Aug 20 2010

Fun & Educational - Schoolhouse Rock! What's a Noun?

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8/20/2010 6:33:42 AM
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson United States
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson
My favorite was "I'm just a bill"
8/20/2010 6:34:37 AM
Kerry Heider United States
Kerry Heider
I LOVE Schoolhouse Rock.  I was so excited to see a DVD set at our local library that I brought it home immediately!  My kids (12, 10 1nd 8) thought they were wierd, but I really enjoyed watching them.  Later when we were working on homework, I started singing "Inter-planet Janet", much to the dismay of my 12 yr. old, but we figured out the answer!
8/20/2010 6:39:23 AM
Bill Alley United States
Bill Alley
OK now you have me checking them ALL out...caught up with my fave 'I'm Just A Bill' and one just as beloved to all us history buffs, 'Mother Necessity'.  Hmmm...makes me wonder...if this schoolhouse rock revival could get us all going on something new, taking the genre to modern day...hmmm indeed! -BA
8/20/2010 6:44:03 AM
Lynnette United States
I went to an ACE (accelerate christian education) school and we had songs for the different sounds of the alphabet (phonetics). One song for the long A was: The aging Ape was out of shape because he ate.... and ate..... and ate. We would drop our arms to the ground and swing them, walking slowly like a tired ape! HAHA. Another one was: The antelope went by so fast, he dropped his hat as he went past. That was for the short A. Still remember a lot of them and that was ??? years ago. ;)
8/20/2010 6:49:07 AM
Paula Hewitt United States
Paula Hewitt
Thanks for the memories you brought back. I remember in Jr. High we were suppose to memorize the preamble to the constitution then recite it in front of the class.  I could not remember that thing no matter how much I worked on it. One day in class I got really frustrated and started softly singing it to myself, then a girl close by joined in and when we finished the song, we noticed that everyone in the room was staring at us. The teacher said that if we would sing it in front of the class he would give us an "A".  We did - and we got that "A".
8/20/2010 7:10:58 AM
jodi pilot United States
jodi pilot
I LOVE LOVE LOVE schoolhouse rock!! I was also raised in the saturday morning cartoon/schoolhouse rock era and looked forward to them every saturday!! and yes, i also sang along to them in class, during a test to get my answers!! LOL I was able to buy the complete set on DVD last year at Hastings. It was so much fun to watch them all again! Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane.
8/20/2010 7:50:19 AM
Brenda Goble United States
Brenda Goble
Great memories. I used to love Multiplication Rock too. My favorites were My Hero Zero and Lucky Seven Sampson. I also liked Conjunction Junction on Grammar Rock. I wish this series would come back. I remember all the Multiplication songs. Now I have a song playing in my head..."My Hero, Zero. Such a funny little Hero......"  Thanks much.  Smile
8/20/2010 9:16:03 AM
Kristy Dalton United States
Kristy Dalton
I have the entire set and my kids love them. We had to recite the preamble to the constitution in 8th grade and I learned it by watching School House Rock. When the time came to say it to my teacher, I couldn't remember it unless I sang it. He made me try it again and again, but finally just let me sing it. So glad it was just him and not the whole class!
8/21/2010 4:00:41 AM
Cindy United States
LOVE CONJUNCTION JUNCTION... Blast from the past! My daughter is 33... LOL! I used to dance around with her singing it!
8/23/2010 9:53:44 AM
Melissa United States
I think they should bring these School House Rock shows back i loved to watch them and you really do  learn from them keep them coming.
8/24/2010 9:14:09 AM
Ashley United States
I am 24 and I remember when we used to watch School House Rock on Saturday mornings!! A few years ago my mother-in-law had a moving sale & had the entire School House Rock series up for sale!  I took them immediately and am proud to say - I own them.  ALL.
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