Jan 06 2011

Made to Crave - Day 4

Day 4: Are Cravings Chasing You?

Based on Chapter 1 of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst


Thought for the Day: Are your cravings a curse or a blessing? The answer to that question depends on what you’re craving, because what we’re craving will always depend on whatever we’re consuming. Is it the object of our desire, or God and His truth?


A well-known weight loss company recently ran a television ad about a little orange monster chasing a woman throughout her day, tempting her with foods that obviously weren’t part of her healthy eating plan. This ad perfectly captures what it feels like to be harassed by cravings all day long. It’s a scenario that has defined the greater part of my adult life.


I believe God made us to crave. Now, before you think this is some sort of cruel joke by God, let me assure you that the object of our craving was never supposed to be food, sex, money, or chasing after significance.


Think of Eve’s temptation in the garden of Eden. While the object that enticed her might have been an apple, the core of her struggle was that she wanted to be like God, knowing good and evil. The very downfall of humanity was caused when the first woman surrendered to a craving to eat something she wasn’t supposed to eat, and to pursue a power that she was never intended to wield. But it doesn’t stop there. Look at how Jesus was tempted in Matthew 4:


After fasting forty days and forty nights … Satan came to Jesus and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (vv. 2–4)



Satan tried to appeal to Jesus’ physical craving for food. But here’s the significant difference between Eve and Jesus. Eve was saturated in the object of her desire. Jesus was saturated in God’s truth. Jesus had been in a desert fasting for forty days.


But He held strong and set a powerful example of how to escape the vicious grip of temptation. When we feel deprived and consumed with wanting unhealthy choices, we too can rely on the truth of God’s Word to help us.


With each of Satan’s temptations, Jesus quoted Scripture without hesitation to refute that temptation. Truth is powerful. The more saturated we are with truth, the more powerful we’ll be in resisting our temptations. And the more we’ll naturally direct our cravings where they should be directed—to the Author of all truth.


As we read in Matthew 4:8–10:


[T]he devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”



Are cravings a curse or a blessing? The answer to that depends on what we’re craving. And what we’re craving will always depend on whatever we’re consuming … either the object of our desire or God and His truth.



For more information about Lysa TerKeurst and her book Made to Crave, please visit: www.MadetoCrave.org

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1/6/2011 5:50:42 AM
Denise Romo United States
Denise Romo
Before Jesus was in the dessert, He knew He was loved by His Father because His Father had told Him, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."  
     Jesus focus on His Father's love and truth was revealed through the words He spoke while He was tempted by Satan.  
    Matt.12:34 says " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."  
    Jesus' example of temptation helped me realize that His truth in my heart shows up un my mouth and when "cravings" occur I can speak to them with my Father's Word who loves me.
1/6/2011 7:36:56 AM
Angie Taylor United States
Angie Taylor
I heard you talking about the God of 2nd chances and it made me think of what our message was Sunday at church....
There's NOTHING you can do that makes God love you any less!
That one statement is worth so much to me each and everyday.
I'm so thankful I get endless chances and that STILL God won't love me any the less.
1/6/2011 7:40:06 AM
Brenda Hocutt United States
Brenda Hocutt
In your morning show Ted Williams' second chance is being discussed and you asked "how has God given me a second chance?"  I was saved at 18, married at 20 and had two beautiful daughters from that marriage.  I left my first husband, bringing my two daughters back to my home state of Mississippi in 1996.  I have always been fairly regular at church attendance, choir, etc., but when I moved back "home" I moved my membership to Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon, MS and rededicated my life to God's service.  He gave me a very loving husband, a SON at the age of 43, a hand built and lovingly hand crafted home of my very own.  (I'd always had to rent before). And a vibrant life where people ask me how I can always smile and be happy when I have a chronic pain problem, for which I take prescription medications.  I tell them - - it's all JESUS!  He made the way for me, and he can do it for them!!!  He is definitely a God of second chances! Praise Him!
1/6/2011 9:52:40 AM
Mari Seymour United States
Mari Seymour
I didn't get to listen to the morning show today, but the main theme for me is Craving. I Crave more of my Lord and Savior Jesus! Whatever capacity that takes on is up to him. I've asked him to help me in the weight area, in various spiritual areas eventhough I attend church regularly in El Paso, Texas. I Crave learning more about Jesus now, eventhough I have known him a long time. It is my opinion only that I need to express the urgency of my making the right decisions in life and having a balance in every area of my life. Thank you for the opportunity to say a word and hopefully do it in the right way. I want to be a positive person at all times, especially when it comes to important things of God. So thank you God for allowing Lisa to write this book and for her willingness to do so, because it has helped me refocus on what the Lord wants me to do and not necessarily be silent about my relationship with the Lord any longer.
1/6/2011 12:12:35 PM
Timeka Johnson United States
Timeka Johnson
I always wake up to your show,and Lisa always cheers me up first thing she always has funny little comments about her wonderful children,I really enjoy your show!!!!You encourage me to be all that God needs me to be even though I am A baby christian I know that the lord provides ALL!
1/6/2011 3:51:12 PM
Kathy Hobbs United States
Kathy Hobbs
I absolutely love KLove. I listen to it each morning and I love hearing Lisa and Eric.  I really enjoy the WoW God moments.  It so wonderful to hear the way our precious Lord is our own.  It is so hard sometimes when in this world you hear so many terribles things that you can actually become fearful but I know God is not the author of fear.  It is just so good to have those Wow God moments to remind you that God is on the Throne and He is at work when the world tries to tell you otherwise. I love you KLove you have truly encouraged me and helped me in my walk with the Lord.  One more thing I absolutely love Born to Crave, I love to read it each day.  We are going to do a Bible study on this next week.  God Bless you
1/6/2011 6:09:52 PM
Nikolai Atkinson United States
Nikolai Atkinson
I am learning so much from this. I look forward to the thought of the day. Thank you for sharing with us all. Getting ready to order your book soon. Also any suggestion reading for girls (15 n 11) who I really want to get to know God?
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