Nov 03 2010

WOW, God! No Doubt About It There is a God!

Wow, God - is there something you want to share that has happened to you (or someone you love) that makes you know there's a God? A "wow God" story?

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11/3/2010 4:45:02 AM
Stella United States
A little over a year ago I was in an abusive relationship, engaged, preparing to marry this man, and was living a horrifying life of drug addiction and selling drugs, living on money that came from stealing, cheating, and lying constantly. I abandoned my entire family and everyone else who loved me for drugs and a man who mistreated me. We got ourselves into drug treatment but we still used and lived as we had been. I refused the signs that God placed in front of me daily. One day out of nowhere we were both arrested and taken to jail for drug posession. I felt angry about on my first night in jail, and was afraid to call my mother, who I barely ever spoke to. On the second day, I woke up in the pain of drug withdrawal and fear of the unknown outcome of my situation, and something told me to just pray. As far away from God as I felt, I knew immediately He had been right next to me the whole time, except now, I felt him there. He spoke actual words into my ear, words that I literally heard, of comfort and encouragement, and I laid in jail, instantaneously saved and relieved. I called my mother, and she immediately accepted me and commenced to help save me, with every ounce of time and energy she had from that moment until this day one year later. I have now been clean for that entire year, which I had once given up on as an impossible event that had been too far gone for years, and I praise God that he sent me to jail for that weekend, for sending me to my rock bottom, to save my life and my soul. How many people can say jail saved their life?
11/3/2010 5:23:47 AM
Susan United States
Love Luminate whoa oooo waaoo Come Home whoa oooo waaoo (hmmm... I really don't know how to spell that!) ... seems to be a theme for me recently ..when I changed churches alyear or so ago I told the Pastor 'it feels like "coming home"" it's on there website... I've seen it on KLOVE website not too long ago so the song touches my heart ...ALSO need to share about the video "More" that was on Klove homepage. The song is great yet with the video very very powerful...  I shared the link with a friend too encourage her son... she was so moved by it (she works with Care Net - for women who are contemplating or experienced the trauma of abortion)... she shared it with the director of the program ... I really think this is going to be an ongoing "WOW God Thank You Jesus!" moment for many...thanks ps. Happy Birthday Eric you guys were so very funny yesterday and Eric did a great job last week holding down the fort... the guest's were great .. though it is good to have Lisa back (very cute birthday song) You all just make me laugh! Thanks Blessings to you    
11/3/2010 5:27:06 AM
Erin* United States
I'm a 21 year old college student. When i was 19, I gave away my virginity out of rebellion and pressure to a guy that i had only been dating two months. After the fact, he promptly dumped me. For about two or three months, I was severely depressed and suicidal. I couldn't even pray to God, I was so deeply ashamed. Then, in January of 09, I met a guy on a Christian website. I spilled everything that happened to me, and he befriended me. He and I eventually fell in love and met in May of that year. We are still dating (almost 2 years now) and are planning on marriage right after we graduate. God sent me an earthly angel to spare my life and pull me out of the depths of despair. My boyfriend is a blessing and miracle from God. *HE* works in so so many ways. Wow, God Smile
11/3/2010 5:39:13 AM
Charish United States
I just felt compelled to share a few of the many ways that God has WOWed me. First He delivered me from a drug addiction 2008 that I had been chained to pretty much since I was twelve years old. After that he delivered me from depression and axiety that I had battled with for many years. I'm a new Christian, I was only baptized March of 10. But the many ways that he has grown me is simply breath taking!
11/3/2010 5:45:35 AM
edgar gutierrez United States
edgar gutierrez
three years ago, my family and i were getting ready for church at Abundant Living Faith Center here in El Paso, Texas.  We were in a bit of a hurry only because we still needed to pick up our oldest son from his grandmothers house.  i felt bad because i couldn't find our Bible anywhere.  I told my wife that i would pick up Nathan and we would meet them at church to save time.  I buckled my 3 year old daughter in her car seat and off i went.  as we were crossing the freeway underpass, the person next to us decided he wanted to make a u-turn right in front of us.  since he was driving a big truck, he didn't see us.  i couldn't avoid hitting him.  the whole right side of our car was damaged.  both windows shattered.  all i could think about was my baby in the back seat.  i called for emergency help and tried to comfort my baby until paramedics arrived.  thank you Jesus she was ok.  here is the WOW, GOD IS AWESOME part of my story.  when the paramedic checked bailee for cuts, she found NOT one piece of glass anywhere on bailee's body, not one.  it's as if she wasn't in the car. oh, and our Bible i couldn't find anywhere that morning.  it was propped right next to bailee's car seat.  wow!!! i was amazed that morning.  thank you jesus!!! i just got goose pimples thinking about it.
11/3/2010 5:56:17 AM
Kristyn United States
My husband has been out of a job for a year and six months. Our income was literally cut in half, and we have two small children. We cut corners, bought cheap, and took the kids out of daycare to make ends meet. It was tough but our family grew together and our theme song became "I'll Praise You in This Storm" by Casting Crowns. Even my 2 and 4 year olds sing it!

However, in the spring I had to change out the clothes for the kids and realized we didn't have any clothes for my oldest daughter (4). I sold the clothes they had grown out of and had $100 to spend on her clothes. I prayed diligently for a week that the Lord would lead me to the best deals and help me stretch the $100 as far as it would go.

The Sunday a couple in our Sunday school class asked us to meet them after church. My friend said they did their clothing turn over Saturday and immediately we were brought to mind. They opened their van and there were five HUGE bags of clothes that not only clothed my girls for the spring and summer, but for fall and winter for the next several seasons!!

God also just provided my husband a new job with a better pay grade. This will provide for my children to also go to a Christian school in January that we have been fervently praying for a way to send them to.

With God...NOTHING is impossible! Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings on me and my family! And thank you, KLOVE, for your dedication to the Lord. He is so worthy of every bit of praise.
11/3/2010 5:57:22 AM
LisaAnne United States
I would have to say my whole life is a WOW God!!  My mom was a single mom from the time I was three years old.  She worked at a christian school and so money was always tight.  However we never lacked for what we needed.  There was never a time that we didn't have food on the table or warm clothes to wear.  Whenever there was a bill that we couldn't pay because of just not enough my mom would pray and give it to God and the money would be there.  My greatest memory was when we needed a septic tank replaced. (weird I know) My mom had the money saved to buy the actual tank but nothing extra for the labor.  She asked for prayer at our local church and the day the tank was to be delivered 15 men from our church showed up and said they would put it in for us.  The entire time they worked they sang praises to God.  Even our neighbor came over to ask if they would be willing to do some work for him, he was so impressed with their work.  The only payment that those men would take was us making lunch for them.  
We never had a Thanksgiving or Christmas that wasn't provided for us by someone dropping off food or gifts.  My sister and I always say we can't wait to get to heaven to find out the people that have prayed for us.  For though we were from a broken home we now have loving husbands and a great family.  WOW GOD! He has always showed me He will be my provider and will always provide my needs.
11/3/2010 5:57:32 AM
Brandy United States
He is an on time GOD! about 5 years ago, my husband and I and our 2 young boys were pretty broke financially. this one particulate day when the Lord "wowed" us.... my husband was at his job, selling appliances for a big home repair store. He had a customer come in and she was looking to purchase a washing machine. So my husband did his job and selling her the washing machine. during his talk time with her he found out that she was not from the local area. During his "sales pitch" family came up and she and my husband spent a few moments talking about Jesus and ow good he is and how much they both love their families.

Well as this was going on at my husbands job, i was at home frantically wondering how i was going to fee out two young boys. we had almost nothing in our cub bards and refrigerator. So i went to my brothers home to talk to him. he reminded met hat he will me with anything but that i needed to PRAY to Jesus and seek Him first.

During my husbands lunch break he called and told me about his awesome customer and the talk they had about life and Jesus. This alone was encouraging to us both.

Little did we know that after this lady made her purchase of the Washing Machine, she would return later to my husbands job and drop off a bunch of Christian inspirational books as a gift to my husband and our family!! This also was so encouraging to us to hold tight to Jess and things will get better.

Later this same day, before my husband got home from work, this lady named "Alexis", somehow got our home phone umber and called me. She asked if i received the gifts that she gave us. i told her we did and i was very emotional that she would do such a sweet thing.
the next thing that happened is what WOWed us....
she said to me..."Did you get THE gift in the book?"
I wasn't sure what she was talking about and before i knew it she was not on the phone line any longer, so i rushed over to the stack of books and began looking through them.... in the "Prayer of Jabez" book was a $200.00 gift card to out local grocery store!!!! on the gift card it read " To you (our families name) from Jesus, via Alexis"

My husband Never told her about our "no food" situation, he just sold her the washer machine and in the process talked to her about his love for Jesus!

11/3/2010 6:01:21 AM
Heather United States
Well a little over a year ago God saved me from all kinds of turmoil in my life. After turning back to him after 7 years he helped me get my family out of a moldy/run down house, of which I had grieved about for 5 years.  Both of my children had always been sick living there and it just wasn't a good environment. God begin to move in my life when I fully trusted him, within a month later God put me in a house, I love my home and currently waiting to buy it. God gave me many revelations, my relationship with my then boyfriend of 8 years was terrible, we did not respect each other or even care. We still have a long way to go, but by God's grace we are able to save something and we got married!! My life has just really taken many turns, during all of this I struggled with drug addiction and drinking, it was the only way to cure the pain.  God first delivered me from alcohol I never touched it again, I cried out to him over cigarettes and again he delivered me, to never touch them again. It was a weird day because I just couldn't even smoke, it made me sick and I knew God was saving me. The drug addiction got easier, and I have been clean for months now, I am so thankful to have a God as big and strong as my God.  I was going down a path of destruction, raising my kids in the same turmoil I was raised in.  Now we go to church 3 times a week, we worship and pray.  All the glory goes to God, for if I didn't have him in my life I would be completely lost with no hope.  And the last major thing God has done was giving me the courage and drive to go back to work, which I landed a pretty awesome job, and I started back to college to become a social worker.  God is truly amazing, and I know the climb seems so big but if you trust God he will do unbelievable things in your life. I am patiently waiting on my next victory in my life, only on God's time tho, and that promise is real!! Thank you for letting me share.
11/3/2010 6:07:07 AM
Lee United States
I have a WOW GOD story I would like to share. Everyday as I head to work I spend time talking to God. Last Monday was not different, I was talking to God and I ask him to let me hear from him, I just wanted to hear SOMETHING from him. I am a Christian and I always have been, my faith is very strong but I just wnated to hear from him. Anyway, Monday was a good day like most of my days. I live in NC and it started raining that afternoon and we had some very heavy rain all the way through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Anyway on Tuesday aftr work I had a hair appointment, after the appointment I left for home ate supper and then went upstair to change clothes and I went to take off my jewlery and my wedding ring was GONE! Of course I started fraking out looking everywhere, I called the hair salon but had no luck, no ring, I looked all in my car, no ring, I dumped my pocketbook out twice, no ring, I went back outside and looked on the ground from my car to the back door, no ring! Of course at this point I had told my husband what was going on and he also helped me look but again NO RING. We decided it had to be at work, sometimes I play with my rings on my finger but I NEVER take them off. Let me say now that my ring DOES NOT COME OFF MY FINGER EASY! I can shake my hands but my ring DIES NOT COME OFF! Anyway the next morning I went to work and looked everywhere twice with the help of my friend but, NO RING! I asked GOd to lead me to them I said God I know YOU know where my rings are please lead me to them. Well late that afternoon with the rain still pouring down my friend who does my hair called me and asked if I had found my ring, of course I said no and she told me a lady who had been at the shop getting her hair done found rings and told the owner of the shop in case someone had reported them missing but she wanted a call to have the rings described to make sure they belonged to the owner. I called her described the rings and sure enough they were MY rings. Now my WOW God is this, 1. my rings DO NOT JUST FALL OFF MY FINGER, 2. they could have been washed anywhere in the parking lot with all the rain 3. anyone could have found them, taking them to a pawn shop and got money for them 4. and not only were they found by a honest Christian woman they were found my a member of MY church and she is a lady I know!!! WOW.... these rings were not only the ring my husband gave me 27 years ago but they also had diamonds that my mother gave us that was included in the setting of my ring! WOW!!! I heard God loud and clear that day!!!
11/3/2010 6:07:51 AM
John Sortman United States
John Sortman
My wife and I met 13 years ago in a chatroom, while I was online for the first time ever and she was borrowing her dads computer for the weekend. God brought us together while we were both suffering from divorce for us to lean on each other. We fell in love and got married. Over the years I took her for granted and failed to respect her or honor her. I was angry, bitter, and hard to get along with.
A year ago, after I went to a weekend mens retreat, I came home and asked for forgiveness, and my wife told me that had she had her own source of income she would have left me. Since that weekend my attitude toward my wife has changed. This year we celebrated 10 years of marriage by renewing our vows, and we finally got our honeymoon we never had. Recently I have been praying with her more regularly and our marriage grows stronger every day.
11/3/2010 6:21:22 AM
Brandy United States
He is an on time GOD! about 5 years ago, my husband and I and our 2 young boys were pretty broke financially. this one particulate day when the Lord "wowed" us.... my husband was at his job, selling appliances for a big home repair store. He had a customer come in and she was looking to purchase a washing machine. So my husband did his job and selling her the washing machine. during his talk time with her, he found out that she was not from the local area. During his "sales pitch" family came up and she and my husband spent a few moments talking about Jesus and how good He is and how much they both love their families.

Well as this was going on at my husbands job, i was at home frantically wondering how i was going to fee out two young boys. we had almost nothing in our cubbards and refrigerator. So i went to my brothers home to talk to him. he reminded me that he will help me with anything but that i needed to PRAY to Jesus and seek Him first.

During my husbands lunch break he called and told me about his awesome customer and the talk they had about life and Jesus. This alone was encouraging to us both.

Little did we know that after this lady made her purchase of the Washing Machine, she would return later to my husbands job and drop off a bunch of Christian inspirational books as a gift to my husband and our family!! This also was so encouraging to us to hold tight to Jesus and things will get better.

Later this same day, before my husband got home from work, this lady named "Alexis", somehow got our home phone umber and called me. She asked if i received the gifts that she gave us. i told her we did and i was very emotional that she would do such a sweet thing.
the next thing that happened is what WOWed us....
she said to me..."Did you get THE gift in the book?"
I wasn't sure what she was talking about and before i knew it she was not on the phone line any longer, so i rushed over to the stack of books and began looking through them.... in the "Prayer of Jabez" book was a $200.00 gift card to out local grocery store!!!! on the gift card it read " To you (our families name) from Jesus, via Alexis"

My husband Never told her about our "no food" situation, he just sold her the washer machine and in the process talked to her about his love for Jesus!  We tried to look up her phone number to cal her and thank her, but there was NO record of her or her purchase int he computer at my husbands job!

11/3/2010 6:32:22 AM
Steve United States
In September 2006, my wife Gail an I were living in Omaha, NE. We had three grown children and two grand children. Michelle, a young woman from Omaha came to our church and talked about her volunteer work in Orphanage #4 in Odessa, Ukraine and asked people to take pictures of the kids and pray that they would find families. I remember telling my son at the end of the service. "Your Mom is going to want to do this and I don't know if I am there yet." Gail came up to me after the service and said "Are we going to get one or two?" We prayed and talked to Michelle and within two weeks we were starting the adoption process for two girls (one was the picture we were praying for). On December 4, 2007 we left for Ukraine and on February 4 2008, we brought home our new son and two new daughters, Igor, 17, Masha 16 and Yulia 17. They graduated from highschool in May 2010 and all started college in August. This was really God's idea, because we had not thought of doing this. There have been some bumps in the road, but we now have six great kids and three grandkids. God had the plan, he provided the funds and handled dealings with two governments. There is a God and he has given us great joy from our expanded family.
11/3/2010 6:33:36 AM
Cassie Webb United States
Cassie Webb
Even though this did not happen to me, this is DEFINATELY a wow God moment!My mom years ago was struggling to stop smoking. Anytime she had that craving for a pack of cigarettes, she would pray and God took the craving away. One day while she was on her break at work, she took out a cigarette and when she was about to inhale, she had a face of disgust and threw the whole pack and cigarette away! Come to find out that her dad has been praying for 11 or more years for her to quit! God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
11/3/2010 6:38:49 AM
Linda k. In thorn ton, co United States
Linda k. In thorn ton, co
When my twin girls were 17, one had to have surgery on her ovary.  After the surgery and recovery, we lost her. she gasped one last gasp, turned blue, and we lost her heart beat.  the nurses hollered out and they a crash cart. This one woman came in, put her arms around me, escorted me out in the Hall, where her sister, her boyfriend, and her sister's boyfriend were waiting. All I could hear was 'clear'! And the woman said she was a grief counselor, she was very sorry for my loss, please come into her office.  I told her I was not going anywhere.  I grabbed my daughter's hand, the hands of the two boys, and started hollering out, Jesus, you said where two or mfore are gathered in your name, there you shall be also..Well, we are four, and we are gathered in agreement and in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer, that you not let my child go away like this, please God!!  People were all over the hallway watching, coming out of rooms, the grievance counselor begged me again, please ma'am, come with me, I know this is hard for you.  The more she said, the louder I prayed.  it seemed like ten minutes, but I know it was only a few minutes of very loud praying, when the door opened and they came through with my daughter in her bed, aging they got her back and were bringing here to ICU.  All I could do is holler Thank You Jesus, thank you, God, Praiese God!  Every person in that hall knew as well as I that HE brought her back, and it was a crying mom's prayers that he answered.
She is doing well now...she did ask me if she died, she could see all that had gone on while she was gone for those few minutes, described the counselor, people in the hall, the crash cart... And she knew we were praying for her.
12/8/2010 9:18:22 AM
Jnnifer James United States
Jnnifer James
I have a "Miracle" that will make any non believe; BELIEVE! I often ask people "do you believe in Miracles?" and When they say "no" I tell them that I will make them a believer! April 12, 2003 Our son, and his twin was conceived.(our wedding night).. but three months later I had a miscarriage losing one baby, not knowing I was carrying twins. I prayed that that the hospital was wrong, and the next day I found out our Nicholas was still in there. Well everything was going great least that is what we thought. At a routine ultrasound they said there was something wrong with the baby. We went to a specialist later that week with little hope. When the doctor came in he asked us how much money did we make. so we told him. His reaction was (quote) "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING GETTING PREGNANT. LOW INCOME PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE HAVING BABIES! ABORT THIS BABY TODAY"! We told him that it wasn't up to us.. it was up to GOD! so we did not abort him. Months past of test to find out Nicholas will be born with water on the brain and enlarged ventricles in his brain. They said he would be like a Down Syndrome child and would not ever be self sufficient. I went into to premature labor 22 days before he was born. I was life flighted from Kennewick, WA to Seattle, Wa which is about a 5-6 hour drive. They stopped my labor and told me I could not go home until the baby was born.So we showed up on a childhood friend that he has seen or had contact with for many years. Him and his wife took me in and took care of me until the baby was born.. 22 days of premature labor and complications resulting trips to the hospital. and many days of being depressed because I was so far from my family and would not get to spend Christmas and New Years with them. The morning of January 3rd, 2004 I once again went into labor but this time it could not be stopped. They rushed me in to the operating room to do a c-section. If I pushed I could of killed him because of his brain. He was born not breathing! Then the doctor cam in our room and said you know about Nicholas' condition?? We said yes we know about the enlarged ventricles and water on the brain. Then the doctor go a look that no mother would ever want to see. He said he is also missing part of his brain. I fell to the floor crying. He was never suppose to be able to walk, roll over, sit up, crawl, speak, attend a "Normal" school, and he was not expected to leave past 1 years old. He is having his 7th birthday next month, and is in a KINDERGARTEN class with all the "normal" kids. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES because I live with one everyday! GOD IS GREAT!
12/11/2010 1:59:14 PM
Jill Wenninger United States
Jill Wenninger
The Christmas after my brother passed away, my parents didn't want to spend the holidays in town, so we went on a trip to Disney World in Florida.  After the trip, when we were taking back the rental car, my dad forgot where to go.  He parked in the lot near the airport to go and ask someone.  While my mother and I sat in the car, my mom started to cry.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said that we would miss the plane, if my dad didn't come back soon.  I patted my mother on the shoulder and said that God would take care of things.  She said, "Oh what's He going to do, HOLD THE PLANE DOWN?" My dad finally came back, and we hurried off to where he had been directed.  My mom was getting more and more upset.  By the time we had entered the airport, she was really crying.  One of the employees asked what flight we were on.  When we told him, he said, "oh you are alright.  That plane has been delayed due to an ice storm in Atlanta.  My mom just looked at me.  We both couldn't believe it!  We still tell that story as a testimony as to what God can do!  
12/15/2010 4:17:28 AM
John Brooks United States
John Brooks
In June my wife got pregnant with what we thought was our second child. When she went in for her first ultrasound we where told that we would be having twins. As my wife her self is a twin we thought this was pretty exciting. However my wife developed something called TTTS ( Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) where the babies do not share the blood equally. One baby was getting way to much other not enough causing problems to both babies in there own way. The doctors told us we had three options, 1) let nature takes it course and see what happens, 2) Do a risky operation to both the mother and the babies, or 3) abort the pregnancy.

Now as firm believers of life at conception no way we could do #3, so we decided on number 2 and she underwent a risky surgery which the doctor did an awesome job on. However 26 weeks in to the pregnancy she developed an infection in the uterus that threatened both her and the two babies. The doctors told us we now two options, Leave the babies in possible killing my wife and the babies, or take the babies out saving my wife but possibly killing one or both of the babies.

The problem with delivering the babies besides the prematurity is Baby Michael's (he was getting way to much blood) heart was so big and weak that it wouldn't be able to support him outside the womb, and Baby Ryan (who wasn't getting enough blood) was so small that they had very little hope that they could do anything for him.

After praying, listening, calling elders in our church and family, we decided that the best thing to do was to let the doctors deliver the babies and trust the lord to take care of them. Both Michael and Ryan where delivered, they where able to get breathing tubes down there throats to help them breath and had them both stable.

Michael Alexander Brooks(bigger baby) was born at 2lbs and 6 ounces @ 3:45pm on October 28th 2010, and with in the first 3 hours his lungs had collapsed and his heart stopped, they got him back stable again but his heart just wasn't strong enough and after fighting bravely for nearly 3 days he passed away at 5am on the morning of the 31st of October.

Now comes the WOW!!! part!!

Ryan Mathew Brooks was born at 3:40pm on the 28th of October and weighed in at only 15 ounces ( less then an pound). The doctors and nurses had a hard time getting the tube down his lungs to start but they where able to get him breathing.  Ryan is now 41 days old, he weighs 2 lbs 4 ounces and is doing very well.

GOD is truly amazing, while Ryan wasn't the most premature ( they can now reliably save babies as early as 21/22 weeks gestation) he was the smallest baby weighing in at 430 ounces that the hospital had seen born in almost 5 years of becoming a stage 3 NICU. GOD was there with us through the whole pregnancy, he was with the doctors during the surgery, and again with them during the delivery, he is with Ryan and the nurses everyday at the hospital and I know he is watching over my little angel. We would have loved to be bringing two babies home in February ( estimated date of Ryan coming home) but we know Michael is up there right now with GOD and that together they are watching out for Ryan.

GOD has giving us many amazing and wonderful gifts from science, technology, to better understanding of the human body and with this knowledge he is allowing us to do amazing things that never would have been possible 5 to 10 years ago.

Thank you GOD, in all ways, yes all ways you are awesome, through the trials and tribulations, to the happy days you are my Saviour and I will for ever love and honor you.
12/15/2010 10:58:47 PM
no name given United States
no name given
Hello Lisa and Eric, I listen to KLOVE everyday, this morning while driving to work Lisa told of her wow moment with God- she spoke of her infertility issues and the pain she and her husband went through for 19 years- wow! Lisa I had to say thank you for your honesty, and when you said infertility hurts, and the tone inwhich you said it I knew I related to your pain.Just a couple of days before me and my husband were talking about our desire  for children, and out of his frustration he stated that he was getting too old for children, and I did not seem to have a since of urgency related to seeking infertility treatments. we have been married for 8 years, and when the fertility treatments did not produce a child,it felt as if someone stabbed me in my gut. I have become so discouraged from trying the treatments again, my heart broke when the second attempt failed , and i knew when the I explained to my husband that I had not concieved the last time I was frozen, and I froze from that point. I am so afraid of the disappointment- tothe point I feel frozen,it just hurts so bad. I am wrestling with the thought that I am failing my husband, and also failing God. the other side of my struggle is that I KNOW God has given a vision of my pregnancy, and God continues to encourage me, and this is usually at my lowest moments related to ever becoming a mother. I explained to my husband that I will never let go of my hope, and that I know God gave ME the vision of our children, but yet I am so fearful of the infertilty treatments. Lisa my husband was driving me to work the morning you gave your own testimony and we were listening, and your testimony gave me hope , and I think it gave my husband hope alsoI believe that God is doing a wow work in us , but somedays this is so hard, and I continue to pray that this challenge will not break us.I would not wish infertility on anyone desiring a child, but I think God is making a show of us, and growing us , like HE did of you and your husband.Lisa I preferr that my comment not be read over the air, but I did want to express my thanks to you, cause this was another wow moment from God to me and my husband.  
12/17/2010 4:22:40 AM
Laura Hernandez United States
Laura Hernandez
Hello this is a WOW GOD and most memorable trip. Several years ago my daughter Nova and I were on a trip to St Louis from our small town in Lathrop, MO.  My car had broke down so I borrowed my fathers car it was a Lincoln Town Car.  It rained and rained, I was traveling at about 60mph and we were on the east side of Columbia on I-70 when the car started to hydroplane, there was a semi behind us and one beside us.  I lost complete control of the car and I saw us spinning towards the oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway.  All of a sudden the car stopped and started spinning in the opposite direction, next thing I knew we were sliding in the grass and slammed against a highway sign 1 mile to High, MO.
We were not harmed at all the passenger door was smashed and glass every where.
I started the car and drove out and on to St. Louis, we prayed and thanked Jesus for saving our lives.  The next day we drove by that sign there were no signs of any crash the grass was undisturbed not a scratch on the sign. That night Jesus took the wheel of that car and drove us to safety.
Funny two weeks later that song Jesus take the wheel I heard it for the first time and cried. Thank You God!  Your Daughters
12/17/2010 4:23:58 AM
Laura Hernandez United States
Laura Hernandez
Miracles are real and happen everyday with Jesus in the Middle!
12/20/2010 5:31:57 AM
Robin United States
I would like to share with you the tragic, yet amazing, story of our son Caleb.  I want the world to know about this because I believe it is a great testimony for our Lord, but at the same time it will hopefully give others that have gone or will go through the same thing as us a little bit of hope when the doctors are telling them to just give up.  If we would have listened to the doctors, our little boy would not be here right now.  Granted, he is not the same as he was before this illness, but he is making improvements daily…improvements that doctors still will not acknowledge!  Here is our story:

When Caleb was 4 years old he was diagnosed as having Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Although this can be a crippling disease, it never slowed Caleb down.  He still enjoyed riding bikes, showing horses, playing basketball, and video games.  Since JRA is actually an autoimmune disease, Caleb’s immune system had to be suppressed, making him more susceptible to viruses and illnesses.  Other than that, life was pretty much normal for him and us.  Having to deal with so much, however, made Caleb much more accepting of others.

Around December of 2008,  while we were eating at a fast food restaurant, we had a stranger come up to us and ask if she could pray for us.  I know that people do not do this unless God is telling them to, so of course we prayed right there with her!  When we were finished praying, this little lady looked me right in the eyes and said, “Mom, God is going to heal this child.  He is going to completely heal him in a way that leaves no doubt it was from God and not from man.  Your job is to hold on to your faith.” Wow!  At that time we were definitely not in need of a miraculous healing, but I thanked her none the less and we went on about our lives, eventually forgetting this encounter.   A couple of months later, a pastor visiting our church told us essentially the same thing!  That we would go through a very dark time, but God would bring us through it and Caleb would be completely healed because He had a great work for Caleb to do here on earth!  What a promise to have from God, even though we had no idea what it meant!!

We moved to Kentucky last April and for the first time Caleb was able to attend public school.  He absolutely loved being with his friends (which he made so easily!) and learning about any and everything.  During the course of school he caught colds and viruses, but a quick trip to the hospital, some IV fluids, and he was back to life as usual.  

On the evening of January 12, 2010, Caleb came home from school, did his homework, repacked his backpack and was ready for school the next day.  But the next morning he had a touch of diarrhea and I kept him at home.  I called his pediatrician who advised us that if the diarrhea got worse or didn’t stop, then he would have to go to the ER for fluids.  There was no sign of vomiting or fever and at 3:00pm we made the decision to take him to the hospital.  He packed his own suitcase, making sure he took his favorite sleep pants.  When we got to the ER, he got in the wheelchair and was still talking to us.  Once we got in the lobby however, I noticed his lips were blue.  I told the receptionist he needed help now and the nurse on duty said he could wait his turn.  I grabbed the first person with a uniform on walking by and begged them to help him.  One look and they rushed him to the trauma room.  After 20 minutes of frantically working on my baby, the doctor came over and told us the horrible news that they had lost him and she was very sorry.  While we were trying to process this information, one of the workers who had not finished unhooking Caleb from the monitors yelled that he had a heartbeat!  Our little boy was still holding on!

Another rush of activity and they moved Caleb from the trauma room to the ICU.  A respirator covered his whole little face and tubes and machines were hooked up everywhere.  They said he was in a coma and might never wake up.  After several tests over the next couple of days, they informed us that Caleb was completely and totally brain damaged and the best, most humane thing we could do was to unhook him and
let him go peacefully.  We prayed and prayed, and knew without a doubt that God has a plan for Caleb or He never would have given him his heartbeat back.  Of course the doctors did not see things our way, but we know the Great Physician who does not depend on “reports” or medical technology.

So far, Caleb has overcame every obstacle thrown at him:  He was pronounced dead, he’s still breathing; they said his kidneys would never work without dialysis, they work 100%; they said he would never breath on his own, he has no respirator or trach.  He also swallows, coughs, spits, hiccups, cries, opens his eyes and looks around…the list continues to grow each day with things that he is not suppose to be able to do.

We spent 11 and a half weeks in the hospital.  Now that we are home, Caleb is still improving.  The therapists are amazed at the progress he has made, especially considering the initial assessment they received of him being in a vegetative state and that he was “unrehabilitatable”!  We have not been back to see any doctors, instead relying on the Lord to heal Caleb.  We know that this healing is coming, but we do not know when.  Each day with Caleb is both a struggle and a blessing.  It is so hard to see our once vibrant, active little boy so dependant on us for the very simplest things.  We tell him we love him, but he can not communicate back with us.  What I wouldn’t give to hear that sweet, sweet voice say “Mommy, I love you”!  

Our world has been turned upside down.  I no longer work, so that I can stay home and take care of Caleb. It is mentally, physically, and financially challenging, but still hold firm that God is in control and better days are coming!

Update: God blessed us yesterday with a full, outloud laugh from Caleb!  What music it was to our ears!!  Thank You Lord!!!

God bless you!

12/22/2010 3:36:22 AM
Jennifer Simien United States
Jennifer Simien
When I was about 6 i remember my grandmother had come to visit us. I was sitting on her lap and she told me "Do you know that God has a big plan for your life, and that he promises to bless you greatly?" I replied like any kid would "REALLY, i cant wait to find out what it is!" and at 27 years old those words of her stuck with me sooo strongly that i fully believe that still to this day. I am reminded every day that God has a plan for my life even when i dont know what it is. To here those simple words as a child and stick so powerfully all my life i have to say wow God!!!! I will pass this gift on to my children and grandchildren. Just sharing the truth that God has promised us!!! Thand you Grandma!!! And thank you LORD
12/22/2010 4:03:15 AM
Heather United Kingdom
I've had cancer for two years, And my biggest fear is hospitals and doctors, Its very true God makes us face or fears! I refused treatment for a while because of my fear. But with hundreds of prayer warriors praying for me  that fear isn't so big anymore. God has told me that my cancer battle will help save my family members and friends because of my faith and his love. We are working together to save my family and friends. GOD IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN CANCER he always has a plan!

P.S I am listening all the way from wales! I wish we had stations like K love, here! God bless.
12/22/2010 5:29:15 AM
Justine Philippines
November of 2009, my mother and i left our family in San Diego to make a temporary new home in the Philippines in hopes of saving money to pay off incredible debts. What we had planned was completely turned upside down. It is truly only by the mercies we receive each morning to get thru the day. Jesus has revealed Himself to us here in a new light and continues to do so with each passing season. But as we spend our 2nd Christmas away from our family (due to lack of funds for plane tickets), weariness inevitably draws in. Even still, in the midst of vulnerability and weakness, our Heavenly Father has used something as simple as a song to refresh my spirit and lift me up on wings like eagles. Thank you Abba Father for using KLOVE as a vessel of your compassion. Before the Morning by Josh Wilson has altered my mentality this Christmas season.

"For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison." 2 Corinthians 4:17

Wow God.. all things come together for Your glory. Thank you Jesus that Christmas is ALL about You and not about my desires. And thank you Lisa & Eric for playing that holy spirit- inspired song.
12/22/2010 7:10:44 AM
Steve United States
We would like to submit a WOW GOD moment: Our cousin Gary needed heart surgery. He has other health issues and he is in his early 50's. The hospital in Charleston WV is a National known hospital for heart surgery. For some reason they could not or would not do his surgery. He went to  a Christian based hospital in Parkersburg, WV to have the surgery. This is a very emotional story and shows how GREAT GOD IS. My wife called me extremely upset b/c they called and said that Gary is dead. We were devestated. When I went home from work, my wife  was crying but it was a different type of crying. She received another phone call with the details of what happened. The doctor came out and told Gary's wife that he had died on the table and was sorry and asked her if she would like to go to the Chapel and pray. In prayer, another docter came running in and said "WE HAVE A PULSE". Gary came home about 5 days later and is doing very well. My wife visited him and he told her that he has a story to tell but he cannot tell it now. The hospital here in Charleston specialized in heart surgery, but God wanted to be honored and glorified so Gary was sent to this hospital in Parkersburg and this is our CHRISTmas  GOD MOMENT. Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.
12/22/2010 7:56:33 AM
Debbie United States
My husband was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in January 2005 and was given a 15-25% chance for survival.  God led us to a doctor by placing several people in our path who all recommended we contact the same doctor.  What a difference we found between the new doctor and the large cancer center who initially saw us!  My husband began very aggresive chemotherapy and radiation therapy simultaneously because his tumor was inoperable.  God is an amazing healer!  By June, the tumor was completely gone!  January 2011 will mark 6 years since his diagnosis and he is healthy and CANCER FREE!  WOW, God!  
12/22/2010 8:15:45 AM
Stevn Horsell United States
Stevn Horsell
I thank GOD so very very much for my Life you see I had a HARET ATTACK there monts ago and I have no stints or perment dameg to my heart but I did hear GOD say to me that he is not done with me yet and I had a dear brother in the LORD confirm it through a song that came from only GOD him self for me and GOD is the only reason that I am hera still he has called me to a higher calling in my life MAY GOD BLESS US ALL and he has by sending his only son .......
1/24/2011 11:31:44 AM
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Boca Raton Foreclosures
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1/27/2011 4:53:04 AM
Erick United States
On a cloudy night shortly after hurricane Katrina drove me from my home, I look into the night sky after wrecking my truck earlier that day.  I sustained some slight neck injuries, but nothing serious.  I had just wrecked the last thing I had left due to the hurricane.  I began to question God about my life being cursed.  On that cloudy night, I looked up and saw an opening in the night sky.  I was a perfect circle that opened through the clouds and all stares were visible inside this miracle and no stars were visible around the outside of the circle.  I heard the voice of God speak to my heart and he said; "Look up.  I have just opened the windows of heaven for you."  Since that time, I can't tell you how blessed I have been.  As a matter of fact, I'm now beginning to wonder when the overflow is going to stop.  Thanks for bringing the love of God to so many hurting people.

God Bless
2/16/2011 7:52:59 PM
Ashley Buzee United States
Ashley Buzee
Tonight at youth, my leader told a story about a couple who wants to get babtized. Well they weren't comfortable getting babtized in the trough, we're a cowboy church, so they dug their own tank in their backyard. Apparently they both said, "when God fills this tank with water, we'll get babtized." Down here in west Texas, it rains but not a whole lot. It was a WOW GOD moment when I walked outside and it smelled like rain was coming. I have no doubt that it will rain soon. I just thought it was truly amazing that this God sized challenge is being taken up so soon.
2/28/2011 10:21:17 AM
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3/2/2011 8:56:23 AM
Ami United States
The bright yellow moon hung in the black night sky as 41 men, women, and children filed into the little fishing boat. It wasn’t the ideal night to be escaping from communism but this was our last attempt to flee a war torn country in hopes of something better. As our little boat putted along the river bed, trying to stay in the shadows of the trees, the Buddhists were praying to the water gods and the Catholics were praying to God. The adults feared for their lives and their children’s’ lives. The children remained as quiet as possible.

I don’t recall the rest of that night or the few days afterward. What I do remember is on our sixth day somewhere in the Indian Ocean. It was mid-day, bright, and sunny and we have now run out of fuel and food. My mom is so sea sick she can’t even sit up but she laid there praying. All of a sudden our boat started to move as if miraculously we had a working engine. The boat started to come alive with excitement as we stirred about to see what was happening. Opening up my little window to look outside all I could see was the fin of the dolphin swimming next to our boat. It turned out to be a school of them swimming along our boat and propelling it forward as if they were our engine! Our prayers were answered!

The excitement didn’t last long because the school of dolphins left us just as quickly as they had come upon us. We’re now floating out in the middle of nowhere again.

By night fall, we were surrounded by darkness and our hopes were just as black and bleak. I don’t remember realizing I could easily die out there but I do remember a city out in the middle of this darkness! After much excitement and trying to revive my mother from her stupor due to anti-nausea medications, we were rescued! I remember the rescue and somehow ending up on this amazingly large ship, being able to shower, and having had my very first taste of a red delicious apple. Because my mom spoke a little English, we got first class treatment and got a cabin to sleep in, new clothes to wear, and food being brought to us by everyone! This was all new to me and I was loving life! We were rescued by an American oil tanker and taken to Indonesia. We were finally free!

The memories that I have of my journey is different than that of my mother’s. As a child, I didn’t really understand the severity of a situation. I just knew I had to keep quiet and do what I was told. What I remember from this experience is the full moon, the small boat, the dolphins, the red apple, and buried somewhere deep is the faded memory, standing on the deck of the ship and looking down at our little boat sinking as the oil tanker maneuvered away from it. The little tug boat that brought me to freedom is torn to shreds.

I’ve been told, “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” How very true! I’m sure I would remember the horror and uncertainty if I had been older. But the memories I have are my roses in December. It is where my journey begins. God had plans for me and saw me to safety. Though I may not have known Him then or for years to come, He was knocking at my door and revealing His love nonetheless. He never gave up on me. And each day is the result of this journey that started 28 years ago.

4/3/2011 7:48:18 PM
Lacey United States
HI am only 11 and i love the lord he is my lord and my savior.I LOVE him for ever and always. My mom took me to a christian concert and that is where I got my first purity ring.  I am glad that I did. because everybody at school thinks its weird but I wish they would understand what it really means. Smile
4/3/2011 7:56:51 PM
Lacey United States
Over 500 kids were saved at the christian concert! amazing! Smile Smile Smile Smile
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