May 23 2011

Pray for Joplin, Missouri

Pray for our K-LOVE family in Joplin, Missouri dealing with the aftermath of a devastating tornado Sunday.

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5/23/2011 7:12:12 AM
Jill Burton United States
Jill Burton
I try to make a difference every day, not just monday, but today...if you could mention my fundraiser for Joplin...a friend of mine, Meg Bourne, with ArtFeeds lost her home yesterday...I am doing a fundraiser to help Meg and many others at my shop...

Please mention if you can!


Jill Burton, Wheaton, IL
5/23/2011 7:29:17 AM
Arlene United States
My prayers are with all in this time of devastation and pain. God has a plan and while it feels so desperate he has all in his hands.  We must all come together and pray and find a way to reach out.  God Bless everyone in Joplin and surrounding communities.
5/23/2011 12:20:02 PM
Theresa United States
I have a friend that lives there. I know her for years. I have no way if she is hurt or not. Does any one know which way the tornado went? She lives on E 11th street, My god bless everyone.
5/23/2011 4:44:09 PM
Joyce United States
Dusty Lynn: i'm still numb from the what if's. I was by myself and hadn't given it any thought to go down for cover. The family across the hall, a single dad and his kids, went down for shelter. The kids were so scared and i heard the girls cry out for their mother. I just went downstairs to try and comfort them. No lie, it was about thirty seconds later that it hit. Hearing those girls cry for their mama saved my life.
This was the post today of a girlfriend of mine whose apartment was demolished and whose life was turned upside down but is still giving God glory for being alive!
5/23/2011 10:15:39 PM
Timothy Burke United States
Timothy Burke
Hi KLOVE. My name is Tim. I listen to KLOVE every morning on my way to work through 3 states. I work in West Memphis, AR, and we are still reeling from the floods in this area. I just finished working as a volunteer for two weeks for the people of Memphis after work.

I was driving home on 55S as I was approaching the bridge.Though it is receeding, the water is evident on each side of the highway. I was thinking about the people of Joplin and I was so deeply moved that I said a "driving" prayer for them. Just ahead, were very dark clouds but I could clearly see the city of Memphis. At 6:15 PM, I heard a song on KLOVE that sounded like "You put the light in me." I didn't recognize the band. But just at that very moment I saw the most beautiful sight.  Just at the spot with the best view of Memphis, I saw the most magnificent rainbow, brightly luminating from the north to the south as if it was completely enclosing this flooded city. I have never experienced anything like that before.

It was if God was saying "Fear not my children.  I feel your pain and I am here." I mean....AWESOME!

Please share this with your viewers. Thank you.

5/24/2011 6:36:45 AM
Jenny Jackson United States
Jenny Jackson
I lived in Plainfield IL when an F5 of about a mile wide struck the Thursday before Labor Day weekend in 1999 (year?).  It stayed on the ground for 2 1/2 miles and dememolished everything in its path.  My home and belongings were spared.

I would ask those who are going to Joplin to help, by all means go.  If however they are going to "site see" the damage, just stay away.  The last thing these folks need right now is people gawking at their loss and clogging up traffic.  I lived on the street across from the high school, which was heavly damaged and where life was lost.  The constant flow of traffic down that street was unbelievable.  I was so tempted to put a sign in my yard that said "Gawkers Go Home".  This kind of behavior only worsens a horrible situation.  Pray, or help in other ways, but please stay home unless you are being useful to these folks.
5/24/2011 7:31:27 AM
Kelli Fryery United States
Kelli Fryery
Hi guys. As I was watching the new yesterday afternoon, I saw an Amazing site among the destruction. As the news crew was showing panoramic views of the area, in this particular clip, I noticed in the background what appeared to be a church. It was completely destroyed but there stood the huge cross. I had to pause the t.v. and take a picture with my phone. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Im not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but do look to see if you can find it. When nothing else stood through this disaster, the cross is there, still standing strong! wish I could post the pic I have. Someone in the area really needs to take some pics of this awesome site. I think this is God's way of saying "Im here."  My prayers go out to Joplin.
Florence, MS
5/24/2011 8:33:02 AM
Bailey Kleeeman United States
Bailey Kleeeman
I live in this town for 13 years. I will be praying extra for everyone there.
5/25/2011 6:24:54 AM
Karen United States
I work at a hospital that assisted tornado victims after the Joplin tornado.  Even though our town was not affected physically by the tornado, several hospitals located up to 3 hours away have been sending relief nurses to assist our staff with the increase in the number of patients and amount of overtime our staff is working.  THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL HELP!  I have really loved working with these volunteer relief nurses.
5/25/2011 6:35:23 AM
Tara United States
Later on when I got home
I flipped the TV on
I saw a little town
That some big twister tore apart
And people came from miles around
Just to help their neighbors out
And I was thinking to myself
I'm so glad that I live in America

~ Rodney Atkins
~ "It's America"
5/25/2011 7:50:47 AM
Connie Grimm United States
Connie Grimm
I live in Oklahoma City area and I am posting a news link for a family that their 15 month old died and their three year old is missing and the mother is pregnant in the hospital all from the tornado yesterday. Please pray for family.
5/25/2011 8:02:18 AM
chris smith United States
chris smith
Dozens dead after tornado shreds Joplin . God bless'em . Let's pray together ! This is so frightening to listen to. I was crying as I heard all of the fear and terror. Thank God they were not harmed. Prayers for those that lost loved ones. Prayers for Joplin.

5/25/2011 11:10:05 AM
Derek United States
Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a toy giveaway for all the children that were impacted by the storms in Joplin. The giveaway will be held at Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin on Sunday at 2pm. The church is located at 7th and Rangeline. Donations of small toys are requested. Mainly stuffed animals, barbies, and action figures.You may drop off donations at the church office and other locations for donations are being set up.
5/26/2011 11:01:40 PM
Debi Ruedy United States
Debi Ruedy
It didn't really hit home until i just witnessed the video of the devastation of the hurricane in Joplin. Even when you see it, its hard to wrap your mind around how buildings & cars can be tossed around as if they were as light as a feather! But something thats bigger than all of this tragedy is Gods prevailing love, mercy and grace. You're in our thoughts & prayers continually during this horrific time of pain and loss but just know you're never alone and God will see you through this and never leave you or forsake you, for its now that He carries you, so rest and take comfort in His everlasting arms, so you can praise Him even in the storm! We love you so much and we are with you in spirit. May God bless you and keep you safe now and always...Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ
5/27/2011 5:48:37 AM
Cindy United States
Just want to say that on the 30th of May, Joplin will be having a Memorial service for those who died in the tornado. Fred Phelps and his crew from Westboro Baptist Church is said to be making an appearance. This man is a zealot and needs to stop. I do not care if he is protected by his 5th amendment rights of freedom of speech. Just picture that sweet baby being ripped from his mothers arms,thrown away like a piece of paper and died. We need to unite and stop this man from his so called "christian values". He give other christians a bad name and those non-believers a reason to not believe.
5/27/2011 9:09:50 AM
Theresa United States
these idiots was up in Spokane Wa ealier this year. They got chase out pretty fast. how can they call themself baptist when they do horriable things like this. These people makes me sick
5/27/2011 10:45:09 PM
Mary Morton United States
Mary Morton
I am so blown away by how great our God is. I live in Joplin and I have heard so many stories of divine protection this week. There is devastation but God will be glorified even in this. Our God is sooo much bigger than a little tornado!  The city of Joplin and all her countrymen have banded together to serve each other.  I love my god and I love his plan!
5/28/2011 9:02:47 AM
Melanie United States
As a former resident of southwest Missouri, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of Joplin. These people are amazing in their spiritual strength. I pray that god continues to be a driving force in your recovery. Please know that you have brothers and sisters in upstate NY praying for you daily.
5/29/2011 7:48:34 PM
shane mcgillvray United States
shane mcgillvray
i cannot belive that is my town. that is where i live. it did not hit my house but i try to make a difference every day!!!Lord help us!!!
6/2/2011 6:36:57 AM
Melinda Adams United States
Melinda Adams
I had turned my back on God because I have been threw a lot of pain personal. And stopped believing in God  because of my pain. And even said the Bible was just a story book. and if there was a god he would perform miracles. After hearing the story this morning I believe again!
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