Jan 28 2011

Made to Crave - Day 20

Day 20: The Curse of the Skinny Jeans

Based on Chapter 12 of Made to Crave


Thought for the Day: Tying our happiness to food, skinny jeans, relationships, or anything else sets us up for failure. But tying our security, joy, and identity to God’s love is an anchor that we can cling to no matter what the circumstances.


Once I reached my goal weight, I thought I’d never have a bad day again. I mean really, what could possibly trouble me if I could fit into my skinny jeans? Boy was I wrong.


A hurtful email showed up … a disrespectful attitude from one of my kids … a missed appointment … a messy house … a stressful situation at work … an unexpected bill. Here I was just hours after feeling thrilled at finally being able to wear my skinny jeans, falling prey to the same topsy-turvy stuff I used to think wouldn’t bother me if only I were smaller. This is the curse of the skinny jeans. The truth I’ve had to realize is that my body size is not tied to my happy. If I was unhappy when I was larger, I’ll still be unhappy when I get smaller.


For years, I tied happiness to my circumstances and hopes for the future. I thought, “I’ll be happy when my father comes back, when I get married, when I have kids, when the economy improves, when I lose those extra pounds.…” But even when some of those things came true, I was still dissatisfied. Surely there was more to me than defining myself by my circumstances.


One day I read a list of Bible verses that describe who God says I am, no matter the circumstances in my life, both good and bad. I took that list of Scriptures and started to redefine my identity. It was a stark contrast to the way I defined myself by circumstances or others’ opinions of me. I finally realized that these issues don’t define me. Instead, I could tie my happiness to the reality of who my heavenly Father says I am:



Lysa, the forgiven child of God. (Romans 3:24)

Lysa, the set-free child of God. (Romans 8:1–2)

Lysa, the accepted child of God. (1 Corinthians 1:2)

Lysa, the holy child of God. (1 Corinthians 1:30)

Lysa, the made-new child of God. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Lysa, the loved child of God. (Ephesians 1:4)

Lysa, the close child of God. (Ephesians 2:13)

Lysa, the confident child of God. (Ephesians 3:12)

Lysa, the victorious child of God. (Romans 8:37)



We were made to be set free, holy, new, loved, and confident. Because of this truth, we can’t allow our minds to partake in anything that negates our real identity. Tying our happiness to food, skinny jeans, relationships, or anything else will only set us up for failure. But tying our security, joy, and identity to God’s love is an anchor that we can cling to no matter what the circumstances.



For more information about Lysa TerKeurst and her book Made to Crave, please visit: www.MadetoCrave.org

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1/28/2011 2:32:17 AM
CP United States
Wow thanks for sharing this Lysa!  I didn't realize it but I had internalized some of those untrue "I'll be happy when.." statements as well.  Thanks for reminding me that I can be happy today based on what God says of me.  
1/28/2011 5:22:16 AM
Dianna United States
I put my name in place of your name and printed it out to remind me of who I am in god's eyes thanks
1/28/2011 5:32:17 AM
Christine United Kingdom
The song you're playing right now, with the words "Christ is risen from the dead, trampling over death by death" and  "church, come stand in the light, our God is not dead, he's alive!!" has stirred for me a thought process. I'd call you if I could, but I'm studying in England, listening to you from my laptop. I used to go an Orthodox church with my parents out of family obligation, before I actually made a decision to serve Christ. We would sing a song at Easter that went "Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death"... I never felt at home in this church, I didn't even follow Christ at that time- that happened years later, a month before I went to college. My journey with God has been pretty turbulent since then, but I'm holding onto the truth that we are only attacked by the enemy when we become a threat by being obedient to the Master, so it is a privelege to "suffer" in any small way for God. But this song made me think about how far I've come in my relationship with God since sitting in that church years ago, closed off to God. Now, I am immensely blessed with a church filled with the Spirit and filled with people who are filled with the Spirit and it really makes me see that God is ALIVE, not dead and old and just a tradition or religion, as I used to feel. Praise God. I wanted to share this along the lines of the psalm "God, show your strength, so that other may see you!" because I want to encourage anyone who wants God but is in a place where He feels like mere religion- hold on! It's probably just where you are, physically and in your journey. Seek him and you will find him, find where he's called you to be, where you can see him and be encouraged by others who know him, just hold on, I promise (and infinitely better, HE promises.)
1/28/2011 5:32:28 AM
Jenny Carney United States
Jenny Carney
Lisa and Eric,

      Boy did I ever need to read this today. My husband Brandon is currently serving our country overseas in Afghanistan. I so much want for him to come home and be surprised with a smaller version of myself. I've worked out rigorously all week long just to get on my scale on Friday morning for it to tell me I've lost not one ounce.  I've put 25 miles on my treadmill since "Monday, how is it that I've lost nothing?" I've always revolved my unhappiness with the fact I am a little overweight. I always tell myself "Well Jenny, once you lose those extra 50 lbs, you will be happy again...." Boy was this article ever an eye opener for me. I've been obsessing over losing weight and exercising for the last 2 weeks when I should be obsessing and focusing on God. Thank you so much for all that you two do at Klove. You are truly a blessing to not only myself, but my husband serving overseas.

With love,

Jenny Carney
1/28/2011 5:47:01 AM
Michelle Vaughan United States
Michelle Vaughan
I love the made to crave book! I am reading it right now and it has really helped me to see how much i depend on food instead of God for what i need. I am happy with the fact that God loves me for me and accepts me for me.  
Klove is such and encouragement to me on a daily basis and the music is so uplifting! I listen to nothing but Klove now and feel so much better and closer to God than i did a month ago.
God bless you all and your ministry!
Michelle Vaughan
1/28/2011 5:50:34 AM
Ruth Ann Bowen United States
Ruth Ann Bowen
I am a size 0 and have been for my entire adult life. I can attest that size has nothing to do with happiness. My life is racked with emotional and relational hurts and pains that run very, very deep. My life is so far from perfect and I struggle everyday with life issues just like everyone else. I can not tell you the amount of times I have been on the receiving end of judgmental attitudes, hurtful comments to my face and behind my back about my size. Do I look great in skinny jeans? Sure. But I would trade those jeans for 50 extra pounds in a heartbeat if it could erase all the hurt and suffering I've gone through in my life. Those skinny jeans do nothing to make me feel better. If anything they add to making me feel worse! My only consolation is in Christ and coming to terms with the fact that this is the body HE gave me, and if other people have a problem with that, then so be it. He is the only one who can help me get through this life. Not skinny jeans.
1/28/2011 5:51:32 AM
Den of Earth United States
Den of Earth
Wow.  Sounds like an awesome book.  I'm often guilty of falling into those worldly traps.  "Grass is always greener" kinda thing.  Convincing myself that 1 material thing or goal is the answer I need.  It can sometimes become an unhealthy obsession.  I get tunnel vision.  And even if I get there I soon realize the grass wasn't as green as I thought it was.  The place I was at previously wasn't so horrible had I stopped to notice = D

Another good thing this does is remind me "Hey, you're not alone in these struggles man!"  It's nice to read another perspective on the subject.  ESPECIALLY the positive solutions you offer.  I'm good at spotting the problems, doing something about 'em?  Not so much...  
1/28/2011 6:02:22 AM
sam United States
comment on the basketball story winning is by five points or 105 points but self worth for either team was tarnished who wants to go around telling someone they won by 105 points games are however meant to be won and lost but souls are to and i dont think the christian thing was done rather a coach pushing his weight around i agree with the guy at the station could have been a good lifes lesson that the winning coach had an great opportunity to teach but he blew it any christian leader would loved to had that chance and he had it but blew it i pray for both teams that god would help them because the adult failed them thanks for ur service to his kingdom lisa and eric
1/28/2011 6:20:24 AM
kar United States
Hi Lisa and Eric,
My daughter plays junior high basketball on a home school team in Wichita, Ks.  Many times they outmatch the other team and could run right over them but their coach pulls back and puts the second string in and allows them to play much of the game.  Yes, playing a sport is much more then winning.  It is all about building character and being a good sport.
1/28/2011 6:26:45 AM
JoAnn United States
good thought i am on the retreat team at my church and we are doing a skit basses on this. it is about a young Hight school girl who thinks cool friends, the hottest guy in school as her boyfriend, and getting into to the college of her dream will make her happen. one she gets all these things she is still not happen then soon lets God into her life then is happy.
1/28/2011 6:32:43 AM
Ken United States
My word for the year is grace.
That I would depend on God's grace more in my life, and look to the Lord to make me more like Him.
That I would extend God's grace more and more to other.s
1/28/2011 7:15:11 AM
Ava United States
Thank you! I needed to hear this so much...I have been thinking that I would be so HAPPY if I could just get Breast Implants. I have been so confused about what to do...Thank you!
1/28/2011 7:18:38 AM
Lynn United States
My fill in the blank is just what you said...to be married to that someone! We were together three years, married and he cheated on me. Leaving me and our new baby. Through the divorce process we tried to make things work but also I continued to find out he was still with this other woman. Two years later we were trying to reconcile yet again and I learned two days ago that he is living with and  has a baby with the other woman now too...living a double life with both of us. We have all talked now and I am waking away letting them figure their life out. But in all this and with this book I realize I have always put him before God and I'm not allowing that anymore! I have learned a lot about being the Christian I need to be.

Please if you read this can you play Brandon Heath's Love never fails? That song reminds me that the Lord is the ONLY true love in my life and He will NEVER fail me! Thank You!
1/28/2011 7:26:12 AM
Skye United States
Thank you so much for your guys's message today. (:
We're not truly happy until we fill our emptiness with God and live our lives for Him. We especially shouldn't obsess about our body image because this is our temperary body. Why spend all your life worrying about your imperfections when you can be doing amazing things for God. I think as Christians, we're not here to have selfish ambitions, only to do the work our Father has called us to do.
Thanks Lisa & Eric, God bless!
1/28/2011 7:27:16 AM
Ava United States
I printed this out and taped it to my desk so I see it every day!!!!!!!!
Ava, the forgiven child of God. (Romans 3:24)

Ava, the set-free child of God. (Romans 8:1–2)

Ava, the accepted child of God. (1 Corinthians 1:2)

Ava, the holy child of God. (1 Corinthians 1:30)

Ava, the made-new child of God. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Ava, the loved child of God. (Ephesians 1:4)

Ava, the close child of God. (Ephesians 2:13)

Ava, the confident child of God. (Ephesians 3:12)

Ava, the victorious child of God. (Romans 8:37)


1/28/2011 7:32:22 AM
Kathy Rae United States
Kathy Rae
Growing up in an abusive home, I wasn't taught who I truly was. I learned that I was worthless, unlovable, and this is the "truth" I believed about myself. I was constantly self-sabotaging my life. But then I chose to see myself as God does, priceless, chosen, loved, valuable beyond measure, WORTHY of all His blessings. I awake each day and affirm the real truth about me, God's truth. So worthy and cherished am I that He gave His One and Only Beloved Son so that I may live free and in truth. Once I learned to see myself as God does, say it out loud every day, my bad habits began to fade away. People, love you as God loves you, live in His truth and not the "truth" people have told you you are and you will be free to receive all God has created you for.
1/28/2011 7:37:45 AM
Ashlee United States
Your book was just the kick I needed to get back to living. I read your book and it clicked. satan was using food to keep me in bondage and I wanted no part of that. So Dec 31st I changed. I have lost 18lbs as of today. I spend everyday reading my Bible, a first for me. I stopped eating the food that was controlling me. When people found out that i may never get to eat those foods again because of the strong pull they have on me they disagreed but I was smart enough to know this was another trick from the enemy. Your book has inspired my blog as well. http://madeformorethanthis.blogspot.com/

Thank you.

Be blessed
1/28/2011 7:50:14 AM
Maricruz United States
I needed this today Lisa and Eric.  Yes I've always thought one more pair of jeans or If I could make $75M a year in a job, or if I were only married or when I have a child...fact is I've had all of that and never was happy.  Momentarily happy, but so untrue, it doesn't last.

This morning my boyfriend of 8 months proposed to me while I was still in my pajamas.  Then when he got to work he called and told me of the skinny jeans and asked "You're not marrying me because this is what will make you happy, right?"  My answer was no.  No one, nothing can make me happy if I am not first secure in God's love for me.  Henry (my fiance) is my voice of caution, sent to me by God in the most sadest time of my life.  I had lost my mom to cancer last February 28th and I met him 3 months later.

I cannot begin to tell you the things God has done in my life after my mother's death.  God is good.  ALL THE TIME!
1/28/2011 10:30:41 AM
Theresa Moss Currier United States
Theresa Moss Currier
1/28/2011 12:48:05 PM
Erin Beech United States
Erin Beech
You guys have been asking what is our 1 word we have ask the Lord to give us.
Well here is mine:
I ask that he gives me the knowledge to know how to be modest in my thinking, my way of dress, in my actions.  That people may see him through me by just the way I speak or dress!
Oh how I love my God and praise him everyday for saving my life!
1/28/2011 6:49:54 PM
shelley United States
Just discovered that this book is a free download at Amazon.com for Kindle!  Excited!  Happy reading!!!
1/28/2011 7:50:48 PM
Lynda Murdock United States
Lynda Murdock
Listening to the skinny jean story this morning on my way to work, the one thing that came to mind was if we don't fit into our clothes, pass them on to someone who can use them! Having not had any choice what clothes or shoes I would wear as a child, I am blessed enough to buy clothes now and even more blessed when I pass them on to someone in need.
1/29/2011 5:51:08 AM
Tamara Crowe United States
Tamara Crowe
This book "Made to Crave" has really turned my spiritual heart around.  I am working on the fact that God loves me as I am..........and so do the people He has put into my life.  I am the one that doesn't love me, I am the one that whispers nasty comments that bring me down and make me want to eat things that are not beneficial to me.  I have thought this week how easy I make it for the devil to get a foot into my head.  I just open my mouth to eat.  Then come the guilt feelings that once again I did not trust God to comfort me.  Once again He gave me a way to show my love and trust in Him and I failed.  I can just imagine the devil laughing at his success!  So I just remember the verse that says "This I recall to my mind, therefore I have HOPE.  It is  of the Lord' MERCIES that we are not consumed, because HIS COMPASSIONS fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.  The Lord is MY PORTION saith my soul; therefore will I HOPE in HIM!" Lamentations 3:21-24

I am a loved child of God and today my goal is to stand strong in His love every moment of today.
2/11/2011 4:40:14 AM
number 4 United States
number 4
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