Aug 26 2010

Bonding With Your Child's Teacher with Dr. Z

Want to help your child in school this year?  Getting to know their teacher better is a great start.  Dr. Mary Zurn joins us this morning with ways in which you can bond with your child's teacher. Among her ideas ...

  • Invest the time in school orientation - it's worth it!
  • Work on buidling mutual trust with the teacher
  • Provide requested information
  • If you have a concern, share it immediately
  • Ask how you can help extend the classroom at home
  • Check in regularly
  • Provide positive feedback

To dig deeper on these tips or for more back-to-school help, check out Dr. Mary's website - Dr. Z & Me 

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8/26/2010 7:47:58 AM
Jan Barnard United States
Jan Barnard
When my older children would come home "complaining" about a teacher or their methods I would take the time to discuss with them that this teacher is a genuine person with personal issues and problems like anyone else.

We would take the time to pray for the teacher and look beyond the obvious to seek guidance.

One time my Jr. High student wrote a note to a teacher that she was having issues with~she was angry & mean most of the time (many of the kids did not like, and ridiculed her).  My daughter shared her care and concern for her and gave her some words of encouragement.  The teacher pulled her aside the next day and told her (with tears in her eyes) that her words spoke loudly to her and reminded her of why she had gone into teaching in the first place and apologized for letting her frustration affect her attitude.  

The teacher shared that she was reminded of a song that her mom had sung to her as a young girl about a blue jay (I was not familiar with and do not remember the song).  The teacher put a picture of a blue jay on her white board and would often refer to it when feeling down or discouraged with teaching.  

I believe we can help our kids to reach out and make a difference in their teachers' lives too!
8/26/2010 8:03:42 AM
Janna United States
i've been looking for a way for my 7 year old daughter to give back. i want to her to not live in a bubble that so many of us find ourselves in. well, the story this morning that was shared about visiting nursing homes is the perfect way for me to teach her to give back and a special time for us to bond. it will give us many things to talk about as we review our "special" outing while we make memories together!
8/26/2010 8:19:02 AM
Pastor Larry Edge (One Heart Ministries) United States
Pastor Larry Edge (One Heart Ministries)
How does a parent deal with a non believing teacher?
8/30/2010 9:04:21 PM
Sara United States
I am a preschool teacher, working through college to become an elementary teacher to work through to get my Ph. D in education to travel the world and build up school systems in under developed countries. But I can not stress how important it is to get to know your child's teacher! Daycare/preschool/school age it is important!

I know all my students parents (I only have a class of five) But I sub for almost all the other classes in my building and get a chance to know each of those parents and those students as well. I can't say how rewarding it is to teach the student more so when the parent is involved in the process. I have parents who kids later come in my class, or ones I subbed and they find me in my actual calss, and tell me how they'll miss me or they are glad their child ended up in my class!

I've been in preschool for a year but when the parent is involved it is much easier. We actually have a lesson plan drawn out for each week and we are year round. Every month we send a letter to the parents to let them know what our main focus is on the month and they see the activities each week.

I also have started creating bible art lessons for the afternoon for my kids and get the parents involved. I am aware not all the parents that attend my preschool are saved, even those it is a baptist preschool. But to just be honest, share in their child's growth, and just being open and honest with them, it make a huge difference. I encourage the parents to ask me, my day teacher for my class, the office people, or the normal teacher, any questions or concerns and if I can't answer I will find out immediately to let them know! Teachers want the parents' involvement in this just as much as the parents' want the involvement of the teacher!
9/1/2010 9:43:30 PM
Pathway Genomics United States
Pathway Genomics
I like your blog bonding with teachers are nice one and i never thought that teachers can be like these.
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