Aug 13 2010

Laugh with Michael Jr.

His motto is: "Laughter is the tangible evidence of hope."  Michael Jr. is comedian that is not only funny (really funny), but is using his comedy to make a difference.  He recently took his comedy to places that are often void of laughter - places like prisons, hospitals and homeless shelters - and not only brought laughter, but hope.  Michael Jr.'s unique tour was made into a documentary called "Comedy: The Road Less Traveled".  Find out more about Michael here


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8/13/2010 6:56:50 AM
Hannah United States
I have a whole video of him and it made me laugh so hard he's a really great guy and it's so great he's doing this
8/13/2010 6:58:24 AM
Chris United States
Happy Friday the 13th! I have and e-mail to share from my father (John). It talks about what Heaven and Hell will be like. It then goes on to discribe a room with a table, people sitting around it and a pot of soup in the middle. All the people had very long spoons strapped to their arms, and couldn't feed themselves with the long spoons. They were in misery and suffering. That was Hell. The next room was just the same as the first, but the people were well fed and happy, and this was Heaven. The difference was the people in this room fed each other. As God feeds us we must feed each other.  
8/13/2010 8:48:43 AM
K United States
That was an awesome interview with Michael Jr on KLove! He is SOO Funny!Bless him and keep doing great in your assigned mountain of influence.
Thank You KLOVE for the interview!
8/13/2010 8:52:14 AM
Claire United States
He is really funny. He makes me laugh so hard-I can't control it-sometimes! LOL
8/13/2010 9:24:46 AM
Lisa Vaughn United States
Lisa Vaughn
It's good to see clean comedy and he is really funny!!!!!!!!!!!
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