Jun 29 2011

Random Acts of ... Pizza!


Making a difference with pizza!  Read how some people are making people's days with a pizza - go here.


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6/29/2011 6:22:13 AM
Rafael Garcia Dominican Republic
Rafael Garcia
Good morning K-Love!!!

God bless u Lisa & Eric. I just wanted to say HI down from this blessed island, and to let u know were hearing you guys here in the caribbean too! I LOVE pizza!!! I think its so creative youve come up with these "Pizza-Grams". Thank you for being a blessing in my life.  
6/29/2011 7:40:01 AM
Katie United States
Sorry...I know this is the place to comment about the pizza grams. But if you could please pray for my soon-to-be father-in-law. He's in the hospital with chest pain. His name is Hector Gomez and he's got a family who loves him and needs him. Please ask everyone to pray.

Thanks for all ya'll do!
6/29/2011 8:02:57 AM
Stephanie United States
Hi from Waynesville Ohio
(about 15 minutes from kings island)  
Eric - You have to ride Diamond Back -
It is the best roller coster at K.I.

Also, me and my girls are so going to send a pizza to someone.  Pizza is just a happy thing!

I listen to K Love all day at work and t just blesses me!  Thank you so much!
6/30/2011 6:42:06 AM
sarah United States
no sure where to leave this comment, but wanted to let Lisa know a mom's seceret to school/vbs papers. To help keep the fire kindling down, scan it into the computer, save a file for each year and each kid, then you can toss it but still have the memories Smile Save 1 or 2 of or favorite.

Good Luck, it only gets worse as they go to school!!!
6/30/2011 11:29:14 AM
jessica United States
Hey Lisa and Eric,Justed wanted to say Hey,I am in Arkadelphia,Ark 71923. I love pizza alot. I listen to K-love every mornigs, everyday.
6/30/2011 2:17:11 PM
Lauren United States
OMG that pizza looks absolutely AMAZING! And I think It's a great idea! Smile
7/1/2011 6:40:23 AM
paul United States
i love  the music you and eric play!
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