Feb 17 2011

God is faithful

I'm going to add to this blog, on and off throughout the day.

After 20 years of marriage, many ups and downs, pain, prayers, and more story than I can type right now during the AM show...

God was faithful - when I deserved it the least, he gave me the best.

Today Jon David Williams is 4.

Please share your stories of God's faithfullness in you lives...



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2/17/2011 5:26:22 AM
Amber Barnum United States
Amber Barnum
6 months ago, I wasn't confident that my marriage was going to last. It seemed like my husband had given up. I was devastated, and I didn't know what to do... except pray, which is of course the most important thing to do! I prayed, my friends & family prayed, my church prayed, and God answered. God saved my marriage. God brought us back from a dark place of not knowing each other any more. God turned both of our hearts around, and helped us to look towards HIM. He was faithful to us when we thought there was no hope! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!
2/17/2011 6:31:35 AM
Betsy United States

I wanted to call the morning show but I stumble on my words so when I get nervous!

But I just wanted to say thank you for reminding us of your blessing and miracle. My husband and I are rounding out year 3 in our journey to extend our family. While there have been not so good days, I am constantly reminded that God is there to use our situation to His glory if we allow it, simply by being a testament of faith through our trying time.

Thank you for reminding us that we are not alone. Smile

And hello from Louisiana!
2/17/2011 6:31:52 AM
Pam Parker United States
Pam Parker
Sometimes we don't know just how faithful He is until later.  My husband and I have been married for seven years.  I have 3 children from my first marriage (2 are adults now) and together we have one son, Caleb Lynn.  We suffered a miscarriage before having him and have suffered seven miscarriages after him.  It has taken me six years, but I have finally realized that when John and I prayed that God give us one child to raise together after he'd gone through chemo therapy and radiation treatments for cancer, that it is TRULY a miracle that Caleb was even conceived, much less born.  Not only is the pregnancy a miracle, but we almost lost him three weeks before our due date.  I look at Caleb every day and know that God is faithful.  It is our goal in this life to raise Caleb to know, to love, and to serve the Lord, for it is He who allowed Caleb to be here to bring such joy to our lives.  I am grateful for a faithful God who knows the desires of our heart and provides as we need (not what we think we want.)  God bless you and KLove!
2/17/2011 6:34:04 AM
anonymous United States
When I was 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child my husband admitted to having an affair with a girl in our church, it was devastating.  Here I had been praying for God to add to our family because I thought we were so happy.  My doctor was amazed I was pregnant at all because my uterus was so tilted, but God works in awesome ways.  My husband and I went to counseling the majority of my pregnancy and it helped, but God had another way of bringing us together.  our son was born with sagittal craniosynistois, so we knew within the first few months of his life that he would have neurosurgery, that was very hard to deal with, all I wanted to do was sit down and say,"Really God, now I have to deal with this too".  But instead I prayed and God gave me the same strength for my son that he gave me to work with my husband.  A few months after my sons surgery we found out my 83 yr old father has cancer, again I wanted to say "why" but i prayed and God gave me strength and peace.  He is always faithful to us, even when we are not always so faithful to him.
2/17/2011 6:38:05 AM
Lauren Young United States
Lauren Young
That's an adorable picture! Reminds me of when my little brother was 4. Precious!
2/17/2011 6:41:54 AM
Roxanne United States
I love your blog Lisa! How True!! God IS faithful. My husband Jim and I tried many times to conceive but, every time, we were unsuccessful. As you can imagine it was like a roller coaster! We finally made and appointment with a fertility doctor who told me that I had a cyst on my ovary that needed to be removed first before anything else.  I broke down, once again, discouraged and thought I might have cancer.  Well, it wasn't cancer. Amen! After about 10 tries of Artificial Incemination, God gave us a beautiful baby boy who is now 5 years old! One thing, out of many, I specifically asked God "It would be cool if he had blonde hair and blue eyes, God." (I have blonde hair and Jim has blue eyes) Well, that's what he gave us! Our son's name is James and he is fourth generation!! I just love him so much! God has blessed us abundantly with our "little boy" That's been his nick name since he was born but, now he doesn't want you to tell him he's "little" because he's a "big boy" now Smile Now I know what it means when parents say "you just don't know the kind of love you have for your child, until you have one of your own." Oh, wow! Is that ever true!! Now, I know Smile I am forever grateful to God for ALL he has done to make our family complete. I Thank him everyday and it brings tears to my eyes to think that I thought I would never get married (I was married at 35) OR have children(had James at 41)! All babies are miracles/gifts from God but, we truly feel that  James IV is our special miracle! To all those who are discouraged, just pray to God and praise him for what you DO have. Pray daily & faithfully!! God answers prayers, in his time, not ours Smile  
2/17/2011 6:42:48 AM
Amber United States
There is so much that is proof of God's faithfulness in my life. At ten years old,the first summer I was old enough to go to summer camp, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  That very summer my parents would divorce and my life would take a fatal turn.  But the Holy Spirit lived within me and I was being drawn to God through the struggles.  I ended up being intimately involved as a teen with guys as I longed for love.  God put the christian man of my dreams into my life.  While our relationship was bumpy in the beginning, God was weaving a beautiful tapestry.  We got pregnant, got counseling, and got married.  We had a beautiful baby boy and found out he needed care in the NICU.  He stayed for 6 days but they discovered a whole in his heart.  The doctors monitored and felt by 2 he was fine.  After a child at his son passed away due to heart complications, we felt led to take our now 10 years old son to the cardiologist.  A doppler EKG was done; I could see his heart beating on the ultrasound machine.  My son's EKG showed that his heart was completely healed, as we had prayed and believed for the past 8 years! Now my husband and I have been married for 10 years and have 3 beautiful children total.  We are finishing college, growing and laughing with our family, and serving families in our church through small group bible study and leading the children's ministry.  There are many friends and family around us who are hurting because of broken relationships and sickness.  We are petitioning God on their behalf! We look forward to the wondrous works of God that lie ahead!  God is so faithful.  
2/17/2011 6:44:20 AM
Jo United States
This blog isn't about conceiving or being blessed with a child but still about God's faithfulness. My beautiful daugther suffered a great loss last summer after losing the love of her life. Not to death but to his loss of will to make it work. He had promised her the dream of a life together and she fantasized and made little plans but he destroyed them all. God has been very faithful through the very dark,lonely days but she desires to be a godly wife and mother. Your example of perseverance, Lisa, gives her hope that if she delights herself in the Lord, he will give her the desires of her heart.
2/17/2011 6:46:05 AM
Donna Rogers United States
Donna Rogers
My husband was diagnosed with Hodkin's Disease at age 18 and underwent intensive chemo treatments. He had a recurrence at age 31, shortly after we started dating, and he endured a very aggressive therapy.  He was told biological children would be an impossibility -- we married and were content giving our affection to numerous nieces and nephews, but the desire for a family of our own existed for both of us. At age 40, 9 years after my husband's last chemo treatement, I found out I was pregnant!  We now have two sons - 6 and 4 - God is faithful!!!
2/17/2011 6:48:19 AM
Laurie United States
I think you are so funny, I love your stories about your 2 boys. I am a mother to 2 boys and coming from a family where there were only girls, WHOA, what a difference boys are. My boys are true blessings because my husband and I adopted them. One from Russia and the other from Kazakhstan.  Thanks for continuing to share about the funny things your guys do, it makes me feel normal!!!
Have a great day celebrating.
2/17/2011 6:48:36 AM
Ramona Jenkins United States
Ramona Jenkins
‎2 years ago my husband and I were given a word from the Lord saying that He was going to give us a house but in His timing and to start packing. Well that night we went home and started packing up things that we didn't use (like pictures a...nd that kinda stuff). We put the boxes in the corner of our bedroom and that's where they stayed. We waited and waited but nothing ever happened. We are a family of 4. Our daughter is 15 and our son is 11, and for 11 years they have shared a room together because we lived in a 2 bedroom trailer. Well my husband and I thought that if we did the possible God would do the impossible. Our credit was bad so we couldn't get a loan for a house. We started looking and everytime we thought we found the right place it never worked out. So one day we went and looked at a house that the owner was going to owner finance for us even though he had it up on the market. When he told the realestate lady about it she sold it out from underneath us. Well about an hour after finding this out my husband (he's a firefighter) gets a medical call to go and help someone up who had fallen. After helping the man up my husband begins talking to his wife and she began to tell him how they have been trying to sell their house to move up north to get closer to their children. My husband began to tell her that we were looking but need someone to owner finance for us because we didn't have good credit. She told him that they could work with that but let her talk it over with her husband and she would call him in 2 weeks. Well we didn't think anymore of it and in 2 weeks she called and asked if we were still interested in the house. My husband quickly answered yes. She then asked if we would come on a Sat. or Sun to look at the house because I hadn't seen it yet. My husband told her that it would have to be on Saturday because we had church Sunday morning and prayer on Sunday night. She immediately told him that she knew something was different about him and that was he is a Christian. Well my husband and I are Youth Leaders in our Church. She told him right then on the phone that no matter what the house was ours and that we could start calling it home. We moved into the house on November 9, 2010. We went from a 2 bedroom 1 bath trailer to a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2800 square foot home with a 2000 square foot shop, 5 acres of land. The house appraised for $400,000 and they sold it to us for half of that and we pay a monthly note that we can afford. So 2 years later we were able to unpack the boxes that had been boxed up for 2 years
2/17/2011 6:51:50 AM
Vanessa United States
My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have 2 beautiful children and are very blessed. I have been a christian since I was 15 but had fallen away for many years. Last year I picked up my Bible again reading every morning and started praying on my knees every night. I would pray for everything confess everything and give thanks for every blessing. We recently have witnessed a miricle in our lives that can only be explained by God's Providence. We put our house on the market and made an offer for a new one on the contigency of selling ours first. I my husband, who has not accepted the Lord as his Savior, was skeptical that we would be successful in this endevour. I told him that God will provide for us just to have some faith. In the first day on the market someone made an offer for our house for full price! That night my husband grabbed my hand and said a prayer of thanks to God. That to me was more of a blessing than anything I could have asked for. God is amazing and I can see the Holy Spirit working to change our hearts and lives everyday. He is faithful and good to His children.
2/17/2011 6:53:04 AM
Julie United States

Thank you for sharing your amazing story this morning. Four years ago my husband and I decided we were going to start trying to add to our family. We tried for over a year and a half to get pregnant. I was so impatient and didn't understand why God wasn't doing what I wanted. Then towards the end of the first year I realized I need to do what God wanted and then everything else would fall into place. I just prayed to him my most sincere prayer for him to take control. I gave him all of me and he blessed me with a pregnancy. In December of 2008 we were given such an amazing gift. God has opened my eyes through our little boy and I'm so thankful for all that he has done for me. God is faithful if we allow him to be. Happy Birthday to John David!!! I know you all will have an amazing celebration today.
2/17/2011 6:53:22 AM
Jeremy United States
Lisa thank you for your testimony this morning.  As I drove into work I told my wife that I honestly felt God sitting in my passenger seat as my heart communicated with His.  All I can say is "Jehovah Rophe - The God who heals"  Thats exactly what He has done in my life. I'm 36 and I have a wonderful wife of 13 years and 3 amazing kids. Up until 3 weeks I was completely headed into utter destruction.  I lived hopeless because of my sin.  But...God being the Great Pursuer that He is intervened in my life.  Since then I have lived with the incredible joy and peace that really passes my understanding.  I explain it as I have lived in black and white my whole life and traded the glasses in for color.  Color is exactly what I see now Gods grace and mercy is almost to much for me to handle.  I live humbled by where I was and humbled by where God is now taking me and my family.  I truly have been awaken and its because of Christ.  He truly has become my healer in every area of my life.
2/17/2011 6:57:38 AM
Teresa Soukup United States
Teresa Soukup
Lisa, I am listening right now and trying to hang on. I know God has worked in my life. I was in a car accident in 94 and spent three years in a wheelchair. I was told I would never walk again. I have had 12 surgeries and am walking. I have had many trials including 2 ex-husbands and am now a single mother of three, trying to hang on. I am really struggling, please pray for me. Thank God for you and Eric. You are awesome. Love to you. Teresa
2/17/2011 6:59:34 AM
Melissa United States
Your story has always been an encouragement to me.  My husband and I struggled to conceive and went through the whole fertility ordeal. But in time the Lord showed us both that we were meant to have a family through adoption.  Though our road to adopt was a difficult one, we brought home our son in early August. Jaden is now 6 months old and the biggest blessing to our family. God is faithful and though His ways aren't always what we expected, I am finding that His path is better than anything I could have planned myself. Thank you for your encouragement and faithfulness to the K-LOVE listeners.  Happy birthday to your son!!  Smile
2/17/2011 6:59:39 AM
Robin Cross United States
Robin Cross
Lisa, I also have a John david that was a mircale aby for us.  After 9 years of trying God blessed us wiht this sweet little boy.  That was 9 years ago.  he only lived 10 hours but what a blessing he was and a true miracel fo God.  Four years later I had Christopher David and 19 months after that I had Jonah David.  God has been so faithful to me.  Even though losing my little boy God turned my pain into a message and last year I started a ministry, CrossHeart Ministries.  We minister to fmailies who have suffered a lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.  My little boy's life lives on and touches many.  Our logo is "A Ministry of faith, hope, healing and miracles."  My journey that God lead me through trying to become a Mommy.  God is faithful and true to His Word.  "He gathers' the LAMBS and carries them close to HIS heart."  Isaiah 40:11 LAMBS is our acronym for the Mom's that we touch (Lost Angel Mom's Buidling Strength)

God has been faithful!  <3
2/17/2011 7:00:00 AM
Emily United States
In 2005 we were blessed with a beautiful son. Wanting to give him a sibling, in 2006 I became pregnant and had a daughter in May 2007. Unexpectedly, our daughter was born with a rare genetic disease that we had no idea my husband and I were carriers of. After 6 short weeks, our daughter lost the fight and went to heaven. Left heartbroken we consulted with a genetic counselor. He left us even more heartbroken. He told us the only way we would ever have another healthy baby is if we did expensive in-vitro. After lots of praying, I wanted to prove the genetic specialist wrong. I became pregnant last year and gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY baby boy just 3 1/2 weeks ago. So many prayers were answered and now our family is "complete." Paige will always be in our hearts and we are so thankful that God gave us a 2nd chance.
2/17/2011 7:00:05 AM
Jessica United States
God is definitely faithful! I am not quite a week into my husband's second deployment, but this time is different. This time I am leaning on the Lord, praying almost all day long when I am sad or lonely or scared and He has been faithful every day to bring me the peace I need to get through the day. Really, that's all I need...one day at a time. If I can make it through this day by the Grace of God then I am one day closer to having my husband back by my side. I am so thankful that I know the Lord. I cannot imagine going through this time without Him in my life.
2/17/2011 7:00:22 AM
Daniel United States
I was raised in a Christian home and attended church every Sunday. As I grew older, I was living in sin because everything in my life seemed to be perfect. I eventually lost faith in God due to the belief that he had lost faith in me.

One summer during my college years, my girlfriend I planned to marry broke up with me, my relationship with my family was growing thin, and I had no job for the summer. Quickly feeling very depressed and alone, I started to pray. It was the first time I had spoke to God in years.

The next morning a local church camp had called saying they needed an extra counselor. They mentioned how counselors usually apply months in advance for this position and one of them had to suddenly leave. That summer was the best experience of my life. On one occasion we were walking the labyrinth and the rain managed to hold off the entire walk. At the end when we began to pray, the rain gently started to fall. The rain continued until the very moment we said, "Amen", suddenly stopping.

I truly believe that God let me hit that low to show that he could lift me up. To prove that I can always lean on him and he will never lose faith despite how many times I may fall.

To this very day, I still have no idea how that church camp got my name.
2/17/2011 7:01:09 AM
Lorrie Lambert United States
Lorrie Lambert
4 years ago my ex husband passed away. Not that's a good thing but  God knows when certain situations aren't going to be beneficial to Him. We had a son together and I had remarried when our son was 2. God was faithful to give me such a loving and caring husband. BUT God was more faithful in giving my son a father who loved God and would love my son as his own.  My husband adopted OUR son 4 years ago.   And if you didn't know you would never tell that he wasn't there the whole time!
2/17/2011 7:01:47 AM
Nancy Tanner United States
Nancy Tanner
Lisa, what a great testament to God!  Your precious little boy is 4 today!  Four years ago today my sweet sweet dad died.  I sat with him along with my mother, sister and aunt and watched him slip away to a much better place. My life changed that day and so did yours.  God gives and He takes away.  Have a blessed day.
I live in Amarillo, Texas and listen to KLove all the time!  Your station is a constant reminder that God is in control.
2/17/2011 7:02:25 AM
Tor United States
All my life I wanted a good family.  I wanted to get married, have a large amount of kids.  Well, God had other plans.  In and out of so many abusive relationships I gave up.  I'm very strong and independent, and most of the men can't deal with that.  So I decided, ok, maybe I can just be a single mom.  I know I would make an amazing mom, so when can I have my own kids?  In 2008 I got uterine cancer and had a hysterectomy.  I surprisingly accepted this without much depression.  In the last year God has called me to lead 3 programs in my church centering around the youth in my town.  From having no kids to fuss over I now have approximately 24.  While I am not their mother, I am closer to a mom than most of them have.  These kids are from broken and damaged homes.  Some of them only eat a warm meal once a week and that is when we give it to them.  They are lost and struggling and I am trying to help as best I can.  I have no doubt if I had my own child, I would not be doing this.  This is God's call to me.
2/17/2011 7:03:14 AM
Lori Schult United States
Lori Schult
My husband and I have been blessed by God with our six wonderful children, ages 25, 23, 21, 18, 16, and 12. (five girls and one boy!)
I remember back when my oldest, our 25-year-old daughter Angela, was starting out in school and I would visit her class. Such a proud mom I was and still am! Now, praise God, Angela is in her second year as a teacher in a wonderful third-grade class, and guess what? I'm again visiting her class, only this time it is with her as the teacher!! The first time i visited her class, one little boy asked, "Miss Schult, is SHE your sister?" Bless his dear little heart, even though my daughter rolled her eyes!!!
2/17/2011 7:04:18 AM
Brenda United States
God's faithfulness to my family inspires me daily to perservere.  Our family was hard-fought and hard-won.  We felt so blessed when our daughter was conceived and then born a week after we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  However, somewhere along the road, our love for each other had grown cold and our hearts were hardened.  When my daughter was 4, I found out my husband was having an emotional affair with a woman he might online.  My husband asked for a divorce.  I was devastated.  I confided in my sisters and my sister-in-law. Each of them helped us to weather the storm.  I read "The Five Love Languages" and that was very helpful.  I took responsibility for the part I played in killing the love we once shared.  We also saw a marriage counselor a few times and she gave us renewed hope.  We found our way back to the love and it's only grown and deepened since then.

We desperately wanted another child, but none of the subsequent procedures were successful.  We ceased treatment.  In August of 2000, I found out I was pregnant and we were elated.  We shared our news right away with everyone, including our now 7 year old daughter.  Unfortunately, that pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.  We began the rollercoaster of more fertility treatments and stopped after a year when none were successful.

In 2005, just as my husband was planning a surprise getaway the following year for our 20th wedding anniversary, I found out I was pregnant.  I was scared the entire pregnancy.  I did not want another miscarriage.  We waited until we saw the baby's heartbeat before sharing our news with anyone, including our now 12 year old daughter.  On July 7, 2006, I gave birth to a very sweet little boy we named Jacob.  Jakie (as we affectionately refer to him) is now 4 years old.  He is a joy to our lives.  He adores his big sister, and she him.  We are unbelievably blessed!  Even when my husband got laid off his job of nearly 7 years, God's faithfulness to our family continued.  He increased my business so I could carry the additional financial burden.  We haven't missed any payments on anything, and we found out we could do with much less than we'd ever believed previously.

My life feels like a living testament to the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.  My husband and I are so happy in our marriage, and we love our children and I try never to take for granted the gifts God placed in our lives when He entrusted us to raise these two precious children.
2/17/2011 7:04:24 AM
Jessica United States
For me, God has shown His faithfulness in many ways! One way that really brought me to love Him even more I actually only recently fully realized. At my church in Wisconsin, I know lots of great people my age and love them all dearly. We hang out on weekends and go to rallies and conferences together, but I'm really only close to one girl who has become one of my best friends. Unfortunately she isn't able to come to many events, so I struggled with finding good, Christian friends I could hold on to. So I started praying for friends while getting stronger in the Lord. I wasn't feeling like the situation was getting any better until I realized that GOD was my best friend! He was always there for me when I had no one else to be a friend, He held me when I cried, He listened when I prayed and talked to Him, and loved me when no one else seemed to care. He has become my very best friend and through it all has remained ever so faithful to me. I love you, Lord. Thank you for walking with me through the storm. Love, your daughter.
2/17/2011 7:04:45 AM
Joshua Aaron Rodriguez United States
Joshua Aaron Rodriguez
well hello there,, good morning
i tired calling but did not get through,
so  here is my lil story
when i was 18 i was very depressed and i would not leave my room to go to school or anything, the doctors put me on meds but i did not like them.
i was raised with Jesus in my life and church every sunday and so forth.
Now i know not to ask god to prove himself but i needed a merical, so i begged god for just a sign to let me know that everything happens for a reason and i will be ok,
so the next morning i was reading the comics and i loved Ziggy,
well..ok... Ziggy had a bird on his arm and the bird said  " FORGET IT JOSH, COMIC STRIP CARTERS DON'T GET TO THAT DIRECT!!!:   i Still have it, i cut it out and kept it, so i just wanted to let everybody know that Jesus and our heavenly father really do listen and love us with all of his hart and no matter what you are going through he is there,, It was his gift to me like the poem foot prints, if you like let me know through email and i will fax you guys over a copy.. thank you for getting up everyday and doing what you guys do down there at the station, and tell your lil man happy birthday!!! I love you even though i do not know you.. god bless and may the angels never leave your side..
2/17/2011 7:05:05 AM
Mandi Crable United States
Mandi Crable
My husband and I struggled with infertility for 4 years only to learn at the end of the 4 years of testing that unless God changed things, we'd never have biological kids. Of course I BEGGED and BEGGED God to change things, that we desperately wanted to be parents.

God never did give us what we wanted, but he did give us what we needed. We became parents in 2009 to two amazing, beautiful boys through foster care. In 2010, we were able to make them a part of our family forever. We're now in the process of renewing our license to help even more kids out, whether just for a short while or for forever.

We don't deserve ANYTHING God's done for us, but are SO thankful he's so faithful.
2/17/2011 7:05:26 AM
mary jane United States
mary jane
i was told i'd never have kids of my own and it took 8 yrs and countless treatments but i finally had my own baby girl on 1/5/90. today lacey is 21 yrs old and engaged to be married this spring. god is good but he didn't stop there. 3.5 ...yrs later i was preg again and this time the drs told me something was terribly wrong with my baby's developement and they didn't expect her to survive birth. my hannah was born on 10/26/93 with a very rare condition that effects her both physically and developmentally. she's had many health struggles but this yr she will turn 18 yrs old. god is a very faithful god. i could actually go on and on and on and on.... SmileSee More
2/17/2011 7:06:28 AM
Rita United States
My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years this May and like you too Lisa have had many ups and downs. After 14 years of marriage we finally were blessed with our son Joseph (who is now 5). Although we were so excited to have him in our lives...the months following his birth really tried our marriage. Our son had colic and my husband and I were really struggling with each other. I believe we were so used to being just the two of us for so long doing what we wanted it was very hard to adjust to this new little person that "we" are responsible for. We started drifting apart and by the time my son was five months...I had many doubts that we would make it. Anyway we confronted the issues and slowly found each other before it was too late. We've been tested again since that time...and then about 10 months ago my husband wrote to me that he wanted to be a better husband and father. He also said he wanted to get to know me again. Well he has done that and our marriage is stronger than ever! I know we wouldn't have made it to this point if it weren't for God giving us the strenght to press on. HE is Awesome!!
2/17/2011 7:07:46 AM
Vicki Thivener United States
Vicki Thivener
We had tried for over 19 years to have a child. The doctors told me my chance of getting pregnant and going full term was like 1-10%. I had a dream in 1982 I was giving birth to my long awaited child. He or she was going to have thick dark hair. 1983 I gave birth to my very first baby and last. He had lots of dark hair not only on his head but all over his body. This year he will be 28. He is a LPN and studying to be a RN. I have been blessed with 2 adopted sons also. My God is faithfull He always keeps His promises!
2/17/2011 7:09:40 AM
Philip Slater United States
Philip Slater
After 9 years of drug sales and a very deep and intense drug addiction to meth, I was set up by a friend through local law enforcement. As i set in prison with a plan of retaliation on this man i had this young man follow me around EVERYWHERE telling me about Jesus, how he can give me a new start, forgive me of ALL my wrongs, take hate from my heart and on and on and on . . . . Eventually i surrendered in Lansing Correctional Facility and accepted that Christ was calling me to do his wonderful business in this world. Although i had some concern about returning to my home town ( old playgrounds ) God made it clear he had a plan for me, provided me with a ministry and i now have the amazing opportunity to speak in schools, churchs, events, etc about what Christ is capable of doing, he is my rock and i give him all glory. Its a message of hope and forgiveness that must be told, this is a story that is told with the guy who sent me to prison Smile God allowed me to forgive this man and we do ministry together. God turned my mess into a message and i will forever lean on his word, especially 2 COR. 5:17 . . . .God is forever faithful in my life because he allows me to spread the gospel daily and remain sober and reach many, many lives through the leading of His spirit, much love to anyone who reads this and NEVER LOSE HOPE IN THE ONE WHO DIED FOR US ALL Smile Blessings . . . Thank you Philip Slater ( osawatomie, ks )
2/17/2011 7:09:42 AM
Jamie Vaughan Canada
Jamie Vaughan
I want to tell you how God is using your show this morning to encourage my heart and stir my soul. God is so faithful! I was a young man forced to go to Liberty University in 1995. I was a Christian however Christ wasn't a priority in my life. To make a long story short, God was still faithful. He waited on me. In March of 1996 He cal...led me into the ministry. I immediately changed my major and tried to follow God's lead. In 1998, God saw fit to bring a ministry partner in my life who is an annointed singer that immediately reminded me of a young Sandi Patty. We have a wonderful family with 2 healthy, talented children. With all of that, I was still missing something, I was in the ministry for 13 years and still no church to pastor. Last March, God showed his faithfulness once again and now I am having the time of my life pastoring Grace Baptist Church in Madison, NC.!!!
2/17/2011 7:10:23 AM
Jamie Vaughan United States
Jamie Vaughan
I am from the US not canada.  sorry!
2/17/2011 7:11:41 AM
Leah United States
Hey. Just wanted to share your prayers of praise. I have some friends who have been married about 8 years and she is actually going through early menopause at about 30 years old. For all the years of their marriage, they have tried to have a baby - numerous infertility treatments and so many disappointments. And after all of the treatments and no baby, they decided to get into the foster-to-adopt program, which was taking it's toll as far as time and home repairs. Wouldn't you know, after all of these struggles, my friend is 20 weeks pregnant! They have a wonderful miracle baby on the way who will be born at the end of June. To make the deal even sweeter, especially for me, I found out I was pregnant 6 weeks later - our own little surprise of a blessing. And she is such a wonderful person and wanted to be a mother so badly, I'm so glad that I get to go right along with her in this process, but also so thankful that she was able to get pregnant before me so that my joy wouldn't bring her pain. Our husbands are both overjoyed and we are absolutely loving that our kids will be 6-7 weeks apart! God is good and will NEVER give you more than you can handle. Even when life seems to be the hardest - like not be able to conceive - or gives you the most surprises - like getting pregnant less than a year into marriage - he has EVERYTHING in the palm of his hand.
2/17/2011 7:12:18 AM
Mike Orness United States
Mike Orness
Been there and totally understand about the infertility issues. My wife and I have been married for 15 years, and 3.5 years ago, we were blessed with a daughter through adoption. There is a huge story behind this, but I wanted to affirm that YES, Our Lord is faithful! He will always be there for us.

In the years leading up to choosing adoption, my wife and I struggled and questioned God's will. Why were we not able to have children. We tried everything and have the bills to so for it. LOL

But who are we to even question the will of God. Just know that he loves and cares for us.


God Bless you all! Love the show!

Mike Orness
2/17/2011 7:12:57 AM
AJ United States
Lisa, your story was just what I needed to hear this morning.  So many people don't understand what infertility does to a marriage.  My husband and I almost broke up once because of it. Thank you for sharing that because now I don't feel so alone and like such a failure.  I have definitely grown much closer to the Lord during this time than I would have if I had conceived years ago. Life is a miracle that only God creates, not us, and he gets all the glory for it.
2/17/2011 7:13:23 AM
Nicole Ortiz United States
Nicole Ortiz
I've been out running errands all morning listening to the show and wanting so bad to share God's faithfulness in my life.  I even pulled over in a parking lot to try my smart phone to no avail, but now I am home, and before I even unload the groceries, I have come here to share an AWESOME story of God's faithfulness.  It is a story of adoption that God has called me to share that began 13 years ago.  I have a blog (These Little Wonders) where I have shared our story in two seperate entries called "No Words" and "The Thirteenth Christmas." It is a story of heartbreak and healing, unfailing love with an awesome reunion that will leave you saying, "WOW GOD!"  God is great and He is faithful!  Please visit at www.theselilwonders.blogspot.com.
2/17/2011 7:13:50 AM
Elizabeth United States
I saw God working in my life, but being the impatient person that I am I jumped ahead of God and His plan for my life. I knew that marrying when, and more importantly who, was not God's will. I tried to make my marriage work, but after 13 years of marriage I found myself divorced and a single mother of three young girls. From the very moment that my now ex-husband left I can document God's faithfulness to myself and my three daughters/blessings. God has made sure that we have had a roof over our heads, meals three times a day, and the bills are paid. God also made sure that my girls would have a fairly normal life and not be shuffled from house to house. God finally nudged me hard enough (or knocked me in the head!) and I followed His leading to a local church last Easter. I had tried several churches, but never felt at home at any of them. Last Easter, with great nudging from the Lord, my girls (now all teenagers) and I found ourselves in another church. This time was different...I felt God's love here!! The Easter service was fantastic and all three of my girls went forward and accepted Christ as their Savior. God is healing us and teaching us and I see my girls growing strong in the Lord. Even though I wandered away from God for a time, He never turned His back on me. God is great and greatly to be praised!!! God is faithful and provides for our needs...and sometimes a want or two. Even my girls can see how God takes care of us daily.
2/17/2011 7:14:04 AM
sandy Scott United States
sandy Scott
My husband &I struggled for years with infertility - it was heart breaking & devastating to say the least. For as long as I could remember I wanted to be a mom. We went into foster care in hopes God would fulfill this desire. In June of 2001 we received a life changing call - a mom asking us to be parents of her unborn child. We started the adoption process & in November we held our. Newborn baby girl. Then 2 years & 20 days later we held our red head Baby boy through the foster care system.  God is so faithful to his promises!!
2/17/2011 7:14:30 AM
Crystal United States
I have been down some dirty roads in my life But GOD has always been right there with me. He saved me from a life of drugs and gave me a life with HIM. I have had 4 miscarriages.Then doctors told me that I could not carry a child. I would not have my own baby. I then got pregnant again with my miracle child, Alice. My pregnancy was really bad and they thought she had brain damage. I had ultrasounds every week.I Prayed to GOD everyday and told the devil that he was not going to steal my Joy. I believed in GOD's Promise and He gave me a beautiful healthy little girl. She will be 4 on March 2. This past April i delivered my second child another little girl, Faith Isabella. She had a lot of health problems. She had a stroke while I was pregnant. she was born with half a brain and heart disease. She past away at 13 days old. God has never left my family's side. Me and my husband filed for a divorce in August. I prayed and prayed for God's will in my life. Not knowing what was going to happen to me. I thought what is happening in my life and why me? I see that no matter what God is here and always will be to see me through. My husband and I dismissed the divorce and now are working on our marriage. We are going camping this weekend just the 2 of us. I love him so much. We have been together for 8 years. We have always had his 2 children. God has blessed me with the money to pay for adoption for them two.We filed in the court house last Friday for the adoption. I have an awesome GOD. He gave me children when they were babies because He knew that I would not be able to have as many as I wanted. I know that my daughter Faith Isabella is in a better Place Today. God showed her Mercy and Grace. I thank Him everyday for saving her. Thank You Jesus for working Miracles in My Life. And maybe one day we will get to adopt another baby. Thanks Klove for all of your support. It really helps me get through some of the hard days.
With Love,
2/17/2011 7:15:12 AM
Cheryn United States
Lisa, this is a beautiful story; so touching! Becoming a Mum was the most important thing in my life after I was married, and I am so blessed that I didn't have to wait long. Before my first anniversary, I was a Mum. However when my daughter turned 1 we decided it was time to try again... and within the next year I miscarried twice. It was a very hard time in our lives, and I began to wonder if I would ever be able to have another baby. God has healed my pain; my second daughter is now 6 months old, and while she can never replace the children we lost, she has healed many wounds I thought would never go away.
I am so happy that your dream was also fulfilled. It must be all the sweeter to you, after all the strugles you have gone though. Your story, and the stories of many who have shared here touched my heart. Thank you!
2/17/2011 7:15:37 AM
Chastity Turner-McIntosh United States
Chastity Turner-McIntosh
Coming from a church background, I strayed. My life became a worldwind, losing a daughter in April of 2008 and then losing my 16 yr old son the following Oct. I have rebelled and ran as far from God as I could. Coming from the store one day, I turned your station on and was reborn, literally having to pull over on the side of the road to cry out to God, for forgiveness and for peace. God showed me his faithfulness by coming back into my heart on the side of the road in Jackson, Ky!!!!!
2/17/2011 7:17:06 AM
Rene United States
One month before I graduated I found out that I was pregnant, after several years of not walking with the Lord.  In my need, I turned back to my church and was not received.  Most of my friends had turned away from me at this time as well. I told the Lord at that time that I would serve Him no matter what and raise this child in His ways alone if that's what He had for me.  When I was six months pregnant, a man knocked on my door looking for a mutual friend. We spent that evening together, waiting for our friend to join us.  That was in October of 1993.  In June of 1994 we got married with my three month old daughter attending our wedding.  We will be married 17 years this June and have had four more beautiful children. God is Faithful
2/17/2011 7:17:10 AM
Jennifer Correa United States
Jennifer Correa
As I sit here at my desk with tears in my eyes I realize that God HAS been so faithful and hasn’t let me down.  Things may not be where I want them to be right now but they are where HE wants them to be.

I left an abusive marriage with practically nothing.  I financially struggled most of my "adult" life as I was a single mom at the age of 16.  God never let my daughter and I go without so why would he now.  I remember praying to God one morning on my way to work to help me financially.  When I went back to my car at lunch I had change on my seat.  I know it wasn’t from me as I was wearing a skirt and it couldn’t have fell out of my pockets.  

I am so financially blessed today, 5 yrs later, I can’t explain my feelings of such joy but I know God is so good!
2/17/2011 7:17:20 AM
Brandi United States
In 2007, my husband and I had our second child, and decided I was going to stay home, so I quit my job as a cosmetologist/manager, and stayed home with our children. In June of 2008, he was laid off of a good job from which he had been working for a year and a half. He found another job fairly quickly, but 4 months later was laid off there as well. By this time I had already started working again part time to help out with the bills. In 2009, we learned we were again expecting, which was something we wanted but wasnt ready for. He was working at an oil change company making a significant amount less than a year and a half/two tears earlier. W didnt know how we were gonna do it except that I would probably go back to work full time after the baby came, which was not something I wanted to do because I do not believe in putting infants in daycare. Well, a couple months before our son was due, we get a call from the first company he had been laid off of, asking him to come back to work! So, he went and did the screening for this job, and we waited another month and a half, wondering why he hadnt heard anything yet. About 2 weeks before our son was born, we finally got the call that he would be starting about 2 weeks after my baby's due date! God's timing was perfect for this, everything seemed to fall into place. I have been at home with my children ever since my son was born in Nov. 2009, and he has been back at this job since Dec. 2009, and we are doing well. God has given us a great job back and allowed me to be able to stay home with our 3 children to raise them the way we want to raise them, growing in God!
2/17/2011 7:17:26 AM
Taunya G. United States
Taunya G.
Lisa, I remember you going through this pregnancy when you were a DJ for Z88.3 in Orlando.  My husband and I lived in Z-land at the time, and we remember so clearly your journey through the pregnancy.  We have since moved to Tallahassee, FL, and we listen to you once again on K-love.  It is great to see what a handsome little boy that little baby has become!  Happy birthday to your precious gift from God!!!
2/17/2011 7:17:44 AM
Angie United States
My husband and I have been married for 7 years.  We have both been married before, he had children, I was never able to.  My most sincere desire was to be a mother, I struggled with infertility for years, then I met my husband and his daughter moved in with us.  I was so blessed to finally be a mother, but there was still a longing in my heart for my own child.  One day I found out I was pregnant, only to miscarry a few days later.. oh the pain and the struggling..  Then about a year later, I found out we were pregnant again.  About 3 months in I started having terrible cramps, and thought oh here we go again, but it ended up being my appendix.  At 3 months pregnant I had my appendix removed, and we both made it through.  My miracle child is turning 5 years old next month.  The story doesn't end there, 2 years ago, I found out I was pregnant again, only it was on the heals of finding out my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer.  Baby #2 was born healthy and happy, husband is now so close to cancer free, closer than we ever dreamed.. God is SOOOOOOO faithful.
2/17/2011 7:17:52 AM
Sara United States
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having my own little girl. I didn't have a sister and my mom worked a lot so I was fairly lonely growing up. I would dream of having a baby girl even as a child. As an adult my feelings have not changed but intensified, rather. Now, not only do I long for the female companionship that comes with a mother/daughter relationship, but I also long for the day she is old enough that I can teach her about the Lord and who a woman of virtue is; how we as modest, Christian women are supposed to behave. I cant wait until she starts to become the young lady we teach her to be.  I cant wait to see what God has in store for her.  

After the birth of our second son, my husband felt our family was complete. I can remember exactly where I was when we had the conversation. We on the highway, almost home when I started talking that "someday" when we have a little girl. My husband very politely said he only wanted 2 children and we had 2 so now we are done. I was utterly devastated. I felt like God had put this desire in my heart because He had someone special in mind for me to care for some day. After a few years and men at work randomly sharing their father/daughter stories, my husband decided a little girl sounded like a good idea.

We got pregnant right away and miscarried a few weeks later, then again and again. I had a total of 5 miscarriages. I was diagnosed with an LP defect (a hormonal defect), which caused me to lose the pregnancies. After being put on progesterone, we waited and waited. Because of th medicine, I had to take a pregnancy test every month and if it was negative I was to stop the medicine (and start it again a week later) and if it was positive, I would keep taking it. Month after month, the tests showed up negative.

The last test I took, I told myself "if this test is negative, I'm going to quit the medicine and we are just going to be happy with two boys. I wasn't really happy with that, but I was miserable every month seeing that I was not pregnant and there was something wrong with me that was keeping me from getting pregnant, so maybe this was God's way of telling me it wasn't meant to be.
I was using the Clear Blue digital pregnancy tests, so it took a little longer to show up (it seemed like it anyway). I was getting ready to walk away to do chores when I saw it show up... PREGNANT! I went running through the house screaming "Pregnant! Pregnant! Pregnant!" I couldn't believe it!!

My daughter, Alison Faith,  just celebrated her 1st birthday on Feb. 15th. AND she is going to be a big sister!! We got the surprise of our lives when I thought I couldn't get pregnant anymore without the aid of medication, I was 10 weeks along when I found out I was pregnant. Well past any of my previous miscarriages. And it's another girl! Hannah Grace. They will be 16 months apart and I know they will be the best of friends. I pray for God to anoint their relationship as sisters. I am so blessed. I knew that God put those specific desires in my heart for a girl for a reason!! God is so good and I will never doubt him again!
2/17/2011 7:18:16 AM
Julie Roberts United States
Julie Roberts
Lisa, December 2007 my husband and I found out that we were pregnant with our first child, who we knew would be Magdalena, if it were a girl.  At the same visit that we found out that we were in fact having a girl, the doctor saw multiple problems.  Two weeks later we found out that Magdalena (G is silent) had Trisomy 18, and if she made it to birth she would not live for a long time.  God blessed us with 167 amazing days.  She basically put all doctors in their place because she did things she shouldn't have been able to have done.  However, her little body was not made to live for a long time, and her work on this earth was done.  God called her home after the 167 days that he had given us.  We were in a lot of pain, and the quiet house did not help at all.  A week after her death, we realized that our house would not be quiet for much longer.  In September of that year we met our son.  We could not have planned it, but God knew our needs.  My son does not replace our daughter, and our arms still very much ache for her daily.  But on those really hard days it seems as though my son is the happiest.  God's sweet reminder that I am truly blessed.  I love sharing my daughter, so if you want to see a picture,please go to our blog. http://noahandjulieroberts.blogspot.com

God still surprises us with  his blessings, and although our life did not go as planned, I could not be a prouder mommy of how God used Magdalena's life to change so many hearts.  
2/17/2011 7:18:20 AM
Jennifer Gregory United States
Jennifer Gregory
God has been faithful to me, even when I wasn't faithful to Him.  When I was 18, a babe in Christ, and not yet delivered from fornication, I got pregnant out of wedlock.  Scared and ashamed, I made the remarkably painful decision to abort the pregnancy.  I knew it was wrong in the eyes of God and it was against everything I believed in my heart, but I did it anyway.  For years to follow, I was burdened with the shame and guilt of what I had done.  I could not even look at another child without physically hurting in my chest. When my husband & I married three years later, I was overwhelmed with condemnation and fear everytime people asked us about starting a family.  I felt sure that God would not allow my sin to go unpunished & didn't believe I'd ever be able to conceive a child.  BUT, GOD!  I was married in August 2000.  My first son was born July 2001!!  Today, God has blessed our family with 5 beautiful, healthy children!  Today, I understand that my sin did not go unpunished, but God did not require the payment of me because Jesus paid it all on the cross!  I believe in my heart that my first baby is in the loving arms of my Savior & I look forward to meeting them both someday! My baby would be 13 years old this month & I still think of them every day, but now it is without guilty, but hope & gratitude for God's faithfulness!
2/17/2011 7:19:06 AM
Mike Burtch United States
Mike Burtch
I am currently on my second marriage.  I was previously married for 7 years we had two children.  When we divorced, I won custody of my two children.  I raised them for 5 years on my own.  I never thought that I would find love and happiness again in a relationship.  I dated off and on, all the time hearing from the other person, well you have kids and im not read for that.  Over that time i drifted from God, one sunday during the summer of 1994, i woke up really early, and had the urge to go to church.  Not knowing why, i went.  I sat in the only seat that was open at the time I arrived.  I remember looking back and seeing a young lady about 5 rolls behind me.  I couldnt keep my eyes off of her.  I happened to run into her after the service and she offered to show me to a sunday school class.  We begin dating and in 1996 we were married.  She accepted me and my two children.  I cant say that everything has been a bed of roses.  Having a blended family has been toughl. But God has been faithful and kept us together as a couple and a family.  We had two other children.  My two oldest children have grown up and are living their own lifes.  We still have our two smaller ones at home. The struggles of a blended family and of life itself have at times been overwhelming, however I continue to see God's hand in our lives.  He is trully a faithful father.  And because of his faithfulness i have a family and a wife that loves me.
2/17/2011 7:19:43 AM
shawna United States
Thank you Lisa for the encouraging words this morning. I am going to take a blood test in 1/2 an hour to see if the fertility shots have worked. I was reunited with my fiance after 18 years and we have been married for 1 1/2 yrs now. I am 40 and he is 46. We do not have children and I was unable to conceive with my ex-husband after many infertility procedures. We are desperately hoping this works. My husband never married, and says I was the only one he ever wanted to marry. I pray every day that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Thanks so much.
2/17/2011 7:20:02 AM
Sandy Kilmer United States
Sandy Kilmer
My husband and i have been trying to conceive for the last 5 years, after having fibroid tumors removed 4 years ago, and various forms of fertilty drugs and lots of praying , we are still beleiving and standing firm on God's promise to us! I am scheduled for fibroid tumor removal AGAIN on March 25th , we are beliving that on my pre- op they are going to find a child instead of the tumors ... God keepps showing me Judges 13:3-7 and Isiah .. I feel like Hannah!! The Lord has heard my cries!! I know its coming very soon, I have increadiable prayer warriors praying on our behalf!! I have to keep saying, "devil, I am not impressed!" God wants to show off so much in our life it's amazing!! He has alreday given us a name for our son , now we just wait, patiently, that's the hard part!!
2/17/2011 7:20:08 AM
kim guess United States
kim guess
I can totatly relate to Lisa's story this morning...me & my husband (high school sweethearts) dealt w/infertility for 9 years.  We went thru all the testing...w/no answers to why we couldn't get pregnant.  Then our prayers were finally answered...positive preg. test.  Fast forward a few weeks later @ our 1st checkup...no heartbeat...the baby didn't make it.  We each dealt w/our grief in our own ways...pushed each other away, I even shyed away from God...was so angry.  Fast forward a couple of years...God blessed us w/a beautiful healthy daughter.  She is truly our miracle..when I was 4 months pregnant w/her I found out I had started dilating, God protected by baby...after emergency surgery (having my cervix stitched) & some couch rest & taking it easy the rest of the pregancy she was born healthy.  When our daughter was 2 we then immediately once began trying got pregnant.  Ended up being twins...only one was in one of my tubes....ended up loosing both babies & the tube.  Due to a tumor on my other ovary...the Dr. sat me down told me that chances are we could never get pregant again...faced the fact our daughter would be an only child.  At this point my marriage wasn't the greatest...we struggled finally gave up on it when our daughter was 3 1/2.  Then a few months later my husband & me worked out some issues & got remarried...Then our 2nd miracle came(surprise)...God blessed us w/another healthy daughter...amazingly no complications during this pregancy other than g. diabetes..she came 3 weeks early but was perfect.  While our marriage is not perfect...I thank the Lord everyday for my blessings & for giving me the opportunity to be a Mom something I never thought I'd never be able to do, especially to 2 wonderful daughters!
2/17/2011 7:20:12 AM
Carrie United States
I am encouraged to hear of wives that are married to wounderful men, no dought, but husbands that may not feel the need for God in their own lives or their families lives.  I know God promises me that my husband MAY be won by my respectful behavior, so I must press on and pray for him, but it is so hard to kind of leave him behind as the kids and I go to church or are happy to praise God.  He would never keep me from church, but I can see what affect my husbands absence as the spiritual leader is having on my kids, esp my son who is 7.  My son is now resisting church and questioning the importance of a relationship with God.  I do NOT want to be upset with my husband, instead I want to continue a spiritual path for my children and at the same time show respect for my husband and never stop praying for him.  It is so encouraging to hear of other wives that have seen the change in their husbands after years of quiet, respectful behavior.  I truely belive someday my husband will say, "Hurry up, we are going to be late for Church!"  I can actually hear him saying it and love God for his promises.  Thank You Klove for giving me encouragment and something wholesome to turn the radio to!! PS I always turn his radio in his pickups to your station....that was what a friend used to do to me and I love her for it now!!
2/17/2011 7:20:23 AM
Rose United States
Wow...God is so Powerful.  Lisa your story is amazing.  I was pregnant at 16 and in a very toxic relationship.  I knew the only way for my daughter to have any chance at life was to give her up for adoption.  This was the single HARDEST thing i have ever done in my life.  I knew God back then, definately not the way I know Him now at 46yrs old but I knew He existed. I remember praying in the hospital bed after giving birth.  Holding the most precious gift God could give me and being so confused. I remember asking God to not only give me strength to go thru with the adoption but to please bring us together again at some point in our lives.  Even tho letting her go was devastating and my Spirit was broken for years I also had a PEACE that is beyond all understand that some day I would see my daughter again. God answered that prayer when she turned 18...she found me(which wasn't hard b/c I had kept in contact with the social worker all those years)She has been in my life ever since.  We have a beautiful relationship.  Get this...from the date we first started writing each other she has THANKED ME...for LIFE...How absolutely unbelievable is that. She and my son 27 are full brother and sister and you would never have known they lived apart. They are so much alike. IT wasn't until I became pregnant again at 19 with my son that I finally left the state and made a wonderful life for myself.  What is ironic is both my son and daughter are social workers and the most beautiful children that love God.    
2/17/2011 7:20:30 AM
Melinda United States
Just wanted to share a quick funny story,  since you told the story about the elderly man thinking he saw angels.  I was working in Albania,  where we lived for a year and a half.  I had a few health hiccups while there,  one of them being passing out a few times in inconvenient places.  The one time I could feel it coming,  so the agency's Albanian secretary,  Alma,  had directed the driver to turn back around and was walking with me across the street to my apartment.  At some point while crossing I passed out.  If you've ever passed out,  you know that your vision doesn't always come back completely at once.  Albanian women,  as very beautiful as a rule,  and Albanian's in general are very caring and loving.  Several of them gathered around me apparently,  offering me water and making sure I was alright.  So when I came to,  I saw floating heads of very beautiful women.  For a brief moment I wondered if I'd died and was in heaven.  The story stayed funny from there,  but I'm at work,  so I'll stop.  Thanks for what you do.  
2/17/2011 7:20:41 AM
Angie United States
I gave birth to my 2nd son nearly 17 years ago.  Shortly after he was born, i began to long for another baby.  Just one more I would say.  byt hte time my sons were 7 & 8, i had given up on another baby.  the timing handnt been right, I was ready, her wasn't - he was ready, I wasn't, all that.  Then, in Nov 2000, I found out I was pregnant (surprise!).  I was overjoyed and nervous.  In December, I learned we were having twins (WHOA!).  They were due in July.  In January, due tocomplicatins, i was put on bedrest.  In March, I hemorrahged.  I don't think I have ever prayed as fervently as I did that night.  I would go home, on strict bedrest, and wait the arrival of my boys (yes, more boys).  In April, they developed a condition called twin to twin transfusion syndrome.  I went into the hospital for a procedure to treat it.  On a Sunday night, watching Touched by an Angel, and just hours before I was due to go home, my water broke.  I was 28 weeks pregnant and my boys were so tiny.  I laid in my bed, conntected to antibiotics and medicine to stop labor, and I gave my boys over to God.  I asked him to keep them safe, to help them grow strong, or to give me the strength to handle loosing them.  I remained in hospital, talked every few days with neonatologists who told me how they were progressing.  Four weeks after my water broks, at 32 weeks gestations, Sam & Eli entered the world, small, but helathy!  God is amazing and faithful.  Today, they are happy, healthy, rambunctious 9 year olds!  I am truly blessed beyond measure and often wonder at God's goodness to me.
2/17/2011 7:21:07 AM
Jennifer United States
My husband and I struggled with infertility for nearly 10 years. We prayed and prayed to have a baby. Our marriage went very bad. I started praying for Gods will, and about adoption. God showed us very clearly that Adoption was his plan for us. We started our process, and he sent us our angel within 4 months. He revealed to us that he had our child all along.  He was getting us to where we needed to be in life, and his timing is always perfect. He had us a Angel chosen that is so perfect for us, and is so much more than I ever dreamed of. Our Angel will be 3 in a few months, and she is truly the most Precious Angel. Of all we went though I would do it all again over and over for her.  She is so Perfect. Thank you God for this Perfect BLESSING in our life. She holds the key to my heart.
I am truly Blessed.
2/17/2011 7:21:20 AM
Amy United States
I knew I was supposed to go to Oral Roberts University since I was 17 years old. It was a dream God put in my heart at a vital time in my life when I was ready to live wholly for His purpose and will. My only setback was that I couldn't afford a private school's tuition and all the costs that come along with it. Still, I knew God's voice and His promise to take care of things if I would only obey and be faithful to Him. After being accepted I traveled with my things in my car and my parents in a another car. The entire time during the transition to the point of pulling up to the university I had not one cent to go towards my tuition, room, or board. My mother later told me that on the way to Tulsa she kept doubting; believing that we would all have to turn around and go home because the money wouldn't be there. But I knew what God told me to do...be faithful and He will be faithful. Cut to two days of being in financial aid, talking with personell (one of whom took me under her wing and made it her personal mission to see me through financial aid EVERY semester until my graduation) and even having the director of financial aid behind me scrapping small scholarship after small loan application I spent the next three years studying and working hard for my bachelor's degree. My last semester senior year I lacked $3000 to graduate. I spent hours and days applying for scholarships, loans, and even sending out letters to churches, friends, family, ministries, and strangers to get the money. April 17th (the day I had to have all my money to financial aid) was coming closer and still no money. Still...I remained faithful knowing God would be faithful to me for being diligent, determined, and obedient the last three years. The night before the money was due I was praying when I got a call from a distant relative who had been doing the same when God said to get up, call me, and provide the rest of the money for my tuition so I could graduate. At midnight God showed His faithfulness to me for being faithful to Him. I sat in the hallway of my dorm and cried on the phone with my relative...I'll never forget the words spoken and the joy of seeing God come through yet again. I'll always have that memory and any time I feel as if I'm stuck I remind myself of His faithfulness to this underserving woman who strives every day to live for Him with her WHOLE heart AND life. To God be all the praise and glory!
2/17/2011 7:22:10 AM
Crystal Canada
I wanted to tell you about my mom she had been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer about 6 months ago they could not operate because it was wrapped around arteries to the heart her doctor told her she should prepare herself for the worst they told us she might have 5 years but we went through the chemotherapy and radiation and we prayed everyday and sang praise music on our way to the hospital everyday 2 months ago they took an xray and although doctors gave us a small % cure rate God gave 100% there is no sign of the cancer she still goes to the doctor every 3 months but we thank God and praise Him for her healing and giving us all the strength to make it through it with Gods help she was also able to quit smoking immediately with no side effects even though she failed many times before.
because of the cancer they were able to find an aneurysm in her brain that we did not know about and we are now praying and believing God for healing of that as well
2/17/2011 7:22:20 AM
Lindsey United States
I was listening to your show this morning on my way to work and there was a gentleman on there talking about it faith and ability to overcome addiction in his life and regain the love and trust of his family. This story brought tears to my eyes, as just this week a childhood friend of mine died from a drug overdose and today I will be attending his visitation. Needless to say, it has been a week filled with mixed emotions as I pray that my friend has found salvation. It is postiive and encouraging to hear of other's ability to overcome the negative power that holds on to them. Praise God and his faithfulness and continued prayers for my friends family to find peace despite not understanding. God Bless KLOVE
2/17/2011 7:23:56 AM
Amber Wallace United States
Amber Wallace
God is truly faithful.
On December 13 2008 our third child, and only son was stillborn.  It was a devestating  and a trying time in our lives. After his death we tried very hard to conceive again right away.  God had other plans.  Although it had only taken 1 month to conceive all other times, this time was dragging on what seemed like forever.  To make a long story short,  I found out I was pregnant 1 year to the day, from the day we had buried our son. God is faithful and Aubree Joy was born on August 13 2010.  God has blessed us and she really is our little bundle of joy!
2/17/2011 7:24:12 AM
Laura United States
Lisa, I just want to thank you for your comments this morning.  They could not have come at a more perfect moment than what they did.  Your comments were truly from God.  You were sharing about your son and what a blessing he was and how faithful our God is.  You said that if anyone was out there who had been praying for a blessing for quite some time, to hang in there because our God is faithful and he will provide us with those blessings. My family has been in the process of finding a child (daughter) to adopt for a year now.  I feel in my heart that we have found her but the process has been long and we haven't actually met her yet.  We are waiting for the social workers to make the decision.  There have been numerous prayers by me, family members and friends so I know that Lord is in control and when the timing is right, everything will work out.  I get discouraged though at times because I feel that 'my time' and 'God's time' are not in sync. Smile  Thank you for your comments this morning because it brings hope back to me today.  I know the Lord is working miracles in my (& my family's) life and in the life of the little girl that we will eventually be adopting.  God is good!
2/17/2011 7:25:19 AM
Mina United States
God is Faithful! I was a single mom of two daughters when I married my husband 17 yrs ago. I sufferd infertilty. We adopted my nephew then a two years later my second son was born. The following year my adopted son was diagnosed with Autism. Two years later my second son was diagnosed with Autism as well. The Lord has been my rock through it all.  God has taught me to Love my Boys and my Husband unconditionally.  I would not change a thing we are so close Praise the Lord! Blessed be the name of Jesus!
2/17/2011 7:25:54 AM
Sue-Ellen Hawn United States
Sue-Ellen Hawn
My husband and I got married when I was 35 and he was 33.  After several years of trying and a miscarriage, we were told we would not be able to have children without fertility interventions, so we decided to adopt.. We decided to adopt through our local DSS because frankly it was the least expensive way to go and we really did not have a lot of money.  I went into the whole process claiming that I really did not want to adopt any child over 5 years old.  Well God had a different plan of course.. Our Anthony (then 9) moved in with us on March 1, 2001 as a foster child.  We knew we were going to adopt him, and had fallen in love with him at first sight, but in NY you have to foster a child for 6 months before the adoption can become final.  He was severely abused by his birth parents and very emotionally broken.  The first time he called me mom, I thought  my heart would burst with joy.. Well God was not done with us yet.. One month after Anthony moved in with us, I was pregnant for my sweet Cora Dee. Cora was born on December 9, 2001 and Anthony's adoption became final December 20, 2001.. I had 2 kids, in 11 days, 10 years apart in age (all at age 40)...Thats not all.... 2 years later, thinking I was going through menopause, I went to the doctor and was shocked to find out our Tommy was on the way.. On November 6, 2003 our "baby" was born and now we have a big full family of 5 and I thank the Lord every day for blessing us so..and for showing us that faith, love and prayer are stronger than any medical diagnosis.  
2/17/2011 7:27:46 AM
Toni United States
Two things I've always wanted to be... a teacher and a Mom. I will graduate with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood this Spring (May 2011) with a 3.8 GPA Hallelujah! That's a blessing in itself. Like many, I too had difficulty conceiving. My first child to be born was my 5th pregnancy. It was a long, hard pregnancy. Was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix and I had to have a cerclage put in. (Stitch that causes you not to dialate prematurely) Which meant more dr visits than the average pregnancy. Excited to say, Danielle turned 15 in December. My husband and I conceived 5 more time producing 2 more equally, very fine children. Davonte will be 11 in March and Joy will be 7 in April. God has definately shown himself FAITHFUL in helping me to FULFILL two LIFELONG dreams.
2/17/2011 7:28:16 AM
Debra Wilson United States
Debra Wilson
Hey Lisa, I have two miracle children.  My first child was born in 94 and my second in 96.  But in June 98 our house burned down and I almost lost both my babies.  they were flown to Parkland in Dallas.  my son was 75% burned and my daughter was 27% burned.  with the grace of God, they both recovered and the doctors will tell you to this day that they are both living miracles. they were in the hospital a few days short of a month.  they both had many surgeries and much physical therapy. it has been years since we have seen the "burn bosses", but the last time we were there they said that as young and as active as my children are, they should never have to have anymore surgeries.  my son is 16 and my daughter is 14 and both beautiful children of God.  There were prayers going up like crazy that horrible month, but God is faithful and full of mercy and He is a great powerful healer.  I thank God for my babies and letting me keep them to show them Gods love and what He has done for us.    
2/17/2011 7:28:50 AM
Lisa Stephens United States
Lisa Stephens
I just wanted to put in words how God has been faithful to my family. My husband and I had a rocky start. I was saved as a teenager and I also fell away from God. I got married very young and after only three yrs and one child that marriage failed. One yr later I met my current husband who was not a Christian. We now know that God had a plan for us. We had a daughter and that child set the plan in motion that God had for our lives. She was a blessing to us and gave my husband a reason to start searching for the Lord. He became a Christian after her birth and we then had three more children. (all girls) We raised our children in church and taught them to know the Lord. They have all accepted the gift of salvation and love the Lord. One yr ago that child (her name is Noel, because she was born in December) that changed our lives went home to be with the Lord after a tragic car accident. And though we miss her every day. The Lord has been faithful in using her life as a way of bringing others to Christ. Her story has been shared in other churches and to youth groups around our area as a way to show teens that you are not promised one more hour on this earth. You should be prepared for eternity right now. She was a light in our lives and we know that without God's faithfulness to always be there and lift us up we could have never survived the loss we suffered. My other girls have the assurance that their sister is there (home) waiting for us all to be together again.
2/17/2011 7:29:06 AM
Diane Myers United States
Diane Myers
God is Faithful. Why? He guided me to K Love to make me realize more fully how this is true. In retrospect my God has been faithful since my birth. I am now 58 so that would be quite a story.
When I was 13 my mom died of breast cancer. My dad was an alcoholic so was unable to really support us emotionally. I met my soul mate when I was 19 and we just celabrated our 39th anniversary. As Matthew West just wrote in that beautiful song, it was not always perfect, but it is at its best now. In 2001 when my daughter was 13 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I learned in that year thru all the treatments and pain what the "communion of saints" means. It was all the folks who kept me in prayer though I did not really deserve it. In 2005 after my son and daughter in law were married almost 10 years and were childless I prayed to Jesus, his Mother and then I thought, I want to appeal to Jesus' Grandmother. One month after my prayer, my daughter in law announced she was expecting! This was after they were told it was impossible by medical experts. My granddaughter and I have a very special bond. 22 months ago we were blessed with a brother for her. Oh it gets so much better. Last June I was told I needed to retire because of downsizing. The day I told my son, he was joyous because they just were told the same day they lost their day care person. Two weeks later we found out that my husband had to have major heart surgery. There is so much more to the story, but it brings me to I was able to care for my husband, my son and daughter in law are teachers so I did not have to do day care until September, I am able to spend everyday with these
two little miracles and when something scary happens I know my God will be faithful. I have survived cancer for 10 years and maybe even 45 since I survived the death of my mother from it. I know that God does not always answer with a yes, but he does answer. If I were diagosed again, I am now not afraid of death but I know it is just the other side of life. I can say that with conviction to others as well. Thank You for putting this blog up because something else has come up that I want to worry about, but reviewing all the things that God has been faithful to me for thus far just reminds me that He is awesome And will do it again and again. You little man is beautiful. I love your station and everyday there is something that speaks to me.
God Bless you in great abundunce!
2/17/2011 7:32:15 AM
Christine United States
All glory & praise to GOD, He Refreshed, Renewed, Restored and Healed my marriage! Many years my husband and I went through an extremely rough time in our marriage. It got so bad that by year 7 we couldn’t stand to see each other or talk to each other, we literally HATED each other; there was no love between us. I people kept telling me “just keep praying for him”, well I got tired of waiting and my faith wore thin, but God had other plans (as he usually does). Later I found out that my husband had an affair, not 1 affair but 2 affairs with different women. Being tired and fed up, I decided to leave my husband and peruse a relationship with an unsaved ex boyfriend of mine, I had an affair and broke my vow to God and my husband. I was gone for 1 week (which unknowingly my pastor prophesied to my husband that I would be back in 1 week). I felt something pulling me home, so I returned, I don’t know why I did, I didn’t want to be there and he didn’t want me there, ... BUT GOD!!!!
When I returned home, things were very hard, my husband and I decided to lay everything out on the table (no retaliation), everything poured out of both of us, all our hurt, pains, anger, emotions, and especially our love, our love for each other, our love for our children, our family and our love of God and his will for our lives. We spent the next 2 years rebuilding what the devil tore down from us. God softened both of our hearts, my prayer changed from “God change him” to “God change me”. God broke both of us, he taught me that I am to be my husband’s help meet, meaning that I am there to help and support and submit to my husband in all aspects. He taught my husband that I am God’s gentle creature and that I am to stand beside my husband neither behind nor under him. God taught my husband how to tenderly love me.  It was not always an easy road to recovery and restoration, the devil would occasionally bring the hurt back to our minds and hearts, but with an open honesty policy, we talked and worked through it together.
3 years later my husband and I renewed our vows in front of our family, friends, God and each other. It was an AMAZING moment. Knowing that I was standing, holding hands with a man that I was truly in love with and can’t imagine my life with out, God has transformed both of us into HIS new creations and we are growing together daily.
You see, what the devil meant for evil God turned it around for good! We now help minister to couples who are going through rocky times in their marriages.
To God be all the Glory and honor!

2/17/2011 7:32:48 AM
Raina K. United States
Raina K.
God is SO faithful!!! He is the only one who NEVER breaks his promises. He provides all our needs (not our wants but our needs). He gives us the truest desires of our hearts. On June 1, 2006 my daughter was born with HPE, a condition termed "incompatible with life". I was shattered. The Drs told me to take her home and love her she wouldn't be with us long. In fact, they were surprised she had survived to birth and lived through her traumatic labor as well. We were told she would be a vegetable. Then, when she seemed to be getting worse I found out I was pregnant again. Nine months after Paige was born, her little sister was born 17 weeks early weighing just 1 pound (barely)!! They said she was too early and that she wouldn't survive 24 hours. I had lost almost all the blood in my body and was also in bad shape. My marriage couldn't handle the strain of two very sick little girls, and I found myself thinking frequently "what have I DONE to deserve so much pain?!"
But I was looking at the problems and not the blessings. I had forgotten one of Gods ultimate promises: in this life you will experience pain and trouble, but I promise you it will be worth it! Marie is now an almost 4 year old little spitfire who has a few complications but blows me away. And Paige, my "vegetable" will be 5 this year!!! She walks, runs, understands EVERYTHING and is trying to talk. She can even say "I love you" something I NEVER thought I'd hear from her, and makes me cry every time. We don't celebrate milestones, we celebrate inchstones. Someday there will be a day when Paige does finally succumb to her disease and go home to be with Jesus, but even then I will be able to dance in the rain because He has allowed me to live daily in the presence of multiple miracles. How blessed am I that I get to live in His presence constantly?! He is indeed faithful!
2/17/2011 7:34:18 AM
Chelly United States
After trying to take my life in 2005 and being saved by an angel calling my mom I thotl there was no hope for me after a year of healing God brought me a wonderful man we were married in 07. I never thot I could have kids after fertility treatments our first came in 09 and our second is due Sept of this year. Praise God! Jeremiah 29:11
2/17/2011 7:36:05 AM
Samanda Stavley United States
Samanda Stavley
Our God is Awesome!!!! He has done so many great things in my life.  My husband and I have been married for 7 years, we had a little difficulty conceiving, but in October of 2006 we had our first beautiful daughter.  Then two years later in December of 2008 we were blessed with another beautiful daughter.  We have ours ups and down with finances and always got through them. About 5 months ago my husband came home to tell me he lost his job, it was very difficult. It took him about a month to find another, and it wasn't what he wanted at all.  He had applied for a gov. job about a year ago and it finally came through.  The problem with it was we would be taking a huge pay cut.  He really wanted this job, we fought, I cried, he got mad (I thought he was being selfish).  I began praying and little did I know he was too.  Here we are a month into the new job (where I did the math and we were not going to make enough money to pay the bills) and we are fine!  God is faithfulnes!!!!  I love my God and my husband!!!!
2/17/2011 7:36:42 AM
Kristina United States
Happy Birthday Jon David!!  My little one will be 4 in November and it's hard to believe.  He was definitely a miracle after three years of trying to conceive and a birth 10 weeks too early.  With God, prayer, and an amazing NICU team...Ethan is a healthy 3 year old boy.  God is good!
2/17/2011 7:39:17 AM
Johnda Huff United States
Johnda Huff
My husband and I married on Valentine's Day, 1987.  For almost 5 years we struggled to have a baby.  Finally in Sept., 2991 during a Revival, I changed my prayer from "God, please give us a baby." to "God, IF IT'S YOUR WILL, please give us a baby."  By Nov. 1, I was pregnant!!  (I did have to go to a fertilty doctor and take shots, but it worked the very first month!!  That would not have happend if I hadn't changed my prayer!) God blessed us with Jordan Wesley on July 4, 1992.  Then in March of 1995 I was pregnant again (after 3 months of shots), but this baby died in the womb on June 12, 2005.  Very devasted.  But God had a plan - by Thanksgiving of 2005 I was pregant again - with NO FERTILITY SHOTS!  Just God blessing us.  (I did have to take shots every 8 hours for a blood clotting disorder, but it was worth it).  We had Jessalyn Mattea on July 12, 1996.  She is a sweet, lovely dedicated child of God!  We don't understand why God allows the loss of a baby, but I know one day I will hold that baby in Heaven!!  And I'll understand it better by and by!!!  Enjoy your son's birthday, Lisa!!
They grow up way too fast!!!  
Johnda Huff, Ashland, KY
2/17/2011 7:39:59 AM
Tanya United States
GOD has been so good to me. I am a single parent who was older(31) when my son came into my life. i threw my self into him because my marriage was not doing well. The Lord was working on me all thru this and threw loses and divorce my son tyler was and is my shining light. His smile is so
heart warming,now he is just like me(help me no him) but the love of my life. I have lost so much and I know that GOD could have taken my tyler at any min of my life but his love for me shows up in tylers face everyday and with the love of GOD and my new life we will  be just fine. DOD has blessed me with not only a son but a new husband and his 3 boys. My heart over flows with love and mor elove for GOD. Thanks
2/17/2011 7:40:15 AM
Cheri United States
The moment I saw my husband.  I knew he was the man I would marry, but 12 years ago my world fell apart.  We met in 1990, and after four years in a long distant relationship we married.  July 23, 1994 was the greatest day of my life, but then in November of 1998 it ended.  Very abruptly, and I felt like my world was ending. I turned to God, and rededicated my life to him.  I knew that I was not going to be able to face day to day life without his strength, and He was there.  He brought people into my life that gave me hope, and love when I didn't feel either.  My husband and I separated in Nov. 1998, and divorced in Feb. 1999.  I finished my college, and started my newly single life again. It was difficult, but I did it.  Everyday I just wanted to crawl under the blankets, and not face the world. Then in 2001 my "ex-husband" and I began communicating again.  We started hanging out, and having fun together.  We eventually started dating, and then in 2002 had our first child.  We are remarried now.  Going on 5 years.  We have 3 beautiful children, son-9, daughter-7, son-4.  Our marriage is so much stronger than it ever was before.  I know we needed to go through the rough time to get to the good, and they are great now.  God helped me through, and also helped my husband to work through what he was going through. We see his blessings everyday.  I am so thankful that God is always faithful, and I have a loving husband, and three beautiful children to remind me every day.  I am truly blessed!
2/17/2011 7:40:43 AM
Jennifer Wilhite United States
Jennifer Wilhite
13 years ago I found out I was pregnant. I was in an interracial relationship in which most of my family did not approve. We were early 20's, unmarried and not ready to be parents. We soon became very excited about the bundle of joy we would be receiving in the fall. At 32 weeks, I went to the doctor for a checkup. Our daughter was in a breech position but the said it would be fine since we had plenty of time for her to turn. About a week later, we were "cruising" around town and I just didn't feel good. I couldn't eat and kept having a sharp pain in my side. We went back to his house and I drove home. I had to pull over about halfway because I became sick. I made it home and continued to have pain in my side. My mom was at work. God was definitely with me though. When my mom arrived home at about 10 minutes after midnight, I began delivering our baby, feet first! The ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital. They kept saying over and over again, "this is not good"! I delivered our daughter in the ambulance at 12:34am weighing in at 5lbs 5 ozs. She was rushed inside because she wasn't breathing. 24 hours later, UK Children's Hospital came to transport our daughter to NICU. They gave us a polaroid picture of her and said they had to go because she was the sickest baby they had seen in a very long time. My heart broke! I was released the following day and we headed to UK. She was hooked up to all kinds of equipment. Her lung would not expand for her to breathe on her own. After all kinds of tests, they didn't know why. We had to consent treatment for something they thought might work. It didn't. After being there for three weeks, she pulled her tube out and they tried to let her go on her own but she didn't last. They intubated her again. She pulled it out again and had to be intubated once more. After the second time, they did more xrays and finally found the problem. She had a diaphragmatic hernia. Her stomach and liver had herniated into her chest cavity. Surgery to repair the hernia was performed and we finally took our daughter home after being in the NICU for one month. My husband and I have a perfectly, healthy 12 year old today. I remember so many people asking how I got through it and my answer was always "It is out of my hands, I have put her in the Lords hands now, whatever happens is meant to be, I have to have faith that my daughter will survive this"! Ashleigh Brooke Wilhite is truly our blessing from God!
2/17/2011 7:41:20 AM
Melissa United States
Hi Lisa (and Eric)! I love your show and listen every morning...the story of God's faithfulness to me still takes my breath away. Last week, after almost 43 years, I was given the most awesome gift of meeting and getting to know my father for the very first time. I had known about him since I was about 10 years old but never really thought I would ever get to meet him...I wasn't even sure that he was alive. I went through years of childhood mental/emotional abuse and also date rape at the age of 14 but God was faithful through all of it by putting a couple of women in my life that demonstrated His love for me in very practical ways but I still suffered with panic attacks and isolation due to my fear of rejection and so many other things. After many years of God's faithful healing through reading the Bible and prayer (and listening to K-Love), I was able at the age of 42, by writing a letter, to reach out to my father who I found out lived only about 30 minutes away from my house! I almost couldn't breathe as I read the letter that he wrote back to me. He told me how many thousands of times he had thought of me and my mom and prayed for us...then I called him on the phone and as I said, last week we met, hugged, cried tears of joy, and talked for 3 hours. He confessed to me that when he found out my mom was pregnant, he had a drinking problem and got scared and left us. Over the years, he said he got sober and felt so much regret and wanted so badly to find us but did not know how or even if we would even want him to. Because of God's faithful grace and healing working in me over the years, I have no anger or resentment for my father, only hope, love, and joy! I NEVER thought it would happen and am truly amazed at His unexpected gift to me! YAY God! WOW God!
2/17/2011 7:41:35 AM
Anonymous United States
The is very long and I'll apologize for that, but I didn't feel I could leave anything out.  It's hard for me to share this story, because of the extremely personal nature of it. But as God is so faithful, I'm compelled to after listening to your morning show for the last 3 hours.  

I've been a Christian since my mid-teens; I didn't totally understand what I was doing at the time. . .at Bible Camp that summer. . .but I knew I needed help.  For years I was sexually abused and was going through life wondering what I had done to deserve this.  Once this stopped and I 'got on' with my life, I thought I'd be fine.  Funny how things don't work that way.  I got married, had three incredible sons, but always had a roller coaster ride in my everyday living.  The past haunted me and sometimes I couldn't get any lower than I was.

As we all know married life has it's ups and downs.  I felt we had more downs than ups but my husband thought the problems were mine to fix.  I had never really dealt with the childhood baggage.  I went through several courses of therapy but nothing really helped. . .I was in it alone and needed my husband to be it in with me.  

Several years ago, our church had a reaffirmation ceremony for 9-11.  Part of that ceremony involved water being poured over glass pebbles while the minister blessed them.  We were then told to reach in and take a pebble from the water.  I carried the pebble with me everyday and prayed everyday, but our marital problems just seemed to be worse and worse.  One day I 'lost' that pebble and I was devastated.  At this point, I really thought my marriage was over.  My husband had 'finally' taken a step and asked me to go to counseling, to which I replied, 'too little, too late.'  However, I couldn't ignore this last ditch effort. . .if I went to the session (although, my heart wasn't in it), I could at least say I gave it every thing.  Our appointment was three months after I lost the pebble and I had looked everywhere. . .dresser drawers, under furniture, the washer/dryer. . .every where.  

On the morning of our appointment, I still had not told my husband if I was going or not. . .45 minutes before we were to leave, he said, "we need to go, are you coming?"  With defiance I said, "fine! I'll go but don't expect anything."  I changed my clothes, and when I reached into my pocket, I pulled out the pebble that I had lost.  I have no explanation for this as I am SURE I checked every single pair of pants I owned.

What a sign!!!!  It's only with a lot of hard work, countless hours of therapy and prayer that our marriage survived - 30 years.  I had given up but my husband had not.  Our marriage is strong and I thank God for that every day.  

My husband struggles with his faith. . .has so many doubts.  We are regular church goers and he is very involved in church life.  I pray every day that God keeps tugging on his heart and works within him the way he worked in our marriage.  GOD IS SO GOOD!!
2/17/2011 7:43:56 AM
Casey United States
Hello my name is Casey and my church was broken into in temple 2 times it made me very up set where I wanted to find the dude the first time and hurt Hume but my folks told me that wasn't the right thing to do so I listen to them and this last time we just got a new building and  just got broken in to and we and my parents witch are the pastors are trysting in the lord and he is helping us get back on are feet if u would like to help contact casey at 254 931 6200
2/17/2011 7:47:19 AM
eRIN United States
2/17/2011 7:48:32 AM
Cathy Joyner United States
Cathy Joyner
God is doubly faithful! After almost 6 years of trying to conceive, several failed cycles, two InVito's, we were blessed with twin girls from a CRYO cycle 6 years ago! I thank God daily for my two little miracles!
2/17/2011 7:49:18 AM
alisha United States
As a child coming from a family with no fater, my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was just Nine. When I was 15 I got pregnant with my first child, married on my 16th Birthday, & then pregnant again at just 16.
Im now divorced due to affairs that my Ex-had with dozens of different women & the sicknesses that it caused me and my two children. After 5 years with this man
he started showing differences in the two & put bruise on my 3 year old & that was the final straw.
I picked up my kids & we went to a homeless shelter where we stayed 2 weeks.
I spoke with one of my Ex's co-workers that saw what was going on at work & he gave me enough money to get my babies out of the shelter into an apt.
I was & still am a WONDERFUL MOTHER..
Im Half way through Cosmetology now.
Trying to catch up on the schooling that I left behind.
As I look back at all the things that I went through trying to hold my marriage together "just like my mom told me to" I now realize that it was God and GOD alone that pulled me and my two beautiful babies out of path that the Devil sat in our way.." and I would just like to say that ME & MY TWO BABIES ARE SO VERY BLESSED TO KNOW GOD,
& even if my Mother was sick she still took me to church and broke down the Bible to me and give me the honor to know who he is..
2/17/2011 7:51:58 AM
Maggie United States
With 30 years of marriage, my husband and I have lived through the trouble times brought on by us and given to us for lessons.  Sometimes not easy but God has always been there lead us home and never gives up on us.  I am so amazed at his blessing and his comfort when it get difficult.  Roy is very sick and he started to become closer to God.  I thank God for the blessings that he has given me and the presents he is waiting to give me.  Every day is a present.  He never gives up on us faithful always.  Thanks Lisa and Eric you are a true blessing to me every day!! Beautiful boy Lisa You are truly blessed
2/17/2011 7:52:33 AM
Tammy Hammett United States
Tammy Hammett
When I was 19, I got pregnant with a man I'd known only a couple of months.  I became a Christian at 13, but was not following the Lord as I knew I should.  He was not saved. I married him 3 months after we met. He was recently divorced and had a 4 year old daughter. 7 months later we had a beautiful baby girl.  Many times during that first year and for many years after, I looked for reasons God would allow me to leave him. Neither he nor I were happy or "in love" with each other.  It was pretty miserable for both of us.  The only bright spot being our little girl. Every time God brought me back to 1 Corinthians 7:10 "A wife must not separate from her husband."  So I stayed.  I'd like to say I was a submissive wife and a godly example for my husband, but although I wanted to be, emotional pain & resentment set in and I was angry alot.  Isn't it wonderful to know that even though we fail, GOD NEVER DOES!  Last October we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and November 7, 2010, my husband was saved!  Our daughter is married and doing well as an RN.  God blessed us with 2 more daughters, 17 and 12.  He has given us a love for each other that we never had and has been with us each step of the way over many hard trials.  My husband loves me and I love him.  God is good!
2/17/2011 7:52:39 AM
Gwen United States
You had me in tears this morning. Jon David, Amy's story on the soccer teams, Michael W. Smith's "Cinderella." Running mascara not a good look at the office.
2/17/2011 7:56:01 AM
Karen United States
After listening this morning to your show, I felt pressed by the Lord to share what is going on in my life...currently Smile I had been dating this guy for the past 3 months and thought everything was going smoothly until Saturday night when he broke up with me to do some soul searching and deal with issues that he could only do with the help of the Lord.

I was devasted, but in the midst of it all, I have tremendous peace that I know only comes from our Lord & Savior. As I type this I still have peace through the pain and I believe God is Faithful and will bring this relationship back together. I am excited to see what God will do and the amazing testimony it can bring to others and Glorify our Father!

Lots of prayers have been said and are still being said...but I know My God is Faithful! Please pray Smile I want God to be Glorified through all of this. Thank you!
2/17/2011 7:56:24 AM
Jessica New United States
Jessica New
God truly is Amazing! At 14 I gave birth to my first child and then her father and I married when I was 16. Our marriage was extremely difficult at first and we often talked of divorcing and would even just talk about the hate we had for each other. But we somehow managed to struggle through it. My husband was saved as a child but I never knew the Lord. When my husband turned 20 he felt the conviction to make things right with the lord and soon faithfully started attending church again and not long after that He surrendered to preach and I came to know the Lord as my savior. So 14 years later here we are Happily married with 3 more children. God was in control all along and he had a wonderful plan for our lives. Thank you Lord!!!
2/17/2011 7:59:14 AM
Debbie United States
Almost 19 years ago (on April 15th) God blessed my husband and me with our 1st beautiful baby girl (actually my 2nd pregnancy - 1st one ended in miscarriage).  However, without going into all the details, we nearly lost her at 4 1/2 weeks old.....the ER doctor told me that we were probably minutes away from her going into cardiac arrest.  She stayed in PICU for 3 days on a ventilator, then in the hospital all together for 3 weeks.  While she was in the PICU, my father, who had just recently gotten saved after 27 years of prayers, called me to share with me what he had just read in his morning bible reading that morning......Whose report will you believe?.  What a blessing that was and what a blessing my daughter is!  She will be 19 on April 15th.  I am also very thankful for my 2nd daughter who is almost 17.  
2/17/2011 8:03:04 AM
Josh United States
Psalm 34 says, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  Two years ago my marriage was in the gutter.  I would treat my wife horribly and spend nights at the bars with my friends trying to run away from my problems.  I didn’t understand why my life was so difficult.  I was in the military, a firefighter and an EMT; I did good things to help people, wasn’t that enough for God to love me?  
I had a friend (I’ll call her M) on the ambulance service that I volunteered for that was Christian. After a huge fight with my wife, M asked me to watch the movie Fireproof, it hit me like a freight train.  I realized that I could not fix my life by myself.  My good deeds meant nothing.  I needed Christ.  
I hadn’t set a foot in a church in over ten years, but that night I prayed for God help me.  HE did.  My wife and I attended a marriage enrichment course, and we both started going to church with M.  A year later, my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful little boy named Logan; he’s now ten months old.
I guess the point I really want to make is that God never gave up on me, neither did M.  We joke about how she never thought she would see me in church when we started working together.  God used my friend to bring me closer to HIM.  I hope that someday that with God’s help, I can show someone that same love.
2/17/2011 8:05:27 AM
Alan United States
God is so faithful...even to hard heads like me.  I was raised in a broken home, my father was an alcoholic, drug addict, and a sexual predator.  I had no clue what God was, what a father was, or what I was supposed to do/be as a man.  I challenged got on 5-10-03, telling him that if he was real he would fire me up in the morning to go to church.  Yeah. I was up and ready.  I got saved that morning.  I am an artist, so I drew a picture that day of a man placing a rose on a headstone with 'B.C. 5-11-03' written on it.  I met my wife a year and a half later...and we couldn't stand each other! LOL  6 months after that we met again at a Bible study on MLK day.  We got to talking after and she asked to see my drawing pad.  She was just staring at the picture of the headstone and asked what it was.  I explained it to her, and she told me that she was supposed to be married on that date, but the young man told her that 'God had told him to walk away.'  That opened the door for us to get to know each other.  And we are celebrating our 5th year together.  We have a 4yr old son, Evan, and a 3yr old daughter, Annabelle.  The crazy part to all of my rambling (and proof that God knows whats up) is that my wife is Navy.  I never had a real father, as I said.  My wife went on her first 7 month deployment since we have been married.  Child births had kept her home.  God used this time to really rip me open and show/teach me how to be the father that my children need.  I now have a bond with my children that I know God wishes we could all have with our fathers, and children.  To me this just yells of God's faithfulness.  He gave me the time I needed, and the amazing amount of experience to bond with my children, and to learn how important my role as their father is.  Now I make it a point when I see new parents to stop the father and mention just how important his role is.  
2/17/2011 8:05:54 AM
Amanda Berkey United States
Amanda Berkey
This morning while getting ready for class I heard you story of how God was able to impact and free you from your fear. I just wanted to tell you that this past weekend I can also say that I am free though Christ also.
I had been having sucidal thought for the past 9-11 months and had never saught out help for these. The reason was that I had accepted Christ as my savior but the devil had gotten a hold of me, thankfully though I never tried because of my faith. But though a bunch of events over the past 3 weeks I am now seeking help. This past Saturday I went through a study called "Freedom Through Christ" with my college pastor. I can now finally say that I am free from the bondadge that Satan had in my life over the last 19 years of my life.
Also every song that I hear inbetween classes speaks to my soul like it never has before.

Thank you So much Lisa and K-love for being with me though this tought spot in my life and seeking to do God's Holy and Perfect Will.

Amanda Berkey, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
2/17/2011 8:06:58 AM
Sara Mexico
Lisa what an amazing story!  Happy birthday to your little boy!  My husband and I have miscarried 3 times but we are still faithful that the Lord wants us to be parents.  He has given us so much Peace and Grace during these hard and sad times that I am just in awe at how amazing He is.  All of these stories give me so much hope that we will be parents one day!  Never loose the faith!
2/17/2011 8:08:22 AM
Channel United States
Hi Lisa! Listening to your story this morning put a smile on my face. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last two years. I was very overweight so I completely stopped ovulating. I had gastric bypass surgery to help correct that issue and it has! Praise God! But then we were told that my husband is infertile. That hurt me so bad, and I have been having a hard time with it. We were given a word in 2009 that God will bless us with children, but sometimes I have a hard time believing it. We have been trying again since my surgery for the past three months. My husband is on vitamins to help him out. Please pray for is that God blesses us with His promise soon! Thanks and Happy Birthday J.D.!!!
2/17/2011 8:08:37 AM
Monte United States
I grew up in the Episcopal church as an acolyte, usher, and even choir member.  Everyone thought I was going to go into the priesthood and I even considered it going into undergrad.  I also found alcohol, anger, and pain.  The church near the school had a youth group that was basically a daycare for teens so the parents could have a night off, and they all knew it.  One of the Bible study groups on campus started pointing out fellow students who were "demon possessed" for weeks on end.  Between my drinking and temper, I lost it and went off on them, chastising them for judging others.  And from that I was dubbed the "devil incarnate".  That was when I decided being associated with Christians wasn't worth the effort.  But one of the group, one that wasn't chasing after classmates, saw what I was doing both to them and to myself and took me aside.  His name was Matthew.  He told me that I needed to go to a retreat during Spring Break.  When I asked why, he said, "You'll see."  I went.  And I found more judgmental Christians and no happiness for myself.  The last night there while everyone was partying, I walked around the campground just talking to God.  I still hadn't lost my faith that He was there.  I just didn't understand what I was doing there.  He gave me a vision that night of forgiveness and beauty, that He had a plan for my life that would take me down a hard road if I would just continue to hold on.  And I found out just how hard it would be.  That road took me through alcoholism, poverty, sex addiction, several tests of morality and faith, and nearly cost me my marriage before I reached bottom and gave myself to Him completely to use by His will.  Now I'm 41, back in school for a Counseling degree, and am struggling hard to get a new ministry going to get homeless families off the streets and into rehabilitation in safety and health.  (http://www.dirtnnails.org)  I don't know where this is going, but I sure know where I've been, and I thank God for getting me through it all every day.  After all, I can't help those whom I'm called to help without knowing something of where they are coming from.  I lost much in this world, but that just doesn't matter anymore.  My heart and hands are for the Lord.
2/17/2011 8:10:38 AM
Zoe United States
Congrats on your sons birthday. I am writing today to say I know that GOD is faithful til the end. 2 1/2 yrs ago my kids were taken from me by Social Services as of March 31 2011 my case will be closed completely. I worked very hard at being the best mom I can be and try not to get into anymore relationships that are not good. I thank GOD and klove and my church for all of the support and love that I have recieved in the last 2 1/2 yrs. LORD this is my prayer to you that I be the best mother I can be and for keeping me strong and purposefulness that I have for my children and that you kept them safe thank you
2/17/2011 8:13:52 AM
Christine Graf United States
Christine Graf
In 2008 my husband and I were ready to start a family after a little over 2 years of marriage. We got pregnant very quickly in October. We told our families for Christmas. 5 days later I miscarried. It was devastating and hard on our marriage. God was faithful and as soon as we could got pregnant in March 2009. God told me that we would have a healthy baby by the end of the year and he was right. I delivered a healthy baby boy at the end of December. Then we started trying to get pregnant again in February 2010. I had one miscarriage in May and another in August. It was hard again on us. I just thought it was something that I did wrong. Again God told me it wasn't me and that the next baby we had would be perfect and healthy. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and past the worries. God has been so faithful and is so loving. I praise him everyday for this pregnancy.  
2/17/2011 8:16:35 AM
Jana United States
Nearly 6 months ago I was hit by a Ford F150 pick-up truck while I was running. (I was in training for my 2nd 1/2 marathon.)  God protected me from what could have been a life-ending situation.  I have injuries that will cause pain for the rest of my life & I have to give up running, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and most all of my other active hobbies.  Emotionally & physically I have been on a roller coaster ride.  However, God has blessed me with incredible friends and family members who pray for me, encourage me, and are riding the roller coaster with me.  I believe God kept me here for a purpose, and I desire to serve Him and praise Him through the pain.  Just when I think I can't do this anymore, He brings someone along to help me through.  
2/17/2011 8:19:10 AM
Tina Marie United States
Tina Marie

  Glory to God!!! Bringing up two boys alone is never easy, but it can be done with the help of God, with faith and with perseverance. My oldest son Stephen, is now 21. I have observed my son itching to taste the things of this world. Being rebellious, and stubborn.  I was doing a-lot of crying out to God. Trying to hold on to him my way. Thankfully, I let go and let God.  My son is Gods property. This past Saturday my son was on his way to work, 5:30am and he fell asleep as he drove on the interstate. When I heard his voice on the phone I knew something was wrong, he sounded so scared, and all he could say was "Mom, Mom, I wrecked the car." The Lord recently blessed me with a BMW. Many thought I was crazy for entrusting my son to drive the car. I trust my son. First of all I thank my Jesus for sparing Stephens life. I know it could have been worse. My son's salvation/life matters more to me than a car. He said as he sat in the car waiting for me...he in his mind kept asking himself what happened? Why did I fall asleep?  He said he then heard a voice that said "I have to get your attention somehow." I thank God because I didn't react like I thought I was.  I never got mad, I didn't yell, none of that, I just loved my boy. As a single mom, we that struggle know how important a car is to us. I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to have my son hug and hold me and say "Mom, thank you for not being mad at me." That's Jesus!!! My son, has been called to sing for the Lord. We know that is why he's attacked by the enemy but to God be the Glory. Our God is faithful. He is the Mighty God! Our deliverer. My son as of late is smiling from ear to ear, singing and just praising the Lord! I'm so glad I let go and let God. Oh and as for the car, just a busted headlight and two tires on flat. Thank You, Oh God
2/17/2011 8:22:04 AM
James United States
Your story inspired me to write my story. When I first met my wife I was told we could not have children. The pregnancy would miscarriage and we would never have children.. Well God is good, and miracles happen. We conceived and had a baby. Now the doctors were right and we did have complications, my wife had my son Jonathon, during her 6 week..my son was born 1lb 4 oz, and we were told at that point that our son would die, because during the earlier weeks the heart of a baby isn't full closed yet and without a heart the child will die... Now at this point I hit my knees and told God, he can have heart to let my baby live..I told God what ever u need of me u just take I just want my child to live... My wife didn't know I did this. As we were making preparations to leave the hospital without our son. The doctors said there is one doctor who can perform heart surgery on infants who are born normally but has never operated on such a small child before. He was willing to us his only day off, drive the 6 hours using his own vehicle and.gas to perform surgery on my son. The surgery was a success, however our child had to stay in the hospital for 3 more months. My son is now 5 years old and is very smart and beautiful, he has no problems what so ever with anything...he learns very fast and has no complications. We didn't name our son until after he was born."Jonathon" means "A Miracle of God"
2/17/2011 8:22:58 AM
Dwana Knapp United States
Dwana Knapp
Lisa, your story this morning touched my heart along with the gentlemen who learned about God's faithfulness in the midst of despair.  I have a little miracle in my life, named Jonathan, that will be 6 years old in May.  After struggling with infertility, God spoke to my heart at a Beth Moore Conference and to I was told "Give it to Him.. .completely to HIm."  I did and my my knees on the front row of Rupp Arena floor, I gave it all to Him.  6 weeks later, I found I was pregnant (without infertility treatments).  My son Jonthan (meaning "Gift from God) is a reminder how much God loves us.  Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa.  KLOVE touched my life even more today : )
2/17/2011 8:23:06 AM
Lisa Van Kirk United States
Lisa Van Kirk
September 1 2009, my life changed forever.
My sister in law passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I didn't even know she was in the hospital. I hadnt seen her in over 4 years because of the addictions my brother has. She left behind 4 kids. On September 21st 3 of them moved in with us. They are Joey 15, Sarah 14 and Ben 10. I already have 3 stepkids, 2 biological & my stepkids half sister we are her guardians as well as of August 27th 2009, she moved in May of 2007. On November 19,2009 I became my 2 nephews and nieces guardian. We live in a 1600 square foot house we are not rich, we have to drive 2 vehicles everywhere we go. The best part is nobody complains about living in a small house or driving 2 cars, we all love each other. Without the never ending love of Christ this wouldn't be possible. I never thought I would be a mom of 9 but God has blessed me with each and everyone of them. Their names are Vanessa 25, Zach 22, Alicia 18, Joseph 15, Sarah 14, Jordan 13, Sedona 13, Taryn 10, and Ben 10. I can't imagine my life without them!!

2/17/2011 8:25:01 AM
Annaleah United States
God has been faithful within my life, with being a divorced single mother at age 22, and God has helped me raise my son that now is 21.  God has wiped my tears and held me tight and laughed with me and smiled upon me. God has delivered me a  wonderful man that i married in july 2010, who has a daughter age 7. With a new family, God will be my light that guides us and comforts us and smiles upon us.
so i pray that everyone who thinks that they are alone in the world, your not. God see all and knows even the unspoken words, even the tears in the dark. May God bless everyone with his faithfulness.
2/17/2011 8:25:33 AM
Joshua Aaron Rodriguez United States
Joshua Aaron Rodriguez
i have been listing all morning and i member  when you started this blog,, congratulations on the turn out..... or is cus you never answer the phones...lol j/k
2/17/2011 8:27:16 AM
Heather Turpin United States
Heather Turpin
I just want to praise God right now for all the comments of others! I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face just because the stories touch my heart so much! It's so good to know God is working in so many lives! He is always faithful! It makes me greatful for the struggles I face in my life and to know that God is always here to help us through the circumstances, whatever they may be. We just have to have faith and trust him in everything we do! Amen! Praise God for all he does!
2/17/2011 8:28:40 AM
Amanda United States
I was 17 yrs old when I was raped, as a result of the assault I became pregnant. I was absolutely terrified about being a mother so young but I knew in my heart there was no way Id carry a child 9mths to hand them over to a complete stranger. So after 9 very long and hard mths, I was blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl, but not without a few more bumps in the road. While 7mths pregnant I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, because of the dangers to the baby I opted to wait till after I had her to begin treatments. For the 1st 8mths of my daughter's life I leaned heavily on my closest family to help get us through and to help me mother my child, even on the days I was so sick I couldnt get out of bed. I can happily say that almost 8 yrs later Im still here to witness my daughter grow up, I have successfully beat cancer and have remained cancer free for 6 yrs this coming April. I too struggled with the fact of infertility, I felt like I was a defect, like what God had put women here for I couldnt do. For about 6 yrs I have cried out to Jesus and prayed my knees off for a chance to be a mother again, to give my little girl the sibiling she so desparately desires. I sit here typing this currently 4mths pregnant with a baby boy. God has blessed me over and over, even when I didnt stand strong and faithful to him, he carried me. After numerous miscarriages and lots of heartbreak he has given me the greatest gift of all. God truly is good and knows our hearts, even in our darkest moments and loves us still, and because of that I am able to say anything is possible when your faith and heart is with the Lord.
2/17/2011 8:43:41 AM
Tammy Sallee United States
Tammy Sallee
GOD has always been faithful to me!  Growin up, you could say that I had a very disfunctional family.  But, when I was 25 God sent me an angel, my wonderful husband!  Now we have been married for almost nine years and we have two beautiful children!  Married life and being a parent has not always been easy, but GOD has always been there holding my hand through all of my trials!  just recently, we were having financial difficulties (again) but GOD performed yet another miracle for us and lifted that burden!  I just want to praise HIM and thank HIM for all that he has donefor me and my family!
2/17/2011 8:53:04 AM
Staci United States
God is so faithful!  My husband and I have been married for 5 1/2 years.  He is in the USMC and is my hero in every way.  He has made it through two combat deployments when many did not.  I held tight to God during those times and recall being on my knees on days that I would later find out were the most dangerous.  Since September of 2009, we have had three early miscarriages.  They were so hard on me and us that I have trouble even trying to explain the feelings I felt at those times.  I never gave up on God and knew that he drew me closer when I was hurting the most.  He led me to an amazing doctor who ran all types of tests on my husband and I.  All of them came back normal and we are now over 10 weeks pregnant! This is the farthest I have ever made it and because of my amazing dr. and God, I get to hear that beautiful heartbeat every week.  It truly is a miracle.  I am thankful all the time for this life inside of me.  I still feel worry and fear at times, but God has been patient with me and calms my fears and asks me to trust Him. I do not know the whys of my story, but I do know that I will cherish this baby in a way that would never have been possible otherwise.
2/17/2011 8:53:55 AM
Charleen H Calvin United States
Charleen H Calvin
God has been so faithful to me in different areas in my life, where do I start?! Mainly God has made it possible for my husband and I to go back to my home country to live there for one year starting in April! My husband is American and he is willing to give things up here to spend some time with my family on the other side of the world! GOD NEVER let's me do things alone, HE is ALWAYS holding my hand, and encouraging me to never let go of the things I want to achieve in my life! He has given my the most amazing family, and husband and for that I will always be thankful! All praise be to our GOD!!!
2/17/2011 9:00:32 AM
Jennifer United States
I was 25 weeks along when I went into labor with my 1st son.  He came at 26 weeks, 2 days.  He weighed 2 1/2 pounds.  His chances of survival were between slim and not at all.  His chest x-rays showed nothing by gray, no lungs...  Four weeks ago we celebrated his 16th birthday.  He does have some challenges in school.  But he is healthy, no asthma, no glasses...  He wears a size 13 shoe and is pushing 6' in height. He is discerning beyond his years.  He is nothing short of a miracle.
2/17/2011 9:10:29 AM
Donna United States
Like so many others I've read about, I had no problem getting pregnant.  I had problems staying pregnant.  I was 35 before I married, and because of my age, I wanted to try immeditately to have children.  My husband has two by previous relationships, both of whom I love dearly.  However, I wanted one of my own, not one I have to send home every Sunday.

We were married for three months when I found out I was pregnant.  Not everyone was thrilled because they wanted us to be married longer before we got pregnant, but I didn't listen.

No one in my immediate family had ever had problems carrying a child, so I never even entertained the thought that I would.  In November of 07 I found out I was pregnant, and in January of 08 I was told that I had miscarried.  We had never even gotten to the point of a heartbeat, but I was devestated. It was explained to me as God's way of avoiding something being wrong with my child when it was born.  I didn't realize that 1 out of 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage.  That's an amazing number. That explanation, however, did nothing to help me.

I had horrible thoughts of life not being worth living, etc., and really struggled to understand.  Hormones can do terrible things, as I'm sure many readers understand.  I gave myself two months to "recover" and started trying to get pregnant again.  Surely this time would have a happy ending.  Almost immediately we became pregnant.  When it came time for our first ultrasound, we heard the heart beat and saw our little one for the first time.  All was well.  

About two weeks later, I began to cramp and bleed, and ended up with miscarriage #2 in May of 08.  Still no answers as to why.  My doctor sent me to a specialist to determine if I had any chromosomal abnormalities or any other defects.  Of the tests they did, nothing significant was found.

I was not emotionally ready to try again, so we waited about 6 months before trying again to get pregant.  At the end of 08 we conceived again.  I was in for another shock, but this one was happy.  I was carrying twins!!!!   They were identical and in the same sack, and because of this, the survival rate was 50%.  There was too much room for them to move around and become entangle in each other's cords.   Usually one twin dies while the other one lives.  However, in May of 09 my husband and I lost twin girls at 5 1/2 months.  Both of them had entangled the other, and they both died.  I had to have a c section to remove them.  It was a truly devastating time in our lives.  

I wasn't sure at this point if I even wanted to try again to get pregnant, but in November of 09 we did, only to have miscarriage #3.  At this point, my doctor decided to put me on progesterone to see if this could be the problem.  We tried for the next few months to get pregnant.  Finally in February of 2010 we succeeded.  Guess what?  I have a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl who is 3 months old this Saturday.  Ain't God good?  And it sure helps to have a husband who has been patient and stuck with me through all of this.

Lisa, congrats on your beautiful little miracle.  Love him and his brother every day, and praise the Lord for them every time you think of it.

2/17/2011 9:20:08 AM
Terri United States
Hi there. I was listening to Lisa talk about her son this morning on my way to work.  She quoted a scripture...it was about praying and motherhood...and how we need to keep praying because God will bless us.

Can anyone tell me what that scripture was??

Thanks Smile
2/17/2011 9:22:33 AM
Elle United States
Well, it all started when I was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 20. I had a traumatic rape and physical beating.  The stress from that caused me to stop feeling well.  I was diagnosed with lymphoma after that. I was a single mom. I had to relinquish one of my two children, a newborn girl, in case I did not come through.  That adoption was very hard on me. So was the cancer.  But then, I met the one who would get me through.  Jesus!  God mercifully showed me his healing power!  It was again diagnosed five years later.  God showed me he is in control. When I regained my health, I met a wonderful man and we had then the family I always longed for and my little son had a daddy that he always wanted and a little baby brother (who was later diagnosed with autism, another challenge) Just eight years later, my wonderful husband had a sudden and fatal heart attack at age 38. Devastating for me and my two boys, but I waited for God to restore and give me strength.Again, He did!

I didn't think I wanted to remarry but I met another man, who was widowed in his first marriage as well and we decided to make a life together.  It all seemed perfect, until his four children started resenting me and my kids.  They made life as miserable as they could for us.My teen step-daughter even threatened us harm unless we did what she wanted for her. She ran our household with a reign of terror. God got us through that. Things are still not totally broken through and, financially we are suffering because we are being made to pay an unbelievable amount for defaulted student loans that my adult step kids won't pay, and my husband unfortunately co-signed for them at the insistence of his first wife who I guess was very controlling. We are also paying off some other debts from his first marriage. Sometimes, it is so painful. We have almost nothing money-wise now.  But I look back at all God has done for me and I know that like everything else, he will work on our behalf. It seems like an insurmountable debt but God can move mountains! I know sometimes God uses people so I hope that some day I can be used mightily to help others with all I have been through. Please, if anyone feels that God is speaking to you on my behalf please contact me. This is all a very big wow! God story that is just not complete yet!
2/17/2011 9:24:06 AM
Deborah G United States
Deborah G
Hi Lisa, everytime I hear you talking about your precious little ones my heart fills with joy! You can hear the love pouring out in your words. I have a precious little girl. She just turned 8! I can hardly believe it =) We struggled with infertility for two years for her and when we wanted to add to our family in 2006 we thought "it shouldnt take that long the second time". Well, it's 2011 and still no addition. It has been an incredibly heart breaking few years, but has also been the most amazing time I have had growing it Christ!! Do I know why I, who wants a big family, can't and why there are women everyday aborting babies?? No, but I will trust my situation is from Gods hands and live my life for HIM!!!
2/17/2011 9:32:18 AM
Abigail United States
I wanted to share this story of God's faithfulness because after journeying through the storm, I know there are others struggling w this in their lives. I have been w my fiance for nearly 4 years now. When we got together he explained to me that he was an atheist. Nobody could prove to him that God existed, he had too many questions. He had also been reprimanded for asking different pastors. They told him it was wrong to ask and to simply believe. This was a huge issue for my family. They were always telling me we would be unequally yolked, as I have been raised christian. My father passes away over 5 years ago, and I had wondered from God, being angry and bitter that I had watched my dad, a wonderful man, be destroyed by cancer. When Jeff and I got together, I simply told myself, God will do something to make him believe, don't push, just pray. Jeff was hateful toward all christians, nasty to my family about it. I continued to pray believing that God wouldn't bring a wonderful man into my life, who loved me and whom I loved, w out a greater plan. I know I serve a faithful God. This past summer I began praying harder and asked for a few warriors in prayer to take on the task of praying Jeff to God. As we prayed harder I was plagued w illness, both physically and emotionally. I began having nightmares about snakes smothering me. It was a rough time, but the harder I prayed the worse it got. Jeff and I began arguing so horribly that we almost split up. The devil knew if he could get me to stop praying for Jeff, he wouldn't have to worry about him being a child of God. When I had all but given up, I cried out to God for him not to be subtle w Jeff, I know him and I know he needed something huge, to be hit like a ton of bricks. As a child I was always told to be specific when praying. Jeff drives a truck over the road. He is gone 2-3 nights a week. I was having such bad nightmares, I would just cling to God's word, literally sleeping w my bible. I found a verse in Corinthians, talking about if you are married to a non believer, not to leave them, to pray for them. God promises to be faithful, I knew that. Jeff called me on a Thursday morning, crying, overcome by emotion and the Holy Spirit. He said...God just came to me and said I'm here, I've been here all along and it's time for you to know me. I was utterly amazed at how much God had revealed himself to Jeff in the cab of his truck on the side of the road. We serve a faithful and mighty God. Jeff is a new man, my faith has been renewed and I am so grateful you asked for these stories. How great He is...how marvelous his grace and mercy and oh how faithful!!! Praise God!!

2/17/2011 9:33:31 AM
Jenn United States
Love the morning show and love that God uses so many of His people to share words of encouragement. After 3 years of marriage and a few rounds of infertility meds, my husband and I were told that we had less than a 2% chance at conception. We were told that we should not expect to have children. It was a super dark time in our relationship with God. My husband is a Youth Minister and we were really struggeling with how this could be a part of God's plan for us when we love kids so much. After much prayer (and this is the super short version) in 2008 we traveled to Ukraine to adopt our FOUR children. Tomorrow is our "gotcha" date for two of them biological sister and brother ages 16 & 15 (Anna & Max) and in March we celebrate our "gotcha" date for our two other sons ages 17 & 15. (John & Kevin) Yep... God had us adopt teenagers! My husband turned 38 yesterday and I will be 38 in April. We are so totally blessed and serve a God who has the best in store for each of us as we seek Him and follow HIS PLAN in obedience! If you are reading this and thinking that adoption is not an option for you financially, and trust me, on a minister's salary we fell into that trap, God is an Eph 3:20 God and MORE THAN ABLE to take care of your needs and those of your forever children if you respond in obedience to HIS PLAN! Praying this will touch your heart and be a part of His confirmation to someone! Your children are waiting for you to come get them!
Love in Christ ~ Jenn
2/17/2011 9:35:54 AM
Jasmine United States
God is sooo faithful, it was the beginning of my second semester of my freshmen year in college, and I got the notification that I would not be able to start classes unless I came up with $1300. I grew up in church and I knew about faith and that God would always make a way when there seem to be no way, but in the back of my mind I still doubted, but all the while my mother had faith. Since we didnt have the money I told my mother that I would take the semester off and work and save up money for school, but she was not having that she said your are going back to school once the semester begins. Well I called the school and told them my situation and at first they were like there is nothing we can do, and then we spoke to one other person and she said that they had grants and since I had such good grades they did not mind giving me the money I needed, and she even told me if I ever needed anymore help to just come and ask. I am entering my junior year and I have not had any problems with finances for my education! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!!
2/17/2011 9:36:10 AM
Kyrin United States
God has always been there to pull me out of my depression slumps. He always puts someone in my path who helps me to come back to Him, like the Christian doctor I had in the Emergency Room when I overdosed, or the friend who I met in one of my classes who brought me on a retreat with her. The awesome news is, since that retreat I have not struggled with depression and it has been FIVE months! God is faithful!
2/17/2011 9:45:05 AM
Kimberly Eldred United States
Kimberly Eldred
I was married to a man that I have known for 4 years and he soon let me realize that you can know someone but not truly know them. Soon after we got married he began to turn mean. He used hurtful words to break me down and then he would beat me. I tried all that I could to help our merage,but I soon realize that there was no saving it. I gave 100% while he never cared to try at all. I left him and he never cared. I began to wonder what I have done wrong and said I will NEVER fall in love again with any one again. I soon began to pray for a man that I know would fit ME. One with my likes and diss likes and one that will know me form inside and out and love me for me. God then showed me that I have to rededicate my life to him. After being legaly seporated for 3 years I put God into my life and made him #1. I found a wonderful church and made wonderful friends after getting rid of ALL my old ones. And not soon after that I met a man. The man of my dreams. The man that I have been praying for for 3 years. His name is Josh and we are not happly married and have been for a month. He is down to the T of what I asked God for and he understands me and loves me for me and wont change who I am. God is so good and wonderful and if you just allow him to lead your life he will bless you more then you would have ever thought he could. I thank him each and every day for my new life and how he is still working on me. He is awesome and I owe all my many blessings to HIM.
2/17/2011 9:52:03 AM
Sarah United States
God is faithful in all things.  He knows exactly what we need when we need it.  I am single and 29 soon to be 30.  I have not yet had the opportunity to be married or have any children of my own, but God has given me children in His own way.  I work as a special education teacher to 14 wonderful students.  I have 10 beautiful nieces and nephews.  I also work with a youth group at my church.  In this wonderful way, he has provided for me and has given me something to work for.  Even though I have gone through many days of sorrow and loneliness, I know that these experiences are for the best.  God is Great and Faithful in his promises to us.  He is fulfilling my dreams of being a "mother/teacher" to these wonderful children.  He is amazing and I give all the praise and glory to him.  To all you single people out there who are struggling with loneliness, God knows you personally and is watching over you.  He LOVES you!!!!
2/17/2011 9:52:42 AM
Kim United States
My husband left 8 months ago and filed for divorce although we are still married. Every time I've been discouraged about my marriage someone has called into klove and told a story about how God saved their marriage. I was encouraged and prayed everyday for my husband believing God would touch his heart and bring him home. When Valentine's Day came around a few days ago I got very discouraged and lost faith that he would ever come home. I told God if he was going to come home then fine but I was done hoping for him. I told Him that if He wanted to have hope and keep praying that I needed some thing from Him because I was just too emotionally exhausted to do it anymore. This morning I was sleeping in before class and both my cats jumped on my bed and woke me up. I was so irritated because they had food and water, I didn't understand why they woke me up. Well I sleep with klove on, and just as I was sitting their angry they woke me up I heard you tell on the radio about your son being 4 today and you said, if there was anything hard we were going through, to keep faith and keep praying and God will answer prayers. I believe I woke up just in time to hear that message from God that I just need to keep hoping and keep praying and be patient. Thank you for all you do!
2/17/2011 10:22:03 AM
Lisa D United States
Lisa D
God has been faithful in so many ways, but the most spectacular example in my life occurred 2 years ago, but it all began 21 years ago. After 10 years of marriage, my close friend and mother-in-law suddenly passed away of a heart attack.  She had raised 7 kids alone and was mighty prayer warrior. She was also the hub of the family. After her death, my husband went into a deep depression, and wouldn't seek medical treatment. Our family life was miserable, and I spent a lot of time asking God to change him.  At one point, I specifically remember being so frustrated that I went into the bathroom and began beating on the closed door with my fists. Then I heard God say in that quiet voice..."WHAT are you doing?  YOU can't change him, only I can do that."  That was a turning point for me. I learned to accept my husband as he was, and not push him into how I thought he should be. I was no longer determined to change him, but to live my life as the Christian wife I should be (no more nagging), and let God do His work.  Fastforward 18 years... My husband had been suffing from dizziness for about 3 months. After a couple of Dr. visits, a MRI was done. They literally chased us down in the hallway of the hospital and immediately admitted him to the ICU. He had an enormous brain tumor that had caused his entire brain to swell. He was within days of dying and didn't even know it. They found the tumor on a Thursday afternoon, and by Saturday morning he was in surgery to remove it. It was cancer, but very treatable with removal and monitoring and it hasn't returned.  I now have a husband who loves the Lord, and appreciates every new day that God has given him.  It took looking death in the face to change him, but God was faithful in answering my prayer. However, I first had to step back and quit trying to do that job myself.  I've also learned that God's timing isn't always our timing. Prayer and faith that God would do what He said, and patience and believing finally brought the transformation of my husband as He promised 18 years previously.  GOD IS FAITHFUL!  Is it any wonder that "Great is Thy Faithfullness" is my favorite hymn?
2/17/2011 10:22:03 AM
Terri United States
For those who are curious, I figured out the scripture I asked about earlier...Lisa read it on air this morning...

Psalm 113:7-9

Excellent verses...in fact, the entire chapter is EXCELLENT!
2/17/2011 10:22:20 AM
Terri United States
For those who are curious, I figured out the scripture I asked about earlier...Lisa read it on air this morning...

Psalm 113:7-9

Excellent verses...in fact, the entire chapter is EXCELLENT!
2/17/2011 10:36:02 AM
Lisa P. United States
Lisa P.
I am reminded of God's faithfulness today.  He truly has shown himself faithful in my life, my marriage, and in my daughter.  When my daughter was born, she did not develop properly, and at 6 months of age, she was diagnosed with a biochemical disorder and given about a year to live.  It was hard to hear such a difficult diagnosis for my baby.  My husband and I were so heartbroken, but we drew a line in the sand and believed that this would not defeat our lives, our marriage, and especially our daughter.  We believed she would live and NOT die.  She has faced very difficult days over the course of her life...she is blind and severly disabled. But in the midst of it all she has touched many lives without ever speaking a word...she's been an example of God's power and grace and how to live your life despite signifcant struggles.  She is and always will be my role model.  My husband and I adore her and are so thankful she is our daughter.  She's brought much joy in our lives.  This year she will celebrate her 16th birthday; a birthday many believed she would never have.  I'm in awe of God--nothing is impossible with Him...and after all these years, He is still my strong tower and shelter from the storm.  I'm still believing!!!  ALL for His glory!
2/17/2011 10:39:18 AM
Dennis United States
As I was sitting in day 3 of our work conference I was reminded of God's love & faithfulness to me and my family. Each morning I arrived somewhat fashionably late to the start of my conference and was unable to partake in the free bagels. There were barely any crumbs left after the 300+ attendees got through the chow line.

I asked one server who was cleaning up if anymore were being brought out and he coldly replied with a no. I walked away hungry and dejected. My fault though.

Today I arrived in the same manner (late) and still no bagels. But to my surprise during our first break the bagel tray was resupplied! Big deal right? You might be thinking "where is this nut job going with this"?

Well as I sat and ate, I began to remember how very very blessed I have been in my life. Although I grew up in "humble" beginnings, we never ever went without the basics: food,clothing, shelter.

My mom & pop immigrated from El Salvador to the US (LEGALLY) to seek a better life and opportunities for our family. My dad wasn't perfect but he worked hard and loved us as best he could. My mom was and still is a woman of great faith in God. Her example of being a prayer warrior laid the foundation to the faith I would discover most recently.

God's faithfulness and love continues on to me and my own family still to this day. Even when I did not deserve it He gave His love freely. He was patient with me during my 17 year battle with alcohol & depression and faithfully provided for us in every way imaginable.

Sober for nearly 5 years now I was blessed with a 20 year career in the Marines, now a bright future with the Dept of Veterans Affairs, going back to school, was able to transfer my GI bill benefits to my kids so they can get a good education, own my own home, have a wonderful church family, a group leader for our veterans ministry, and on and on...

Above all that and most importantly God kept my family together even when we went through hell at times. Still married to my wonderful and beautiful wife & best friend since high school. And have two awesome sons who are now grown men. Soon we will be blessed again with a "platoon full of kids" as we became certified foster parents recently!

Today I am thankful to God for keeping His promises to me in spite of me. Why would God have such crazy love for me....a sinner?

Praise to you my Father in heaven! Praise to my Lord Jesus Christ! Praise to the Holy Spirit! AMEN!
2/17/2011 10:57:44 AM
Stephanie Bowman United States
Stephanie Bowman
11 months ago, the Lord decided to take our sweet baby home to Heaven before we even had a chance to know him.  God is ever so faithful, and tomorrow, we go in to the hospital to deliver our third child, Carter Alan!  I am amazed that God would choose to bless us this soon with another precious miracle!
2/17/2011 11:23:58 AM
Lenna Vogel United States
Lenna Vogel
I was in and out of foster care from the age of 9-15. My birth father was in prison and my birth mother was a drug addict. I was the oldest of 5 children birthed from the same woman. When I was 15 my birth mother lost her maternal rights. When I was 16, I and all my siblings were adopted together and given a new life. As I look back on my childhood, I can see God's hand carrying me through. I thank God for my parents whom I love very much and am very close too.
2/17/2011 11:48:18 AM
Crystal K. United States
Crystal K.
I have a picture in my Facebook photo album that says
"My Son I gave him life, he gave me a reason to live"
At a time when I was trying to remain clean & sober (I had 6 mo) & I was homeless & had lost 2 boys to the state a year prior & was trying to get them back, the unthinkable happened; I became pregnant. It shouldn't have been possible. A little over a yr prior I had been told by a specialist I couldn't have any more kids because I was no longer ovulating & not fertile anymore. God knew what He was doing even though I didn't. I wanted a baby & He had been telling me "Wait".  It seemed the worst possible timing to everyone. The father insisted on an abortion when I told him I was breaking up w/ him (after he hit me & raped me). I refused. A friend helped me escape. God protected my baby that day from the physical trauma I went through in leaving.  At the lowest moment I'd had since treatment & getting clean & sober, I wanted to use. I wanted to hurt myself. I wanted to die. I didn't. I quit cutting myself when I was 3 mo pregnant, didn't attempt suicide, didn't use or drink & quit smoking. Why? Because of the life God saw fit to put inside of me. I had to take care of myself to care for that baby. I believe to this day God was giving me a 2nd chance at life & at being a Mom. He is faithful, even when we aren't, even when we've done nothing to deserve it.
Lateron, I ended up relinquishing my rights to my oldest 2 boys after a 3 yr battle w/the state on the condition of an open-adoption & the promise that they would not try to take my baby away from me(as they were threatening to do if I lost in court that day). The judge filed a closed adoption. The foster-become-adoptive patent quickly cut off contact.
A year later. I wanted a baby girl & was determined to be a single parent. I had intended to ask a friend to be a donor. I never asked him. We got involved & fell in love. I started attending my childhood church. I was 22. I got baptized on my boyfriend's birthday. He was there w/my son, supporting me. I was all faith w/little book-knowledge. I still wanted a baby girl, badly. In May 1999 I asked my boyfriend & he said we'd leave it up to God. We wouldn't try but we wouldn't do anything to prevent it either. Again I'd been told I couldn't carry another baby. 3 c-sections & 2 surgeries for endometriosis & heavy damage from abuse in my childhood left a lot of scar tissue. It seemed impossible. Ibegged God for my baby girl & like Hannah in 1 Samuel, I promised to raise her up in the church for Him & would name her as such.
The day after Father's Day I found out I was pregnant. I set out to find her name, in prayer & books & negotiations w/my baby's father, Joshua. We picked Josiah Elias for a boy &  Kristian for a girl. At our 1st ultrasound found out we were having a girl! I thanked God over & over again. Her name is the feminine form of Elijah; it means "The LORD is my God."
We later married, but my marriage did not make it through my spiritual growth in the church, as my husband left the church. But my children are surrounded by Godly men every Wed & Sun & a few couples & single men have sort of adopted the fatherless children in the church. My daughter has no problem asking total strangers if they know Jesus & tlingit them about His love. On her own, she greets all the elderly at the church before she will sit down with us. She has the biggest heart for God. At 6 yrs old she cried so hard at the Easter play when "Jesus" was put on the cross I had to take her in the hallway to comfort her. She kept asking why they hurt Jesus & why did He have to die to save us & it wasn't fair. She knows we don't deserve it. She even asked me that Christmas "Why do we get presents at Christmas when it isn't our birthday, it's Jesus' birthday?" How many 6 yr olds let alone kids ask that?! These are my blessings from God, to get to understand Him through my kids' eyes. I've learned God is faithful, He answers all prayers, it just isn't always "Yes", because He knows what's best for us; often He says  "Wait" & even "No". He doesn't leave us; we walk or even wander away from Him. But He's right there waiting for us to come back to Him.

"God casts His vote for me, Satan casts his vote against me & I break the tie." ~ Special Promises www.wordbytes.com
"If God is for us, who can be against us?" ~ Romans 8:31
2/17/2011 11:53:53 AM
Crystal K. United States
Crystal K.
Ok there are a few typos in that. My daughter's name is Eliyah Kristian. And I celebrated 16 yr clean & sober last Nov by God's grace.
2/17/2011 12:19:13 PM
Elaine Shafer United States
Elaine Shafer
There are many ways the Lord has been faithful in my life.  There are two major displays of the Lord's faithfulness that I would like to share.  The first is that as a young girl I suffered the loss of my father through divorce.  His abandonment of our family left devastating and traumatizing effects on my life, which continue to affect me today. The second part is even in high school, I already recognized that God had given me a great passion for the nations.  

Upon entering college, I was completely career focused and began preparing for a life as an international missionary.  I was highly involved with a campus Christian organization with which I had the opportunity to spend a summer in China.  However, around the same time I began to develop a deep friendship with a guy who was also involved in the same ministry.  
Eventually, he approached me about pursuing a relationship, and even though I was terrified, I really felt like God was asking me to take a step of faith and begin dating this man.

After I went to China, my heart and passions for the nations grew and I knew that my life's purpose was to spend it on behalf of those around the world.  However, at the same time my heart began to change from stone to flesh, as I grew in love and affection for the man I was dating... whom had already accepted a job in a small town in Northwest Ohio.  Not exactly the booming internationalized metropolis I planned moving to.  But as God continued to shape my heart and guide my path, I felt Him asking, "Yes, you are willing to go, but are you willing to stay?"  It took some time, but finally I said yes.  

Now, God has given me a beautiful marriage, and a husband who has broken all of my expectations, loves me unconditionally and sacrificially, and who has helped heal the wounds of my past.  Not only this, but I also am working at a community college as a coordinator for a grant program that sponsors non-elite students from developing countries to study in America for a year.  This has given me the opportunity to have a significant impact on students from all over the world!

God is faithful!
2/17/2011 12:22:41 PM
Michelle Krol United States
Michelle Krol
I was on my way in to a mom's group when I heard you talking about your infertility struggles this morning on KLOVE and He told me to write.  It is such a hard struggle to want more children.  We were blessed with our first son after years of trying and he was everything to us.  He was diagnosed with cancer, he is almost 5 years cancer-free now (at 5 years old) thank you Amazing Lord!!  We again tried to add to our family always wanting lots of kids, wanting our kids to have siblings, and nothing.  We felt guilty for wanting more children as our oldest survived his disease.  We felt we should just be happy, but our hearts still wanted another child.  We saw doctors, my husband had surgery, we prayed and prayed, and around us everyone was adding to their families.  People were hurtful in their comments, even family, and no one tried to understand what to say.  And now, we are the proud parents of almost 18-month old quadruplet boys...I have 5 BOYS!!!!  It's incredible how God works, and he is steadfast and loyal to us.  I found a prayer journal entry last week that I had written a few years ago and He answered our prayers, he absolutely did and He keeps answering them, maybe not in my time or how I envisioned, but it is always better for me and He is the ultimate father and parent.  Thank you for listening and blessings to your little boy today!  
2/17/2011 12:27:57 PM
jessica United States
My husband and I found out early last spring that we were expecting our fourth child. While we were a bit nervous as to how we were going to provide for our growing family, we decided to put our trust in God because after all this was his plan.  We went through the pregnancy without any major complications and at 36 weeks I went into labor. When we got to the hospital they were not able to find the baby's heartbeat. Our son Hudson Levi was born sleeping three months ago today. Instead of being angry with God for our pain, we put our focus on our other children and praying that God would reveal his plan for our family. Just two months after losing our son I am happy to say that our new blessing is due to arrive in october!
2/17/2011 1:02:44 PM
Penny Smith United States
Penny Smith
I have been reading all the awesome comments so many of you have made how God has blessed your lives.  How his grace and faithfulness has pulled you through the toughest of times.  I too have suffered with depression and thoughts of suicide.  I have been separated from my husband for 18 months.  Just yesterday I layed in bed crying and hugging a bottle of pills thinking please take away the pain.  Thanks to a christian friend and my love for God he pulled me out of my darkest times.  I am so thankful to God for his grace and love.  I know he loves me for me no matter what.  I love my husband dearly and I have been praying that God work a miracle in our marriage and his will be done not mine.  I read all of these stories of how God has brought so many people through terrible times in their lives and I feel so uplifted and renewed in my faith.  God loves all of us and he can get you through no matter what the situation just have faith in him and let go and let God take over.  I felt led to write this hoping that God work through me to help someone else like so many of you have helped me.  Thank you God for loving all of us.
2/17/2011 1:11:54 PM
Nina Kathryn United States
Nina Kathryn
I was recently told about the day I was born, my parents never really like to talk about it. I now know why! The day I was born, my mother & I both almost died. My father said, "I rememeber holding you in my arms, and thinking to myself 'what will it be like if my wife dies? What's single-parenthood like? What if I lose both my wife and daughter?'"  My dad told me about that day on Valentines day this year. I am so thankful that God was faithful and let my mother and I survive to see what this world is really like. Now I know why my parents are the way they are, considering I'm the only child, and myself and my mother almost died, it shows me that I'm here for a reason. I'm ready to fulfill that reason, whatever it may be.
2/17/2011 1:42:59 PM
Cris United States
Almost 3 years ago, my husband and I relocated in the hopes of having a better life for our children. Six months into our big move was the worst of the ressession and my husband lost his job. The pressures of a single family income placed a strain in our marriage. Christmas was very hard that year-we had very little material things to give but it would be remembered as one of the best Christmas celebrations in our family because both me and my husband were home - the gift of time. The financial hardship lasted about 18 months during that time my husband and I had grown closer - working as a team to make ends meet at times having almost nothing until the next paycheck. Things are better now-what I thought was heavy trial actually was a blessing in disguise - we are closer as a family. The financial down turn actually saved my marriage and I have no one but God to thank. His hand was there during our struggles so we would appreciate  the blessings that are priceless - our time, our love, our family.  
2/17/2011 2:35:51 PM
Lenita United States
More than 10 years ago I was living with my now husband and we found out that I was pregnant.  It started out with me finding out when I had a gallbladder attack and went to the hospital.  They then did blood tests and found out I was pregnant.  I was almost 4 months pregnant when I found out.  Darreck and I had no idea how we were going to tell our partents.  Then when I was 19 weeks along, my water broke and for the next 12 weeks, I was in and out of the hospital every week.  The doctors said that she would never live when she was born and wanted me to have an abortion.  I told them no, that if God wanted her, he would take her.  The doctors were pretty much done with me at that point.  We felt that all was lost until one doctor told us about a doc in Charleston and we went to him, I was now almost 32 weeks.  He put me in the hospital and told me that it didn't look good, but there was a chance.  He told us that if she made a noise when she was born that she had lungs, because of how early my water broke, that was the time for the lung development and the amniotic fluid is what matures the lungs.  I went in on wed and on friday morning I went into labor.  My mom got lost on her way to the hospital and I couldn't get ahold of Darreck.  He was almost 2 hours away.  Mom finally made it barely and Debria Karmann was born at 2:52 on January 12, 2001.  She made a noise.  She was in the hospital for a while and when she came home she was on O2 and other monitors.  Darreck and I were married on Feb 10, 2001 and have been together ever since.   Debria is now 10 and healthy and happy.  I know that God let this happen to Darreck and I to get us on the right track.  God is faithful, he gave me my little girl and 3 years later, a little boy.  God is GOOD!!!!
2/17/2011 2:39:13 PM
Landon Kortman United States
Landon Kortman
Throughout high school I was persecuted and teased for being a Christian, and all the kids said that I was never going to make anything of myself. That year I decided on a future career for myself, pharmacy. My first day of college I met with an advisor, and she told me that it would take me three years to get my prerequisites completed for pharmacy school. I told her I wanted to complete them in two, and she said it was impossible. However, I believe in a God who specializes in the impossible! I was able to complete all my prerequisites for pharmacy school, and then I had some class schedule problems. It looked as if I would not make it into pharmacy school in two years. While driving to school the first day of that whacky semester, I told God that I would screw up my life more than he would so my life was in his hands! That day the teachers allowed me into the classes that I needed, and the next week I got the call from the pharmacy school that I applied to, and they said I was accepted. God has blessed me SO much, and I have witnessed miracle after miracle. I learned one  thing over the last year...God specializes in the impossible! God bless!
2/17/2011 2:50:04 PM
Angela Wallace United States
Angela Wallace
I can relate with the statement, "When I deserved the least, God gave me the best".  Thanks for that.  It reminded me how much God loves me, even in my sinful state, He cared and gave me my daughter, who is my world.  
2/17/2011 3:06:09 PM
Christie United States
Hey Lisa, I love your blog today!!  I wanted to share that my husband and I went through some fertility problems for several years and 3 years ago December 28th 2007 we had a precious baby boy named Eli!!!! We are so blessed and proud to be his mommy and daddy.  We so often take the days god gives us for granted and we just need to be humble and praise him for the blessings we have been given!  Bless you and your family!!
2/17/2011 3:30:34 PM
Gene Foulk United States
Gene Foulk
Happy Birthday Jon David Williams... Today is my birthday too...  I'm 4 plus another 51 years  Smile
2/17/2011 4:04:03 PM
Beth United States
I was listening this morning when you shared part of this story, and you also quoted a scripture from Isaiah. I missed the reference. Would you post the reference and version? I wanted to share it with a friend. Thanks for your words of encouragement daily.
2/17/2011 4:37:07 PM
Verna United States
Happy Birthday Jon David!!
2/17/2011 4:42:43 PM
Rosita United States
I was 36 when I got married, told it would be a miracle if ever had children. Ten mo. later beautiful healthy baby girl;18mo later baby boy! I am so happy for my miracles! My mother-in-law told me later she was told my husband wouldn't have children due to high fever and measles. Isn't God amazing with BLESSINGS!
2/17/2011 4:42:52 PM
Pam Mulfinger United States
Pam Mulfinger
God was faithful in saving me and my family.  My Grandfather was a good Christian man he would read his Bible everyday even though he couldn't go to church because of health reasons, but we didn't actually get saved until my Mom's sister (who is the sweetest Christian woman) came home and her daughter's wanted to go to church so we went to the First Baptist Church and we saw that by being a "good" person and going to church wouldn't get us to heaven we had to actually ask GOD to forgive us our sins and thank HIM for what HE did for us on the cross.  So many churches today will just give a message and that's it, we always felt good after attending church but were never shown or told that the only way to heaven was through JESUS CHRIST.  So they actually saved us by going to church with them and really getting into the Bible and doing what GOD tells us to go.  SO I AM THANKFUL FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS AND LETTING US FIND OUR WAY TO HIM.......
2/17/2011 5:27:27 PM
Shannon United States
My own infertility led us to the adoption of my beautiful soon-to-be 10 year old daughter, Lia. Words to describe the journey God took us on are hard to find. He whispered, He shouted, He held our hands, He carried us, He removed many obstacles, He placed other necessary obstacles in our path, He performed miracles, and He never gave up on us. Not ever. His faithfulness is amazing and I see it every day in the face of my sweet girl.
2/17/2011 6:17:36 PM
Becky United States
God IS good. Dec of 2009 I went into the ER thinking it was my gallbladder and a really bad sinus infection. Turns out I was a couple days away from a huge liver infection rupturing. Had I not gone in, it would have been worse. Because while I was so sick in the hospital, my family doctor said they were going to give me a colonoscopy due to family history of colon cancer. They found several small tumors and one huge cancer looking one. Turns out the huge one was cancerous and later I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I got better and after 2 weeks left the hospital. All during the hospital I wondered how God was going to meet my financial need of paying for this 2-week hospital visit. I had just been hired on at my first-ever f/t job 3months before. I was scared, but knew God had to either give me the $$$ to repay the hospital or He had to have it forgiven. A few months pass, I was now working p/t as my job. They kept me on and cut  my hours but not my benefits. Praise the LORD! I couldn't have gone through the chemo w/o my benefits. Anyways a few months later my Grandmother, who was SO concerned about my hosptital bill, happens to drop by the information desk and asks about my bill. The local hospital turned what was around $80-90K bill to a simple $600.00 bill. PRAISE GOD!
God is good!
2/17/2011 8:09:48 PM
Mercy United States
By the grace of God my husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.For 25 years we endured so much ups and downs more so on down sides it seems like. My husband retired from the military few years ago and soon after that he went straight to work as a civilian.He retired after 20 years so he can be a part of our daughter's life but it is almost too late.Our teenage daughter went completely rebel toward her father and my husband would not accept that.Not only my husband was hurting he also lost his job and he went through deep depresssion. He then decided to go on hiding and for 6 agonising months it was one of the most difficult time of my life not only watching our daughter blaming herself on the situation also not knowing where my husband was. Every night he would call me just to say good night and tell me not to give up on him and the same thing in the morning he would call me  just to let me know that he's still alive. I remember calling k-love so late at night begging to pray for my family and for my husband to get help. I thought it was the end of everything when he told me he doesn't believe in God anymore and that moment I just sat down and sob. I prayed and prayed for God to wrap around my husband and for my husband to open his heart and let God in and God is so faithful to his children because after 6 months of hiding he was able to get help and my prayers were answered my daughter and my husband mend their differences my husband has been going to church again and thats proven once again that God is faithful to all who believe.
2/17/2011 8:54:00 PM
Cheeeziacts United States
I met my soulmate when I was just 15 years old. He was the best friend I ever had. Even when we weren't dating we were friends. His family half raised me. We both had a hard time after high school though and separated. We didn't speak for 13 years. I spent 10 of those in an abusive marriage. After the marriage was over he somehow found me. We were living just 1 hour away from each other. It was so wonderful having my best friend back. And it didn't take long for us to fall in love for the second time. We've been married for 2 years now. I love seeing how God is working through him to heal me and my son. Seeing this man raise my son as his own is such a wonderful picture of God's love for us, as adopted children. And it's wonderful to be able to look back now and see that God was faithful through the whole process even when I thought He must have abandoned me. He is a God of restoration. He is a God of hope. He gave me the desires of my heart when I didn't even know what they were and certainly wouldn't have dared pray for them. He is my wonderful Father.
2/17/2011 9:12:08 PM
Anonymous United States
Ok so first off I know I'm a little late on this, but it's never too late to share how faithful and amazing God is. Second off I’d like to remain anonymous. Anyways my story of how God has been faithful to me. Back in mid 2009 I started injuring myself. I was 14 (almost 15 my birthday is in January). On November 30, 2009 I decide I needed to stop injuring myself. Long story short my goal date to stop injuring myself “for good” was Christmas Eve. Satan knew my plan and hit me harder than ever before. It was Monday December 7 and I had enough. I thought it was impossible to stop in a little over 2 weeks. Also I thought God didn’t care because he wasn’t helping me (though he really was helping). I was in my room (Dec 7) and had the radio on K-love; What Faith Can Do by Kutless was playing. I wasn’t really listening. I was thinking about calling my friend who had been helping me through all this stuff I was going through and tell her it was just impossible for me to stop injuring myself in a little over 2 weeks. I also thought I would continue to the rest of my life. As soon as I thought that I heard “It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard, Impossible is not a word, It’s just a reason for someone not to try”. I was shocked. I realized at that moment that with God who IS helping me it’s not impossible; it is possible to stop injuring myself by Christmas Eve. I took those lyrics to heart. I am very proud to say I stopped injuring myself on December 14, 2009. Also I have not injuring myself in anyway since. Though it has been hard and at times I have been seconds away from cutting but God has stepped in each time, like he promised to me he would….even after I have cussed him out, totally been against him and hated him more than anything. He has also kept me from suicide 2 times before I decide to stop injuring myself and 1 time, just a few days ago. I am 16 years old and very glad to say I am living proof that God will never give up on us NO MATTER WHAT.
God’s love and faithfulness just blows me away. Smile “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37
2/18/2011 3:20:44 AM
Alisha United States
9 1/2 months ago I lost my beloved husband to a car accident. My "God Is Faithful" moment is this. Although I still miss him God has brought me through the vally of darkness. Everyday I wondered why I was given this choice of cards,because me and my husband were very much in love and things were going great. But like that one song says In A Blink it can happen...without K-Love and God working through the words of the songs and the Heavenly strength He has given me through these past months I couldn't have come this far. I have two children Rhett and Gracelynn who deal with their own greif and God has been so faithful to take care of me and my family when their earthly father could not. So even though my circumstances aren't fair in my eyes somedays I know God is there for me and is paving a new path for me even if it is without my BobbyT.
2/18/2011 3:44:25 AM
Alisha United States
Now I know I have already shared my story but I feel like I left out alot of information to my story...I meant to say in my story that I am 28 and have two young kids my children are 5 and 3 and even though it's been hard to get through this tragic time in my life God has been faithful to me through HIS dedication to make sure my family does not need for anything. We will always miss my husband for he was a great,hardworking, loving father and husband but I know God will not abandon us and knowing this I can hold my head up high to Heaven and be grateful for "God's Faithfulness". Thanks K-Love for being there for me when I needed to hear a song I've heard it. I just love you guys.
2/18/2011 6:57:38 AM
Angie United States
Since I have had my daughter 8 years ago I have wanted to become a stay at home mother.  This has not happened yet and I often get sad when thinking about it.  I recently had a surgery that kept me home for 2 weeks.  The first week I pretty much slept.  But the second week I felt much better and got to enjoy being home.  I often have a hard time juggling being a good wife to an amazing husband, being a wonderful mother to two great children, and working not only one job but two.  Knowing that my jobs aren't my dreams it makes it very hard to go (like most of America huh?)   I know my issue is very small compared to everyone else.  But thankfully God wants to walk with me even if my struggles are silly.  So Wed came and I had to be back to work today (Fri).  I was getting myself very sad thinking about going back to work and not being able to do what I feel I'm called to do.    I sat down and read my bible and scriptures started rolling and fit what I was thinking.  ( I do have to say I have often in the past tried to test Jesus.  If you want me to do this make the leaf blow, if you want me to stay home dont allow me to get this job I'm trying for ect....  I have made a promise to myself to stop this testing.  The bible says not to test him.)  I finshed reading and started praying.  How I need Jesus to give me power to go back to work and not only work but do my best at my job.  Work as I'm working for him not just for a pay check.  Asking Jesus to help me with my dreams.  If being home isn't his dream for me then help me get it out of my heart.  I prayed for a while on this issue.  I decided to put a Matthew West CD in not thinking about what songs are on the cd.  I broke down pretty fast and just started worshipping.  Then the song Family Tree came on.  I often think of my mom during this song.  SO I started singing for her.   Then it happened!   The cd started to skip over and over it sang I have a dream for you bigger then where you've been.  It sang it about 5 times.  I broke down.  This is my sign (which I didn't test him for lol)  He is faithful and I have a dream coming I just need to hold on.  He is faithful and I will never beable to sing that line for my mom again.  That is now my line!!!!  And I am keeping it in my heart when I head back to work today.  Thank you Jesus!
2/18/2011 7:13:01 AM
Lynn United States
Thank you so much for sharing your story Lisa.  My husband and I have been going through issues with infertility for almost 2 years now.  Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mother, so I was devastated when we found out about our issues with infertility.  Even though this was one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with, I trusted that God knew what He was doing.  

Well, after almost 2 years, God has performed a miracle!!! I just found out this morning that I am pregnant!!! We are so thankful to God for being so gracious and faithful to us!!! We serve an AWESOME, miracle-working God!!!
2/18/2011 9:25:40 AM
Kellye United States
I have had many struggles in my life, but all of them were of my own doing, self destruction, not following God's will for me. I got married at the young age of 19 to a guy I didn't really know let alone love. We were married for six years but the whole time neither of us really knew what love was or what to do with marriage. We had different goals and dreams and fought all the time. I tried to get him to go to church with me on numerous occasions but he didn't want to attend a Christian church because many of his friends were Muslims and he thought their religion was the path for him. We lived a lie for all of those years going through the motions. I traveled to my home town often to see my family because I was so lonely. On one of my many trips home I ran into an old male friend and we started talking regularly. I was naieve and didn't think anything of it but our friendship quickly turned into more. I knew I didn't want to be married anymore and I definitely didn't want to be the type of person to have an affair, so I told my husband I was leaving. Soon after I left I became pregnant, I was happier than I had ever been. I tried to fool myself into thinking God had brought him into my life. About a month later he broke things off with me and asked me to get an abortion, which I would never do. I lived in an apartment all by myself and felt even more isolated and alone than before. I started attending a local church and they were very welcoming and helped me cope with my situation. When I was about 8 months pregnant, I lost my job as a nanny because I was pregnant and they didn't hire me to watch my own child. I couldn't afford to live in my apartment without a job and I was too close to delivering my son to get a new job. I was forced to move home with my parents which I swore I would never do. My life was in a downward spiral. In just a few months I managed to leave my husband, get pregant by a man I wasn't married to, lose my job, and now my church. I was devastated but I didn't give up. I believed that God had something better for me than this. I lived with my parents for almost three years while I tried to get back on my feet. In that time, my son's dad was killed in a tragic accident, which I felt at the time was God punishing us for our wrong doings. Now, almost ten years later, I am married to a wonderful man and we are raising three boys together. It is hard to imagine the life I lived was my own. We have a wonderful church and our two youngest boys are about to get baptized. I have more than I ever imagined and I am truly happy. God doesn't punish us. He loves us despite the mistakes we make along the way. He wants us to be happy, and as long as we live for him and trust him, we will have more than we could ever imagine! Thank you Jesus for saving me from myself...
2/18/2011 9:54:19 AM
Norm United States

My story is small, but a blessing to me, and a testament to God's faithfulness.

I was stirring my just-microwaved frozen lunch at work instead of joining co-workers for a lunch out of the office.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  As for many good people these days, money is too tight lately to eat out frequently.  In the back of my head I was thinking about a news story about the rich getting richer when as sudden and clear as a sunbeam breaking through a clouds a realization struck me.  The realization that I was richly, richly, blessed to have a family, loved ones, and God-wiling, a future together with them that makes belt-tightening make sense!  I have so much, and God in his faithfulness gave me the sight to see his loving hand in my life.  Thank you God!  
2/18/2011 9:59:32 AM
Kellye United States
It took me a long time to realize that the best things in life are free. God blesses us in so many ways. I see God's love for us every morning when I wake up and see the beautiful sunrise he made just for us. If we take time to slow down our busy lives we would see more of his love for us all around us. God Bless
2/18/2011 12:41:47 PM
Tammie Brainard United States
Tammie Brainard
I too have a four year old and he was a miracle.  My husband and I had been trying to have a child for close to 10 years and had really given up on the idea.  Then out of the blue, a week before Christmas, at the prodding of my husband I took a pregnancy test and was shocked to say the least that it was positive. He is my miracle and blessing each and every day.  

I had just been to the doctor the day before for my Lupus and was told I was "too healthy".  I was able to completely go off my Lupus for the entirety of my pregnancy and had no flares at all.

God is wonderful and blesses us everyday.  Some days the blessings are just more obvious.
2/18/2011 4:01:36 PM
Kathy Donnelly United States
Kathy Donnelly
Lisa I listen to your show every morning while taking my kids to school. I heard your story yesterday and I wanted to call to tell you mine but couldn't find your number so I thought I would come here to share. I was told when I was 16 I couldn't get pregnant and if I did I wouldn't be able to carry full term. The doctors were right about one thing...I did become pregnant not once but twice and I didn't carry either child full term but God seemed fit to give my husband and myself two beautiful daughters. They are 11 and 6 now and I look at them everyday and thank God for them he didn't have to give them to us but he did and I'm very thankful. You see I was told I had endometriosis and my uterus was tilted and I could never have them. God proved them wrong!!! Thank you Jesus for my gifts you have given us!!! He also healed my husband who was told he had five spots on his brain and the left side of his heart was dead. We prayed and God healed him...he went back to the doctor and they ran test and found nothing!!! Now that's the GOD we serve!! He has helped me everyday through pain that I have due to Lupus. If it wasn't for the Lord I couldn't get out of bed each night. I could go on and on but, God is faithful in everything He does and I thank Him for it!!! Thank you for what you and Eric do everyday there are times when I am down and I listen and one of you will say something that picks me up! God bless you both and your families!

2/19/2011 7:34:57 AM
Susan ;) United States
Susan ;)
What a delightful picture... there is nothing like motherhood !!! One of Gods most precious gifts to me ... it is what's taught me most about Him, about Love. The photo is so wonderful...  it shows that Joy and Love. God bless you and yours.    
2/20/2011 12:36:13 PM
Seyi United States
Hi Lisa! I'm so happy for you and your family. I'm a Nigerian grad student at New Mexico Tech. I'm always glad when I hear testimonies of Americans who were able to weather the storms in their marriage. God bless you and yours!
Keep doing what you do 'cos you do it real good.
2/20/2011 1:42:34 PM
Chelsea United States
Wow. Thats incouring. Thanks
2/20/2011 1:44:59 PM
denise United States
Thankfully God never gives us what we deserve. He always looks beyond what we are to who we can be with his help. Congratulations Lisa. Happy Birthday John David! Happy Birthday indeed.
2/20/2011 2:57:41 PM
Mike United States
Lisa& Eric
              WOW how GOD has blessed. This year my wife of 20 years and I have been praying for HIS direction. HE has been directing us and we are reaping the amazing benefits. We are blessed with four gifts from GOD in our children. In the last two weeks my wife resigned her position as a grade school teacher. This after a ton of prayer. Many have asked “why?” well when GOD directs you to do something well you simply listen. The day she turned in her resignation letter our six year old daughter asked. “Mom why didn’t JESUS baptize himself?” After thinking my wife replied “it was GODS way of announcing HIS SON to the world”.  Without missing a beat my daughter replied “I want to be announced can we call our children’s pastor so I can be baptized?”

A week later our fourteen year old son told me on the way home from church. “I prayer today and feel so different”. So to dig deeper I asked him “what did you pray about?”
His response blew me away it was truly a proud dad moment. He said “I gave it all to GOD today not just part of my life my all”.

That same day our sixteen year old son was talking to our senior pastor. He told him “I wish I still had leukemia and was still going through cancer treatments”. The pastor shocked asked “WHY!”   He responded “it was easier to witness because people would flock to me to support me and I was able to witness and share the good news of HIS grace and love, and pastor I feel GOD calling me to the mission field somewhere like Africa”.

Yes the economy stinks and my construction business is slow. My wife is still planning on resigning a job that holds our family insurance. The world at times seams to unfolding the scripture in Revelation, but mark my work my GOD has it all in the palm of his hands. I have an amazing wife. A sixteen year old cancer survivor (marical). A fourteen year old who is sold out to GOD.  A nine year old son also sold out to GOD. And a precious six year old daughter ready to take the next step in her faith through baptism. What more could a father need.
                                           THANK YOU JESUS

2/20/2011 3:36:29 PM
Teana United States
God is good to you Lisa. My oldest sister has 3 kids and they are all such a blessing to everyone. I'm not married yet but I can still say that God is good to everyone and He loves them. My next to the oldest sister has 2 kids and is married to a really amazing husband. She has a 2 year old and a 2 month old baby. These kids are all really big blessings in not just their parents' lives but also in my life because after my oldest sister had her 2nd baby she was told that she could not have any more kids but now 3 years later she has a little girl. These kids have been a blessing in not just my family's life but in the lives of just about anybody's life after they meet them. They are the sweetest kids to have around when someone is feeling down because my youngest niece who is 3 will come up to you and and ask if you are alright if she thinks that you are crying. These kids lift my spirit if I am down. I thank God for my five little nieces and nephews who are my little blessings. Like I said earlier God has been good in not just my life but also my sisters' lives too.
2/21/2011 7:58:50 AM
Christina United States
Happy birthday first of all, and lol your little boy is so adorable!
2/22/2011 7:49:29 PM
Dawn United States
Lisa, I know that God is faithful to me always.  I married the man of my dreams a year and a half ago after 12 years of praying for a good and faithful husband(blessing number one). I met my husband at church and knew that he was walking with the Lord when we started dating(blessing two).  I used to listen to Klove during my commute which was an hour one way for almost three years.  Recently the company I'm with opened a new location closer to home so now my commute is only twenty minutes each way(blessing three).  And to me the most important blessing is being reminded by your story of waiting (for John David to bless your family) that God is faithful in His time not mine.  Thank you  for openly sharing about your struggles as you have because it helps me to know that I'm not too old, it's never too late, God can do anything.  thank you
2/23/2011 5:24:59 AM
Stacy United States
Hey I heard you talking about John David's bday party and you were going to have it at a hotel swimming pool.   Can you share what hotel.  My daughter Emily whom is also a blessing to our family is turning 4 on March 3.   And we were looking to find a place to have it where my family can come and swim and eat lots of pizza.  I would love it if you could share.   Thank you.
2/23/2011 7:37:21 AM
Connie Lancaster United States
Connie Lancaster
I have to share one of the most remembered and still talked about birthdays of my oldest son, Douglas, who turned 30 last November.  He was turning 11 and asked to have friends over.  Imagine this:  11 ten to 11 year olds plus 1 younger brother (almost 9) and 2 of his friends so a total of 14 for an overnight party chaperoned by me and Dad!  

We had the usual - hot dogs, hamburgers, cake and ice cream.  The boys were told they had the basement to themselves where they had tv/vcr, Nintendo and all sorts of toys and fun things.  And of course all the pop and snacks!  They all had fun but Dad had to get into the middle of it - he had a small wooden gun we had bought at a craft show that shot rubber bands.  He had a bag of 500 rubber bands!  All those boys (including Dad) had the time of their lives.  I think they finally zonked out about 2 in the morning but where up ready for breakfast before we knew it!  

Let's just say I was still finding rubber bands behind things when we moved 1 1/2 years later.  

Life is good and miss those fun times.  Enjoy these times as those little ones grow up very fast.  We are now enjoying 6 grands (ages almost 1 to 9)!  

2/24/2011 4:57:18 AM
Gina United States
God is so faithful.....he saved my son's life this week. My son is deployed to Afghanistan and he drives an MRAP in a convoy. On Monday they drove over an IED and it didnt detonate. How awesome is that!!! I also wasnt supposed to be able to have any children and God gave me the wonderful gift of my only child Joshua David....and on Monday he gave my son to me again. Praise Jesus!
3/2/2011 5:41:58 PM
Janelle Dobson United States
Janelle Dobson
I know this post is a little late but i need to tell you about this. I herd on klove of how you had to plan your sons birthday party, and how it was frustrating well last week i had to make 3 brithday cakes. A snicker bar, reeses, and strawberry! You might be wondering "WHOA I WANT SOME!!!" Well after i made that much cake i didnt want to see any cake mix for about a week! You see last friday was my brtohers birthday so i made a reeses for him, then my friend came up from flordia to visit and last sunday was her birthday so i promised her a strawberry cake, we all had a potluck dinner at my aunts house and one of my other friends came along and his birth day was the 16th of feb. it wouldnt be fair if i didnt make him a cake so i made him a snickers bar cake because thats his favorite candy bar. So miss Lisa im a 13 year older girl thAt made 3 BIRTHDAY CAKES IN ONE DAY!mmmmmm......heart attack on a plate never looked so good. maybe next time ill try a kick kack bar cake Laughing god bless you eric and klove!
3/4/2011 10:08:00 PM
Gracefettered United States
After 20 year of marraige, I found out that my husband was engaged to two other women. I felt so foolish for working on putting our marraige together back together after he had cheated on me four years earlier. After going through a painful divoce he came to my home to try to kill me and my son. However, we were not home. Earlier that evening, I had an intense feeling that we needed to spend the night at his mothers house that night. Because of God's fathfulness me and my son are alive today.
3/5/2011 5:07:48 PM
Hannah United States
Im 14 years old. I had to move in 2010 and I was very angry about it. I lived in Kentucky and thats where I had grew up. My parents told me we were moving because my dad had found a new ministers position, i became very very very mad at God. When I least deserved to have things that I wanted, I got it all. Since we moved, I have gotten to do alot of things that I love most! It wouldn't have been possible without God! He's an amazing person and I love Him with all of my heart! I'm excited to tell about him just like my dad! I want to be a musisionary! I want to sing, but travel around the world to share His love!
Thank you for listening,
Hannah, From Ohio!
3/12/2011 6:50:21 AM
Kristi Kirk United States
Kristi Kirk
I was sixteen years old when the first doctor told me I might not be able to have children. I was 22 when the love of my life proposed to me.  I could not go into a marriage with out being honest so I explained to him our chances of not being able to have children.  I asked him to think about it for a few days and then ask me again.  I told him if he still wanted to marry me then of course the answer would be yes.  He thought about it for 30 seconds and stated "I love you.....We can adopt."  3 years of trying and a few doctors later we were told our chances of ever having children were slim.  They actually said it probably would be impossibe.  I come from a large family of five children.  During our infertility struggles my sisters were having baby after baby after baby.  I was blessed with many nieces and nephews.  I spoiled them rotton.  On my 25th birthday my mother gave me an angel holding a baby.  In her card she wrote about Gods love.  She said she knew in her heart that God would bless us with a child.  I prayed, my family prayed, friends prayed......I will never forget the night I truly gave it to God almost 18 years ago.  I will always remember some of the things we talked about that night.  I cried out to Jesus.....I layed many burdens and sorrows at his feet.  I was a broken mess.  I remember saying....God, I have 5 nieces and nephews that I love with all my heart.  I sobbed it all out to him.  I yelled that Brian and I would be great parents but would somehow understand if he had different plans for us.  I promised I would raise our children in his word.  I left that conversation with God a different woman.  I had a peace in my heart knowing I had truly explained to him what was in my heart for soooo many years. I knew I had turned it over to God.  My last words to him in this prayer were....God if I can not give birth to a child please let me be the best Aunt in the world and please let it be possible for us to adopt.  Almost 9 months to the date of that prayer I delivered a 6 lb 12 oz baby boy.  Two years later I delivered a 8 lb baby boy.  God blessed our lives.  Garrett will soon be 17 and Gabriel will be 15.  I shared with my boys not long ago about our struggles with infertility and Gods miracle.  When they question me on discipline I remind them of my promise to God to raise them in his word.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY
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