Jul 29 2010

The Museum

Plenty of "museum" talk this week on K-LOVE ... we have your chance to win the awesome experience of checking out one of Chicago's coolest museums with the band The Museum - who happen to be our special guest this morning! To hear the interview, including a live performance of "My Help Comes From the Lord", click the links:

New album "Let Love Win"

Story behind the name of band

Ben & the Boa constrictors; story behind "My Help Comes From the Lord"

LIVE version of "My Help Comes From the Lord"

Ben's ability to bargain and negotiate


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7/29/2010 8:02:02 AM
magon United States
OH WOW HIS VOICE IS JUST AS GOOD LIVE AS IT IS RECORD!!! ..God has definetly blessed them.....thank you for this song..its a great reminder.....that nothing we do helps us but all our help comes from GOD ...
7/29/2010 5:00:23 PM
Lou Ann Beeson United States
Lou Ann Beeson
I Love these guys (The museum).  Met them at my sister in law church where Ben R. is the worship leader (Briarlake Baptist, Atlanta GA)....he let me video him and the band with a special message to our 1 Life singles as well as one especially for my granddaughters (Brownsburg, IN).  Now when my granddaughter Matalyn, age 7, hears them on klove she says "Theres my song".  Can't wait to see where God is taking them.  Thank you Klove for the opportunity for them.... I have heard comments from mother about there kids singing to songs Klove plays but I now am living that with them with my granddaughters. We Love and support Klove.  Lou Ann
7/29/2010 7:58:24 PM
Penny United States
Why didn't the DJ correct the museum lady's comment: "SUE (the dino) is about 6.5 million years old." ? That line of thinking has no Biblical support. It was shocking! Never thought we'd have to censor K-LOVE while listening with the kids....Come quickly Lord Jesus!
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