tricia United States
This is such an inspiration! What a message it contains about the awesomeness of our God! My grandson was just diagnosed with autism last week.
7/16/2010 10:07:32 PM
Yolanda United States
LOVE IT!!!  Add me to the list of weepy women who have been so touched by this video!  What a GOD we serve! Thanks for sharing!!!
7/18/2010 5:34:19 AM
doug b United States
doug b
How Great God is , and a Child shall lead them. God Bless.
7/19/2010 6:13:44 AM
Tommie Harms United States
Tommie Harms
WOW , God will use this small child to reach many for the Kingdom... Thank you for sharing it, I know this mom and dad are enjoying this young man and they are doing a wonderful job! My heart is touched!
7/19/2010 6:37:42 AM
Lou Ann United States
Lou Ann
Matalyn my granddaughter age 8 wants to say:
7/19/2010 4:54:16 PM
Adina Valentine United States
Adina Valentine
God is still in control, we must come to him as a little child!
7/24/2010 8:32:19 PM
Julie and Grant Nichols United States
Julie and Grant Nichols
Your son is doing so well.  We have a 10 year-old son with Autism.  I promise there is hope.  He started off with the inability to imitate, use functional language, and form relationships at the age of three.  He's been through years of therapy, and the Lord has had his hand on his life every step of the way.  In many ways he's funtioning like a normal kid now.  He's conversational, functioning in a regular classroom, and has relationships with family members.  There is hope and healing.  
God Bless,
The Nichols Family
7/27/2010 7:29:10 AM
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8/5/2010 6:21:30 AM
KRISTEN United States
I love love love this song, my tears flow freely  when I hear this!!! I love Jesus and am so thanful for K-Love and the inspiration you give me daily!!! And for the sweet stories you share!! Awesome stuff, he works in all ways!!!
8/5/2010 5:06:14 PM
Rebecca United States
THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
8/6/2010 10:08:45 AM
Tasha United States
I have a little guy who was diagnosed with autism several years ago.  He speaks, but has other issues so when I saw this video it made me cry so hard because I know what an accomplishment this is for Draven!  God is awesome and powerful!  This video was very incouraging and inspiring!
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