Aug 31 2010

Birth Order with Dr. Kevin Leman

Have you ever wondered why one of your children loves school and the other one is the class clown, or why your sister is so organized but you can’t find anything?  Dr. Kevin Leman gives us some insight into "why you are the way you are" - by understanding the influence of birth order.


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8/31/2010 5:20:54 AM
Terri United States
I am the "middle child" and whew! was it different for me than my older(7&1/2 years) sister! And totally different than my always baby sister (9 years). 1st - had more clothes than she knew what to do with! I had to beg for new clothes! younger got pretty much everything she wanted! NO, I am no longer jealous, but there were years when I was terribly so.  I was so angry that I gave away nearly everything I had and not out of loving giving!  Strange now!
8/31/2010 7:40:18 AM
Janelle United States
I have two children. My son is the oldest, my daughter is 3 1/2 years younger than him. However, they BOTH exhibit the first child traits you have described. Also, a few days ago Lisa and Eric were talking about a study that showed the odest child is usually the smarter one, and the youngest is generally more outgoing. Mine are opposite of that. My son is outgoing (he is a Youth Minister) and my daughter always outscored him on all the tests (he is no dummy, she is just that smart!)
8/31/2010 7:52:46 AM
Pamela Zurawski United States
Pamela Zurawski
I have three kids and my youngest in the most likely the responsible one.  She is a 7th grader, and has been a 4 point GPA since she's been in school.  She pushes herself to the highest.  Her scores are higher than the benchmarks on test scores.  It takes her less than a week to read a typical book that has over a thousand pages like Harry Potter or Twilight.  I can't keep enough books in the house.  I know that typically the oldest pushes and tries to excel but in my family my daughter that is the youngest has the characteristics of the oldest.
8/31/2010 10:29:55 AM
Lara Cotten United States
Lara Cotten
I have triplets who will be 14 in December. They were born 12 weeks early and each weighed under 2 lbs at birth.  One of my sons had life-threatening medical complications for the first 2 years of his life.  Within those 2 years, his medical care alone cost one million dollars.  Here is their birth order:  Son (with medical problems who is now healthy), daughter, son.  My husband and I are both first born, well educated and we both work for the school system.  We are a strong Christian family and we regularly attend church.  We are often very busy with the kids' activites.  That's our family.  I would be interested to know about birth order traits for triplets. We do not have any other children.
9/1/2010 4:50:55 AM
Jo United States
My mom will have her second and last baby in 16 day!! He is due september 16th. It has been a long and painful 16 year and 9 month journey. My parents have been married 17 years, I am 16 years old. & we cant wait to meet this new baby. But i was wondering what is his birth order going to be like Smile
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