Aug 16 2010

Matthew West talks about his new album The Story of Your Life

Matthew & his wife Emily with Lisa & Eric

Fresh off his show at the Indiana State Fair yesterday (love those corn dogs), it was a blast to have Matthew West stop by this morning.  Matthew debuted his new song "My Own Little World" (now available on iTunes) from his upcoming album The Story of Your Life.  The album comes out October 5th and on that same day Matthew will be doing a free show in his hometown of Chicago!  For details on that concert, go here.

If you missed our conversation with Matthew, click the linkes below: 

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8/16/2010 8:03:17 AM
JaLinda Huffman United States
JaLinda Huffman
I wanted to say Thank You to Matthew West for his latest song... About 4 months ago I made a BIG decision, I moved out of my comfort and got an apartment and moved my grandmother in with me... Every family member told me I was crazy!  i knew it was the right choice and God was sending me on this new adventure!
Then 3 weeks ago I also moved in my friends 17 year old daughter, with the promise of her getting a job and going to college come January, it hasnt been easy!
But driving to work this AM I heard the new song and cried the whole time!  I believe with ALL my being that this is the path God has placed me on and your song was confirmation!  Thank you again Matthew West and Klove for the things you do!!!!
8/19/2010 6:40:32 PM
Zulma Troche United States
Zulma Troche
This past January 14, 2010 was a day that rocked my family's world and turned it upside down. That morning at 6:00am, my family and I received notice that my brother had been shot, later we find out at the hospital that it was fatal. Never in my entire life did I ever think I would experience such pain, sorrow, sadness and hollowness. A few days later, my mother and two of my sisters were in the car driving trying to get the arrangements for the funeral in place, my mom was driving, my sister in the front was looking out her window, my other sister was looking out her window and I was looking out my was a solemn and quiet ride with only klove's music in the background. Then plays a song on the radio and as the verse played, I began to cry, trying to hide it from my sisters because I wanted to be strong. The song was "Save A Place For Me". I feel like that song saved me, it played to every emotion I was feeling and I felt such a deep connection to my brother at that time, I spoke to him through this song at that moment in time. It was evrything I was feeling and wanted him to know. I looked over at my sisters and noticed that they were crying as well. It was a very private moment for all of us that we shared intimately. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and meaningful song for those of us who struggle with loss. God bless you.
8/20/2010 7:23:59 AM
Nina Ruth United States
Nina Ruth
I have been praying for about a year & a half for someone who means the world to me & who loves Jesus so much...but still struggles w/putting up a wall of self-protection.  It's been tempting to give up and/or only think of myself/my hurt, but yesterday I decided to run an errand in the afternoon & though I usually don't put the radio on, for some reason (GOD!), this time I did...just as Matthew was introducing his song, "Between Two Houses."  Thank you, Matthew.  I just broke & wept (I'm STILL weeping!)...but this time not for you, I grew up in a home where my parents stayed married (still are!) forever & so I could not understand the painful effects & difficulty to trust of those who grew up in either divided or difficult homes.  Thank you for being used by God to fill my heart with grace, understanding & compassion!

I also turned on my radio (diff. station), again totally a GOD-thing, to hear Focus on the Family very early this morning as I drove to work...& just then they were interviewing David Meece & he spoke about God's healing & growing up in a broken home...again, brought tears!  I pray God gives me His wisdom to know now how to pray...& to stay the course!

Thank you, KLOVE & Matthew!
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