Aug 18 2010

You are Beautiful


We catch up with Superchick this morning!  They have a new album of older songs made new ... appropriately titled "Reinvention".  A movement close to their heart is Operation Beautiful - which "is a viral community effort to increase self-confidence and stop negative self-talk.  Operation Beautiful has nothing to do with how much you weigh; it’s about who you are intrinsically as a person – and that is BEAUTIFUL!"

Operation Beautiful encourages women to encourage other women with post-it notes placed on mirrors. Notes that simply say things like "you are beautiful just the way you are" or "you are gorgeous". 

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8/18/2010 5:42:25 AM
michelle United States
I checked my face book this morning.   My 13 yr old daughter  commented that school pix are today. And she hates them because they show how ugly she is.  This breaks my heart.  No other kids commented to the contrary.  Breaks my heart
8/18/2010 8:01:41 AM
Cindy United States
tomorrow's show: do a show where you call some of the artists... catch them on the sly, do an impromptu interview!!! Or... devise some kind of PRANK... to play on them, that would be hysterical depending on the prank...
8/18/2010 11:32:07 AM
Liz United States
Lisa, Thanks for the call this morning. It was a great suprpise! I am still smiling.
Eric and Lisa Thanks for driving to work with me every morning.
8/19/2010 12:37:37 PM
Mary Robinson United States
Mary Robinson
After hearing about this, I went out and bought two packs of post-it-notes so and filled them out at home. I dropped them in my purse so I would always have them ready for an opportunity to post one. I've been littering the city with them.

Today, I went to the gym and left one posted on the bathroom mirror. It read, "exercise is good, but you are beautiful exactly as you are!" A woman who entered after me came out smiling, walked up to me at the weight machine and without a word, gave me a huge hug.

This is gonna be contagious!
8/19/2010 7:40:39 PM
Tabitha United States
I did this today!!!
I stopped at a fast food place to eat, but before I placed my order I went into the restroom to wash my hands, AND put up two sticky notes!

"you are BEAUTIFUL! <3 God"

"God <3's YOU just the way you are!"

I felt really good about doing it, and I was immediately blessed, within 30-60 seconds. It was a small gesture from a lady standing at the counter, but it was all I needed. At that moment I heard God say 'Thank you'.
8/20/2010 6:43:30 AM
Diane Clayton United States
Diane Clayton
For men (or women) you could write "You are fearfully and wonderfully made!"  
8/20/2010 8:09:51 AM
Sue G United States
Sue G
I just left a note as soon as I heard this, this morning in our company women's bathroom.  We already had a break, so I'm sure it was seen.  I work upstairs, so I don't know who all has seen it, but IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for the inspiration, because I'm doing the Anonymous Encouragers too!

8/20/2010 8:16:52 AM
Alex United States
This is so neat.  Specially for us women to understand that no matter how we look, we are created to the image of God.  I lost my hair a few years back and it took a toll on my self-esteem, but God was with me every step of the way reminding me how beautiful I was in His love and image.

8/20/2010 8:22:11 AM
Kate United States
This is such a great idea! This past March the College of Saint Benedict in MN did this around campus to encourage women for our "Natural Beauty day". We had post-its ALL over campus!
8/20/2010 8:27:09 AM
Sue United States
I have always made it a point to compliment women.  When I see someone with a nice outfit, haircut, nice nail job, I tell them! As a plus-sized woman I know the struggle woman face trying to fit in with today's views of beauty.Until you feel the love of Jesus and know that God the Father has made you in his likeness and that you are "beautiful in His eyes" the world will nip at your feet and try to bring you down.  We are beautiful children of God, and we need to step out, knowing that what we have in Christ is so much more than the world can give us by acknowleding our beauty. Rock on girls!
8/20/2010 8:32:52 AM
Becky Kliewer
Becky Kliewer
First of all - I love you guys!  Thanks for the encouragement and laughter and for being my encouragement in these difficult times.
I have an on-going log on my desk top for quotes I find interesting, inspiring or humorous.  One of the quotes I wrote down is a quote from the movie "Akeela and the Bee". (I HIGHLY recommend this movie - excellent!) Here's the quote:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?!  We are born to make manifest the glory of God that’s within us.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  
I am doing the post-it thing! Thanks Super Chick!
May our lives reflect God's awesome beauty today!
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