May 09 2011

The story behind "Strong Enough" from Matthew West

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5/9/2011 6:20:14 AM
Jamie United States
Talk about a slap in the face....Thank you Matthew.  I had forgotten that I have to lean on God.  And that he wouldn't give me more than I can handle.  Things are bad but never that bad. Thank you for such a beautiful and straight forward song....God Bless you.
5/9/2011 6:54:54 AM
Ramona United States
I first heard this song driving to work and just started crying. The first line you must think I'm stong just got me because that was how I was feeling I can do all that I am asked to.  Thanks Matthew for such a great song reminding me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenght. God Bless you
5/10/2011 5:45:18 AM
Virgil United States
Headline of my heart..... I got my birth name back because I use to live my life as a female for ten years thinking I was a trangender. I had my  ID & social security name change to female but I Thank God I change back to male.    
5/10/2011 6:37:29 AM
Peggy Smith United States
Peggy Smith
Headline of my herart is saddness.My spouse(off 37 1/2 years} died 1 year 2months 18 days ago.his father died 5 weeks befor him.then sat may 7th my favorite brother~in~law died all of cancer.I have been rasing my grandchildren since 2004 which are 9 &8 years old now.seems like I have to force mother and father to be with them.they are very attatched to me and very seldom away from me. I am a 56 yr. Old widowed grandmother rasing grandchildren. I pray and lean on God. For my strenght every day and I know he is only one that van help.we 3 enjoy k~love so much and listen to it each day. So please pray God feels this empty sad spot in mine and my grandchildrens lives thank u peggy from ok. I cannot get klove at my job but we will be listening at 3:30 in the car on way home
5/11/2011 6:57:23 AM
Nicole Muller United States
Nicole Muller
This song has really given me the strength to get through these last few days and for the days that are still in front of me.  My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in Decemember and he is really in severe pain.  He has been in the hospital and will hopefully get to come out soon.  My grandmother has also been in the hospital with a nuerological degenerative disease.  My husband works out of town and has been gone for the past two months. I feel like I have to go through all of this alone, but Strong Enough has reminded me I am never alone.  I don't have to go through life thinking I have to be strong.  It is okay to be broken because the Lord is giving me strenght to get through these hard times.  He can be strong enough for the both us.
5/11/2011 8:17:32 AM
Linda United States
Thank you for creating such an incredible song that helped me get back in the passengers seat and let God drive.  My priorities have been everything but God.  Trying to control my own destiny and making a great mess out of it all.  I too have struggles with adult sons who both live in Ohio.  After falling off a ladder, Chris has gone through twelve surgeries on his arm and two more to go....last week, he slipped off a curb and broke his ankle his in three places. He stays very positive but will not allow himself to "Believe in Our Father".   His twin brother Nick, has physically and emotionally left his wife and four year old son in Panama.  He has become a pathological liar and running from life, not only owing me money but not supporting his family.  He has not contacted me in months.  His Panamanian wife and son call me constantly and in their broken English want to know why????? I know he is heavily involved in pornography and bad internet chat lines. I pray each day that my sons will surrender to our Lord.  I know I can not do anything for either situation but pray.  Thank you for allowing me to listen to this song and just Let Go Let God.  I am so happy and blessed to be back with my Lord.  I just ask for prayers for both sons.  Healing for Chris and an overall surrender from Nick.  Thank you for this wonderful encouragement.  God Bless.
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