Aug 06 2010

Hear Joshua - A Little Boy and $1 Making a Big Difference

Never underestimate what God can do with something "little".  There's the cool story of a 7-year-old boy from Wisconsin who anonymously gave a dollar to a stranger that God turned into $3,000 to help other kids.  When Jim Pfifer walked to his car parked at the YMCA in Waukesha he found a note written by a child with $1 attached to it.  The note read, "This is a dollar I made doing my chores and I wanted to do something special with it, so I'm giving it to you.  God loves you.  My name is Joshua, I'm 7 years old".

Upon reading the note, he took it in to the YMCA and donated the $1, along with $10 of his own, to the YMCA's Strong Kids campaign.  Then at a fundraiser, he told the story, and checks of donations started pouring in.  The $1 he found soon turned into $3,000, and it was all because of Joshua's idea to pay it forward.  There's more to this very inspirational story - see the video below. OR hear the story as told by Joshua when he called Lisa & Eric (click here)

And if you want to add to Joshua's dollar - click this link


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8/4/2010 5:00:33 AM
Cathy Camardelle United States
Cathy Camardelle
AWESOME!!!!! So nice to hear GOOD news in this world!! He is meant to be somebody great in life!!
8/4/2010 6:42:41 AM
Rita Camden United States
Rita Camden
I work at a disaster relief organization, called IDES.  We provide development, disaster, evangelism, hunger,and medical relief all over the world.The following is an excerpt from our most recent newsletter that tells how a little bit adds up to a lot.

Beyond Bars
Prison Chaplain, Denise Wiseman, who has known about IDES for years, had been trying to teach her inmates in Graham Correctional Center in Hillsboro, Illinois the importance of tithing. She pointed out to them that since they had taken from society it was important for them to give back.  So  Denise called the IDES office to see if there were any projects she could use as a goal for these men.  
At the time, IDES was just starting to      rebuild tsunami homes in Indonesia at $1000 each; exactly the type of project Denise was looking for.  She presented the idea to the prisoners who only make $10 per month.  Even so, the checks started rolling in; most for $5 or less. But they kept coming.  Chaplain Wiseman also found a donor who was willing to match the amount the men raised.  In the end, they were able to build two houses.  
Since then, they have raised money for a well in Ghana, purchased items from IDES’ annual Gift Catalog, and given to hunger relief in Kenya.  As of April 2010, the prisoners have given over $5,000.00!
8/4/2010 6:50:20 AM
a year and half ago i was siting in my apartment crying in fear. my husband was in the hospital and didn't know what was wrong with him and it was getting worse, my only car was prepossessed and eviction notice on my door. my job was 25 miles away and very hard to take a bus.
first God brought me a rid to work. a wonderful person drove 10 miles out of his way to drive me to work ever day. then after that i had one week to get out of our apartment no were to go and my husband in hospital. crying on my bed praying and asking for Gods help i got the call. a place to live 800.00 cheaper then then what i was paying and 5 mile from work. God knows are needs and he always provides. PRAISE GOD. two months later someone from our church gave us a truck.
8/4/2010 7:10:25 AM
A. Kraft United States
A. Kraft
He is so good to me.
Last Christmas my family was living at a Training Center in Oklahoma, a far cry from our beautiful, owned home in California. Dad had no job, we had no house, and no life. I was living in Chicago working for a ministry that provided my food and shelter, and not much else.
That Christmas, God provided me with $150 dollars (which might as well have been $500) for Christmas money, He gave my Dad a job, and my family a home. It was like a Christmas movie.
He has been blessing us these past 7 months and after 2 1/2 years of waiting and praying and wondering, His face is finally shining on us again.
He is my God, I know Him, He knows me, and His eye never stops watching that little sparrow.
8/4/2010 7:26:57 AM
Ellie United States
Hi guys,
I just recently started listening to your morning show because of a friend of mine and I wanted to share an encouraging story about how God has been multiplying in Vancouver Washington this last week.  Smile

I’m 17 years old and I'm involved in a Vacation Bible School program at my church here in Vancouver and it is one of our favorite ministries of the year. Every year, we pick a missionary to support and raise money for. This year our missionaries (whom the kids knew as M&M) work secretly in Egypt and our goal was to raise $500 to help many of the kids there have some clothes, toothbrushes, food, and other necessities from somewhere other than the garbage piles they live on. The kids put their money into bowls to decide which leaders would eat a “dirt pie” at the parent night on thursday.  By Tuesday, we'd raised about $200 and our assistant pastor (who visited that day) shared that he thought it was "sweet, but [he] didn't think they'd make it. At the final count, the 100 kids in our VBS had brought in over $1,150 to sent to the missionaries in Egypt. To bring that a little more into proportion:  Last year, with about the same amount of kids, I think we raised $700-$800.
Isn't God incredible!!!

I hope you have an amazing morning!  God bless!  
8/4/2010 8:07:38 AM
Terri United States
Way to go.  We need more Joshuas in this world! what a great example of selfless love.
8/5/2010 6:26:40 AM
Reshae United States
Its always amazing to see Gods Glorious works, but its more amazing to see his works through the heart of a child.

8/5/2010 5:12:11 PM
Rebecca United States
WOW! God is so good, and kids are so smart!!!!!!!!!!
8/6/2010 6:53:00 AM
Jennifer United States
I wanted to share a touching story that somewhat follows this little boy's kind deed ... at least I thought of it when my son came to me...
Three nights ago, one of my son's close friends was killed as a result of severe smoke inhalation when his home was destroyed by a fire.  The boy was a member of my son Michael's high school band, and the kids were in the middle of band camp.  They all arrived at band camp Wednesday morning to hear the horrific news of the death of their friend... Nick would have been 15 at the end of August.  

In addition to losing Nick, whom they can never replace, his family lost everything in the fire. Their home and everything in it were a complete loss. They even lost their car.

Michael's 16th birthday was Tuesday. Michael had not yet decided what he wanted for his birthday, and we had planned to go shopping to choose his gift Wednesday night... And then we got the news... So, instead of going shopping, Michael and his friends held prayer vigils, laughed, cried and tried to begin to cope with such a tragic loss.  Memorial funds have been set up to help the family with the costs of Nick's funeral and to begin to try and rebuild their lives. Knowing this, later Wednesday night my son came to me trying to hold back his tears and said, "Mom, I know that we were going to go shopping for my birthday present tonight... but I have decided,... I want you to give the money that you would have spent on me to Nick's Memorial Fund." I am a single mother of 4 kids, aged almost 13 to 18.  My funds are limited, but I try to make their birthdays and Christmases as  nice as I can.  Michael's act of selflessness touched me so much, that I wanted to share...
8/7/2010 8:13:22 AM
mike m United States
mike m
Thank you K love you all are a good show for us all there are way too many radio shows that permote ME FIRST and WHO ELSE can I STEP ON                      I want  Jesus first  family next then me later       thank you all again                                  Mike M    
8/7/2010 9:02:39 PM
Gloria Neidlinger United States
Gloria Neidlinger
What a precious story. It touched my heart !!
8/8/2010 12:11:49 PM
Mike United States
What a great kid, and what great parents for instilling good things in their children.
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